Revealed: 297 last day laggards in August 2020

April 16, 2021

This list tracks the timing of earnings results released to the ASX over the last two days of the August 2020 reporting season, plus also captures the latecomers.

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Monday, August 31, 2020: Cumulative total for the day: 297 results (248 losses and 47 profits)

There was 74 results before trading commenced at 10am, only a further 75 during trading between 10am and 4pm and then a rush of 148 results after the market closed with the busiest hour of the day being 6-7pm with 44. The best ratio for profits was the opening hour with 10 out of 42 or 24%, compared with an average for the day 15.8%. The worst hour for losses was 9am-10 with just 3 out of 32 or 9.3%. The second worst ratio for profits was 5-6pm with just 4 profits out of 38 or 10.5%.

The 13 biggest losses for the day, all of which exceeded $30 million, were as follows:

3.07pm, KKR Credit Income Fund: $87.6m loss
8.13am, Elixinol Global: $81.6m loss

4.54pm, Paragon Care: $77.3m loss
7.17pm, Helloworld: $70m loss

8.07am, Matrix Componsites: $64.5m loss

9.08am, Apollo Tourism: $61.2m loss
3.35pm, Tribeca Global Natural Resources: $45.6m loss
6.34pm, Buddy: $45.3m loss
10.20am, Murray River Organics: $39m loss
9.14am, US Masters Residential Fund: $37.9m loss

7.04pm, Cardinal Resources: $37m loss
8.22am, openpay: $36.6m loss
2.12pm, Threat Protect Australia: $32.4m loss

So, let's see how the day unfolded:

8-9am: a busy start with 42 results (32 losses and 10 profits)

8.02am, Murray Cod Australia: 62k profit
8.03am, Acorn Capital: $2.04m profit
8.05am, Secos Group: $1.18m loss
8.06am, Southern Cross Electrical: $10.9m profit
8.06am, Ocean Grown Abalone: $4.56m loss
8.06am, archTIS: $3.72m loss
8.07am, Vection Technology: $1.16m loss
8.07am, Matrix Componsites: $64.5m loss
8.09am, Swick Mining Services: $6m loss

8.09am, Zimplats: $US261.8m profit
8.09am, Sezzle: $US8.2m loss
8.10am, atomo: $9.6m loss

8.11am, OM Holdings: $14.2m profit
8.12am, amaysim: 922k profit
8.12am, Happy Valley Nutrition: $NZ14.6m loss
8.13am, Elixinol Global: $81.6m loss
8.13am, Vmoto: $1.86m profit
8.14am, Palla Pharma: $9m loss
8.14am, Perpetual Resources: 640k loss
8.15am, Cooper Energy: $86m loss
8.17am, Argo Infrastructure: $9.3m loss
8.18am, Forbidden Foods: 263k loss

8.19am, Temple & Webster: $13.9m profit
8.22am, Leigh Creek Mining: $7.2m loss
8.22am, openpay: $36.6m loss
8.27am, Swift Media: $21.6m loss
8.30am, Revasum Inc: $US8.3m loss
8.31am, Bioxyne: 593k loss
8.33am, Ist Group: $5m loss
8.35am, Compumedics: $5.8m loss
8.38am, Electro Optic Systems: $14.3m loss
8.38am, openlearning: $2.2m loss
8.40am, Vital Harvest: $10.1m loss

8.40am, Yancoal: $605m profit
8.40am, AML3D: $3.1m loss
8.41am, MMJ Group: $40m loss
8.46am, Splitit Payments: $US9m loss
8.48am, Auctus Investments: $2.97m loss
8.51am, EVZ Ltd: $2.75m loss

8.52am, Credit Intelligence: $2.54m profit
8.56am, AuMake International: $5.15m loss
8.57am, Sealink Travel: $16.4m profit

9-10am - 32 results (29 losses and just 3 profits)

9.01am, powerHouse: NZ47k loss
9.03am, A1 Investments: $1.14m loss
9.03am, Terragen: $4.92m loss
9.04am, Suda Pharmaceutical: $9.94m loss
9.05am, Broo Ltd: $3.5m loss
9.08am, SenSen Networks: $3.72m loss
9.08am, Apollo Tourism: $61.2m loss

9.08am, Nickel Mines: $45.5m profit
9.09am, AHA Life: $1.96m loss
9.10am, Dixon: $12.6m loss
9.11am, Stream Group: $1.16m loss
9.12am, Linius Technology: $7.82m loss
9.12am, YPB Group: $1.7m loss
9.14am, US Masters Residential Fund: $37.9m loss
9.14am, Alterity Therapeutics: $10m loss
9.17am, Sinetech: 717k loss
9.19am, imexHS: $2.78m loss
9.28am, Kalina Power: $4.5m loss
9.30am, Founder First: $8.5m loss

9.31am, IOOF: $58.7m profit
9.31am, NSX: $4.46m loss
9.33am, Tasfoods: $7.2m loss
9.33am, RBR Group: $1.89m loss
9.38am, Analytica: $1.62m loss
9.43am, Tali Digital: $3.4m loss
9.44am, Genetic Technologies: $6.1m loss

9.46am, United Networks: $2.63m profit
9.46am, Dubber Corp: $18m loss
9.55am, Oventus Medical: $10.1m loss
9.56am, 8 Common Ltd: 804k loss
9.57am, Firstwave Cloud Technology: $13.8m loss
9.59am, The Agency: $9m loss

10am-11am - 10 results (8 losses and 2 profits)

10am, TeamInvest Private Group: $8.3m profit
10.01am, Bubs Australia: $7.78m loss
10.12am, Little Green Pharma: $9.3m loss
10.20am, Noxopharm: 272k loss
10.20am, Murray River Organics: $39m loss
10.29am, De.mem Ltd: $1.96m loss

10.29am, Harris Technology: $1m profit
10.39am, Transmetro: 968k loss
10.51am, Cellnet: $2.37m loss
10.53am, MEC Resources: $2.6m loss

11am-noon - 2 results: 1 profit and 1 loss - morning total 87 (71 losses and 16 profits)

11.49am, Dotz Nano: $1.26m loss
11.54am, United Overseas Australia: $24.3m profit

12pm-1pm: 7 results, 7 losses

12.01pm, Land and Homes Group: $2.1m loss
12.09pm, Q TEch: 203k loss
12.13pm, PINCHme: $US1.6m loss
12.43pm, Living Cell Tech: 968k loss
12.43pm, International Equities Corp: $1.53m loss
12.50pm, Hills Ltd: $8.82m loss
12.54pm, Shekel Brainweigh: $US2.52m loss

1-2pm: 11 results (9 losses and 2 profits)

1.01pm, Collection House: $44.3m loss
1.05pm, Roto-Gro: $15.87m loss
1.15pm, Res App Health: $8.5m loss
1.18pm, Red River Resources: $6.85m loss
1.18pm, Candy Club Holdings: $US2.5m loss
1.47pm, Sensera: $US8m loss

1.50pm, Advanced Share Registry: $2.15m profit
1.52pm, Aust Leaders Fund: $13.5m loss
1.53pm, 99Technology: RMB3.76m profit
1.53pm: tikforce: 421k loss
1.56pm, Optiscan Imaging: $1.76m loss

2-3pm: 13 results (11 losses and 2 profits)

2.04pm, Proteomics International: $1.74m loss
2.12pm, Threat Protect Australia: $32.4m loss
2.12pm, AD1: $2.2m loss
2.19pm, Harvest Technology: $6.2m loss
2.26pm, Xref: $10m loss
2.27pm, Flamingo AI: $3.71m loss
2.31pm Event & Hospitality: $11.36m loss
2.39pm, Sovran White International: $1.63m loss
2.39pm, FijiKava: $3.81m loss2.50pm, Ookami: $1.25m loss
2.55pm, Spector: $1.62m loss

2.58pm, Rectifier Technology: $1.85m profit
2.58pm, Story-i 243k profit

3-4pm: 32 results (26 losses and 6 losses)

3.04pm, Wellness & Beauty Solutions: $11.8m loss
3.06pm, Veem: $2.47m profit
3.07pm, KKR Credit Income Fund: $87.6m loss
3.09pm, Bir Financial: $5.72m loss

3.13pm, Resource Development Group: $1.47m profit
3.16pm, eden: $8.62m loss
3.21pm, Digital Wine Ventures: $2m loss
3.24pm: Australian Dairy Nutritional Group: $7.5m loss
3.27pm, Food Revolution Group: $9.45m loss
3.30pm, Carbonxt: $4.4m loss
3.34pm, Inventis: 292k loss
3.35pm, Tribeca Global Natural Resources: $45.6m loss
3.36pm, Pacific Current: $17.5m loss
3.39pm, Field Solutions: $1.17m loss
3.40pm, AIMS Property Securities: $14.2m loss
3.41pm, Oilfield Holdings: $1.46m loss
3.41pm, Yojee: $6.2m loss

3.42pm, Medusa Mining: $US36.5m profit
3.42pm, Pengana PE Trust: $6.1m profit
3.44pm, Enevis: $5m loss
3.47pm, RightCrowd: $6.8m loss
3.50pm, Global Health: 60k loss
3.51pm, Ignite: $6.3m loss
3.51pm, TBG Diagnostics: $1.16m loss
3.54pm, Sprintex: $2.37m loss

3.55pm, Global Masters Fund: 65k profit
3.55pm, Norwood: $3m loss
3.56pm, Stemcell United: $2.26m loss

3.56pm, Godophin Resources: 801k profit
3.57pm, CI Resources: $3.36m loss
3.57pm, Tubi Ltd: $4.67m loss
3.58pm, Ignite: $3.78m loss

4-5pm: 39 results (33 losses and 6 profits)

4.06pm, Myfiziq: $5.4m loss
4.07pm, ECP Emerging Growth: $2.5m profit
4.07pm, Purefoods Tasmania: 196k loss
4.08pm: Oneview Healthcare: Euro5.6m loss
4.09pm, MNC Media Investment: $7.5m loss
4.09pm, Building IQ: $2.54m loss
4.10pm, Tesserent: $7.85m loss
4.11pm, jaxsta: $10.5m loss

4.11pm, Retech: RMB14.5m profit
4.11pm, Titomic: $10.86m loss
4.13pm, Pureprofile: $9.75m loss

4.14pm, Medigard: 264k profit
4.14pm, Australian Agricultural Projects: $1.67m loss
4.16pm, IGE Solutions: $22.54m loss
4.17pm, Scout Security: $1.6m loss
4.22pm, Invigor: $2.15m loss
4.22pm: Fat Prophets Property: $4.1m loss
4.22pm, Beston Global Food: $11.6m loss
4.24pm, Neurotech International: $1.7m loss
4.26pm, Regional Express (REX): $19.4m loss

4.26pm, Quattro Plus Real Estate: $8.1m profit
4.30pm, Absolute Equity Performance: $23.8m profit
4.32pm, Orcoda: $6.87m loss
4.34pm, Mariner Corp: 429k loss
4.35pm, Environmental Clean Tech: $2m loss
4.36pm, Rhythm Bioscience: $4m loss
4.40pm, mpower: $2.5m loss
4.41pm, Dragontail Systems: $2.78m loss

4.42pm, VIP Gloves: 116k profit
4.43pm, Stemify: 264k loss
4.48pm, Mint Payments: $4.54m loss

4.49pm, RPM Automotive: $2.29m profit
4.50pm, Alternative Investment Trust: $1m profit
4.54pm, Xped: 132k loss
4.54pm, ASF: $5.95m loss
4.54pm, Paragon Care: $77.3m loss
4.54pm, Ultima United: 268k loss
4.57pm, FBR: $9.3m loss

4.58pm, Real Estate Investar Group: $1.1m loss
4.58pm, Property Connect: 620k loss
4.58pm, Energy Tech: $4.4m loss

5-6pm: 38 results (34 losses and 4 profits)

5pm, Auroro Global Trust: 187k loss
5.07pm, Emerald Clinics: $5.24m loss
5.12pm, SIV Asset Management: 295k loss
5.13pm, Registry Direct: $1.15m loss
5.13pm, Yowie Group: $US4.7m loss

5.14pm, Duxton Broadare Farms: $1.47m loss
5.18pm, Icollege: $2.64m loss
5.19pm, Sportshero: $1.56m loss
5.20pm, Vectus Biosystems: $3m loss
5.20pm, Spheria Emerging Companies: $10.8m loss

5.21pm, PYC Therapeutics: $7m loss
5.22pm, RNY Property Trust: 452k loss
5.23pm, Icandy Interactive: 938k loss
5.23pm, Beyond International: $6.4m loss
5.24pm, Farm Pride: $2.17m loss

5.25pm, K-Tig: $8.38m loss
5.25pm, IXUP: $3.8m loss
5.25pm, Cape Range: 939k loss
5.27pm, Fatfish: $6.4m loss
5.27pm, Vectus Biosystems: $3m loss
5.28pm, MGC Pharma: $19.4m loss
5.29pm, Orthocell: $6.2m loss
5.31pm, Tap Oil: $US17.7m loss

5.31pm, Aurora Buy-Write fund: 317k profit
5.31pm, HHY Fund: 283k loss
5.32pm, Ambition Group: $7m loss
5.33pm, Collaborate Group: $5.37m loss

5.34pm, Ambertech: 784k profit
5.36pm, Kresta Holdings: 128k loss
5.36pm, Botanix Pharmaceuticals: $16.7m loss
5.37pm, 1414 Degrees: $2.85m loss
5.38pm, Agriculture Land Trust: 127k loss
5.38pm, Nvoi Ltd: $3.51m loss

5.45pm, Stealth Global: 520k profit
5.47pm, PirifiOH: $4.5m loss
5.56pm, AVA Group: $4.94m profit
5.58pm, ClearVue Tech: $2m loss
5.59pm, Love Group: 747k profit
5.59pm, Pearl Global: $4.4m loss

6-7pm: 44 results (37 losses and 7 profits)

6.01pm, Eve Investments: $2.4m loss
6.01pm, Engage:BDR: $4.31m loss
6.03pm, Boyuan Holdings: $5.6m loss
6.03pm, Imugene: $10.5m loss
6.06pm, Aquis Entertainment: $2.68m loss

6.07pm, Eildon Capital: $4.7m profit
6.07pm, Osteopore: 709k loss
6.08pm, Wide Open Agriculture: $1.85m loss
6.10pm, GT Resources: $1.31m loss
6.11pm, Atlas Pearls: $8.14m loss
6.13pm, DTI Group: $2.73m loss
6.13pm, Astron Group: $6.5m loss
6.16pm, Victor Group: 261k loss
6.17pm, Emerge Gaming: $1.3m loss

6.17pm, TV2U: 392k profit
6.18pm, Veris Australia: $26.5m loss
6.20pm, ImpelUS: $6.9m loss
6.23pm, Locality Planning Energy: $7.23m loss
6.25pm, M8: $13.8m loss
6.26pm, Mustera Property Group: $1.04m loss
6.26pm, Houston We Have: $2.72m loss
6.26pm, Lionhub: 108k loss
6.29pm, Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber: $22m loss
6.30pm, Pointerra: $2.8m loss

6.34pm, CivMec: $176.5m profit
6.34pm, Bougainville Copper: $1.61m loss
6.34pm, Buddy: $45.3m loss
6.34pm, Aurora Absolute Return: 107k loss
6.35pm, Questus: 210k loss

6.36pm, Aeris Environmental: $1.98m profit
6.37pm, Platinum International Fund: $15.2m loss
6.37pm, GLG Corp: $US3.8m profit
6.39pm, OBJ: $3.57m loss
6.42pm, Platinum Asia Fund: $19.4m profit
6.45pm, Stanmore Coal: $34.9m profit


6.46pm, Rewardle Holdings: 757k loss
6.48pm, Eumundi Group: $4.7m loss
6.49pm, CVC Ltd: $2.1m loss
6.50pm, Antipodes Global Investment: $12m loss
6.54pm, Zicom: 709k loss

6.54pm, MCS Services: 316k profit
6.55pm, Ziptel: 960k loss
6.58pm, isentric: $2.56m loss
6.57pm, Aurora Labs: $8.1m loss

post 7pm: 24 results (20 losses and 4 profits)

7.01pm, Consolidated Financial Holdings: $6.35m profit
7.04pm, Cardinal Resources: $37m loss
7.05pm, 360 Capital: $1.35m profit
7.05pm, Resa Group: 821k loss
7.06pm, Multistack: 416k loss

7.06pm, Skin Elements: $1.97m loss

7.07pm, Energy World: $US16m profit
7.09pm, VPCL: $1.42m loss
7.09pm, MSM Corp: 420k loss
7.09pm, XTD Ltd: 72k loss

7.10pm, Mobecom: $6.93m loss
7.12pm, Isynergy: 876k loss
7.15pm, Apps Village: $US2.1m loss
7.15pm, Kleos Space: $2.21m loss

7.16pm, Connected IO: $2.36m loss
7.17pm, Mediland Pharmaceutical: $5.1m loss
7.17pm, Helloworld: $70m loss
7.18pm, Sandon Capital: $8.7m loss
7.19pm, 360 Capital REIT: $10.4m profit

7.20pm, Suvo Strategic Minerals: $US4.94m loss
7.22pm, Jatcorp: $17.6m loss
7.24pm, N1Holdings: $1.81m loss
7.25pm, Reffind Ltd: $1.41m loss
7.28pm, Cirralto: $3.56m loss

Cumulative total for the day: 297 results (248 losses and 47 profits)

Latecomers which announced before trading commenced on September 1

8.01am, First Graphene: $5.36m loss
8.01am, Quantum Health: $5.4m profit
8.02am, Ennox Group: $4.4m profit
8.02am, 360 Capital Digital Infrastructure: $4m profit
8.02am: Cann Global: $8m loss
8.02am, Netlinkz: $22.76m loss
8.02am, Lawfinance: $15.2m loss
8.03am, CAQ Holdings: $1.46m loss
8.03am, CTI Logistics: $4.4m loss
8.03am, West African Resources: $3.7m profit
8.03am, Seafarms: $25.5m loss
8.04am, Immuron: $2.9m loss
8.04am, Terramin: $1.7m loss
8.04am, Panoramic Resources: $87.4m loss
8.05am, Asset Owl: $1.13m loss
8.06am, WestStar Industrial: $3.5m profit
8.06am, Victory Offices: $8.1m loss
8.06am, BPH Energy: $1.37m profit
8.07am, CFoam: $4.9m loss
8.07am, Raptis Group: 53k profit
8.07am, G Medical Innovations: $US4.9m loss
8.07am, Frugl: $2.13m loss
8.08am, Creso Pharma: $17.4m loss
8.08am, Structural Monitoring Systems: $2.7m loss
8.09am, Change Financial: $US3.5m loss
8.11am, Getswift: $31.3m loss

8.32am, Terramin: $146.1m loss
8.33am, Leaf Resources: $1.14m loss
8.38am, Oliver's: $17.5m loss
8.41am, Millinium Alternative Fund: $2.36m loss
8.48am, Vonex: 596k loss
8.48am, Faster Enterprises: $1.4m loss
8.49am, e-sense-Lab: $US2.78m loss
8.51am, Roots Sustainable Agriculture: $US1.5m loss
9.02am, Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund: $2.55m profit
9.04am, Thorney Technology: 200k profit
9.18am, Donaco International: $60m loss
9.18am, CardieX: $3.32m loss
9.20am, Todd River Resources: $5.1m loss
9.55am, Wattle Health: $43.3m loss

In summary that was 40 late reports this morning 31 losses and 9 profits.

This only left 3 companies which hadn't reported - Aneka Tambang, BuildingIQ Inc and Inc - and these 3 foreign listings were duly suspended shortly before trading commenced at 10am on Tuesday. Well done to all the Australian-based listed companies for getting their half year results in on time and avoiding suspension.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Total for day: 146 results, comprising 110 losses and 36 profits with the losses in bold

37 results before 9am, comprising 24 losses and 13 profits

8.07am, Invex Therapeutic: $3.36m loss
8.07am, Bysarn: $4.83m profit
8.08am, Orbital Engine: $1.85m profit
8.08am, Costa Exchange: $43.4m profit
8.09am, Roolife: $3.44m loss
8.09am, Carnegie Clean Energy: $1.8m loss
8.11am, Gage Roads Brewing: $2.13m loss

8.11am, AWN Holdings: $8.11m loss
8.11am, Ovata: $108.7m loss

8.11am, Shine Justice: $21.3m profit
8.13am, Dicker Data: $29.4m profit
8.14am, Livehire, $14.7m loss
8.18am, Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals: $12.3m loss

8.21am, Resolute Resources: $US34.2m profit
8.22am, Pointsbet Holdings: $41.5m loss
8.23am, Cash Converters: $10.5m loss
8.22am, Boral: $1.13 billion loss
8.26am, Limeade: $US1.37m loss
8.27am, Pivotal Systems: $US4.95m loss
8.28am, Aveche: 872k loss
8.31am, Synertec, $1.25m loss
8.33am, Micro-X: $10m loss
8.34am, Hansen Technology: $25.7m profit
8.35am, Jayex Healthcare: 105k loss
8.37am, ICarAsia: $6.14m loss
8.37am, Synertec: $1.26m loss
8.39am, Pengana Capital: $6.2m profit
8.40am, LogiCamms: $2.5m profit
8.42am, Netccentric: $S127k profit
8.49am, Tinybeans: $4.53m loss
8.51am, Countplus: $15.8m profit
8.51am, Webcentral: $19.1m loss
8.52am, avita: $US4.2m loss
8.53am, Bathurst Resources: $NZ47.4m loss
8.57am, K&S Corp: $11.2m profit
8.59am, Templeton Global Growth: $9m loss
8.59am, Civmec: $5.5m profit

9-10am: 25 results comprising 20 losses and just 5 profits - total 62

9.00am, Opthea: $16.5m loss
9.04am, Orocobre: $US52m loss

9.05am, Harvey Norman: $480.5m profit
9.07am, IncentiaPay: $24.7m loss
9.08am, Autosports Group: $102.4m loss
9.10am, Alexium: $US6.12m loss
9.12am, Troy Resources: $43.9m loss
9.13am, Aeeris: 155k loss
9.13am, Renu Energy: $4.5m loss
9.14am, Lark Distillery: $1.27m loss
9.16am, Cryosite: $1.48m profit
9.16am, Genetic Signatures: $2.1m loss
9.17am, Amaero International: $5.8m loss
9.29am, Ashley Services: $5.1m profit
9.32am, Valmec: 214k profit
9.34am, Retail Food Group: $4m loss
9.34am, Simainta: $4.2m loss
9.37am, Crowd Media: $1.9m loss
9.38am, Joyce Corp: $2.76m loss
9.40am, Village Roadshow: $117.3m loss
9.40am, Austral Gold: $4.3m profit
9.42am, Opyl: 925k loss
9.47am, envirosuite: $18.2m loss
9.50am, Beam Comms: $1.62m loss
9.58am, WT Financial: 729k loss

10am-noon: 13 results comprising 11 losses and 2 profits - total for day 75

10.06am, Regeneus: $1.1m loss
10.17am, DigitalX: $4.7m loss
10.23am, Cronos Australia: $3.94m loss
11.05am, Blue Sky Alternative: $5.13m profit
11.18am, Farmaforce: $1.68m loss
11.26am, Authorised Investment Fund: $1.1m loss
11.26am, Kyckr: $4.9m loss
11.34am, Simble Solutions: 376k loss
11.36am, Clean Seas Tuna: $14.4m loss
11.41am, iQ3Corp: $2.2m loss
11.43am, BNK Banking: $5.3m profit
11.47am, Total Brain: $7.6m loss
11.52am, Intiger: $1.05m loss

12-2pm - 13 results with 11 losses and 2 profits - cumulative total 88

12.07am, Magontec: 149k loss
12.19pm, Alt Resources: $2.15m loss
12.21pm, Audio Pixels: $3.25m loss
12.24pm, medlab: $13.4m loss
12.26pm, adherium: $11.4m loss
12.32pm, Benjamin Hornigold: 750k loss

12.34pm, Quickstep Holdings: $3.9m profit
12.42pm, Isignthis: 828k profit
12.49pm, Carbon Minerals: 202k loss
12.50pm, K2fly: $3.33m loss
1.04pm, AJ Lucas: $8.9m loss
1.27pm, Bionomics: $7.2m loss
1.47pm, Family Zone: $17.2m loss

2-4pm - 21 results comprising 13 losses and 8 profits - cumulative total 109 results

2.01pm, Growthops: $43.7m loss
2.30pm, Cycliq Group: $1.46m loss
2.31pm, Pacific Knowledge: 382k profit
2.31pm, aerometrex: 293k loss
2.37pm, Cashwerkz: $7.35m loss
2.43pm,, $1.66m loss
2.47pm, medibio: $3.87m loss
2.47pm, PanTerra Gold: $US1.2m profit
2.49pm, 4DMedical: $22m loss
2.58pm, Westgold Resources: $34.6m profit
3.08pm, Senetas: $1.08m loss
3.08pm, Grange Resources: $21.5m profit
3.11pm, Partners Group Global Fund (Equity Trustees): $56.6m loss
3.17pm, TPC Consolidated: $3.36m profit
3.20pm, Leigh Creek Resources: $7.15m loss
3.24pm, Lowell Resources: $17.3m profit
3.29pm, Saferoads: 521k profit
3.32pm, The Go2 People: $1.85m loss
3.50pm, Supply Network: $9.5m profit
3.52pm, Lifespot Health: 460k loss
3.59pm, Whitehawk: $US1.27m loss

4-6pm: 28 results comprising 24 losses and 4 profits - cumulative total 137

4.02pm, RTG Mining: $2.82m loss
4.04pm, Pacific Star Network: $5.21m loss
4.09pm, Stavely Minerals: $15.3m loss
4.16pm, Protean Energy: $1.3m loss
4.17pm, TZ Ltd: $5.12m loss
4.21pm, Paladin Energy: $US79.8m loss
4.23pm, KneoMedia: $3.2m loss
4.29pm, MobilCom: $1.24m loss
4.30pm, The Environmental Group: $1.31m loss
4.32pm, Ariadne: $25.2m loss
4.35pm, Regal Inv Fund: $43.5m profit
4.36pm, Anteo Tech: $3.13m loss
4.41pm: Nova Eye Medical: $35.6m profit
4.48pm, NZ Coastal Seafoods: $NZ6.8m loss
4.50pm, Zelira Therapies: $7m loss
4.52pm, Nuheara: $11.7m loss
5pm, HSC Technology: $1.92m loss
5pm, PainChek: $12.4m loss
5.07pm, Ophir High Conviction Fund: $54.6m profit
5.13pm, Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals:$2.87m loss
5.13pm, Eneabba Gas: 446k loss
5.17pm, Droneshield: $1.17m loss
5.18pm, Plato Income Maximiser: $21.45m profit
5.31pm, elsight: $1.82m loss
5.32pm, Site Group: $10.26m loss
5.33pm, Tymlez Group: $1.68m loss
5.43pm, Recce Pharmaceutical: $4.32m loss
5.56pm, SIV Capital: $11.7m loss

After 6pm: 9 results comprising 7 losses and 2 profits - total for day 146, comprising 110 losses and 36 profits

6.04pm, Ensurance: $2.15m loss
6.18pm, Buderim Group: $7.3m loss
6.28pm, Holista Colltech: $4.87m loss
6.29pm, MetalsX: $80.34m loss
6.40pm, The Market Herald: $1.3m profit
6.47pm, Adveritas: $9.5m loss
7.03pm, Thred Ltd: 455k profit
7.12pm, Wiluna Mining: $14.25m loss
7.27pm, Forager Funds: $26.7m loss