Last day reporting laggards August 30 2019

August 31, 2020

This list tracks the 348 last day laggards who waited until Friday August 30, 2019 to release their results to the ASX. We're comparing it with what happened 10 years ago in the August 2009 reporting season at the peak of the GFC wipe-out when 275 companies reported on the last day possible. Also, go to the bottom to see the 65 additional late reporters on Monday morning.

It was very disappointing that a record 348 ASX listed companies waited until the last possible day to release their 2019 results and a further 65 companies reported late, on the first trading day in September.
Reporting practices are clearly getting worse because on the final day of the 2009 reporting season, at the peak of the GFC wipe-out, there were only 285 companies reporting with 227 declaring losses and 58 profits.

All of these companies which waited until the last day and beyond to reveal their bad news should be ashamed of themselves for trying to hide bad news in what was an unseemly deluge of announcements which just got worse as the day wore on.

Overall, there were still 73 profits declared on Friday but why did these successful companies choose to associate themselves with all the losers which waited until the last possible day?

The news got worse as the day wore on with the overall proportion of profits being just 21% (73 out of 348) but in the period after the market closed at 4pm, it deteriorated to just 13.4% when there were only 19 profits and 122 losses reported to the ASX. The worst hour was between 4pm and 5pm when 44 losses were announced and just 8 profits.

Everyone knows that Friday afternoon is a good time to hide bad news so for those 122 companies who released losses after the market had closed on the last day of the season, they should be particularly embarrassed about their efforts.

Chronological roll out of results announcements lodged with ASX on Friday, August 30


7.43am, Mesoblast (medical): $US89.8m loss
8.03am, Collaborate Corp (online cars): $3.235m loss
8.04am, Global Energy Ventures: $6.55m loss
8.04am, Coassets (Singapore online funding platform): $1.9m profit
8.06am, Civmec (Singapore-Perth): $7m profit
8.06am, Isynergy (Malaysia-Perth software): 522k loss
8.07am, Oneview Healthcare Plc (UK aged care systems): 8.67m euro loss
8.07am, Elsight (Melbourne-Perth-Israel data/comms): $US1.6m loss
8.08am, Oribtal (Perth drone system company, ex Sarich): $5.9m loss
8.08am, Hills (Adelaide): $8.8m loss


8.08am, Ecargo (HK-Sydney ecommerce): $HK35.9m loss
8.09am, AuMake International (Perth-Sydney brand builder into China): $8.05m loss
8.09am, Kleos Space SA (Sydney-Luxembourg space data): $1.8m loss
8.10am, Roots Sustainable Agriculture Technology (Israeli ag tech): $US1.7m loss
8.10am, Suda Pharmaceutical: $2.3m loss
8.10am, Generation Development (Melb-Sydney): $5.28m profit
8.11am, Oceon Grown Abalone: (WA): 911k profit
8.12am, Marley Spoon (German Woolworths partner): 21.6m euro loss
8.12am, Xplore Wealth: 540k loss
8.12am, skyfii: $4m loss


8.13am, Austal (Perth ship-builder): $61.4m profit
8.14am, Kalina Power (electricity from heat): $4.8m loss
8.14am, Beyond International (Sydney entertainment): $2.645m loss
8.15am, Tigers Realm Coal (East Melbourne-Russia, Owen Hegarty on board): $11.9m loss
8.15am, Ovato (printing, formerly PMP): $84.25m loss
8.16am, tempo (Perth with Guido Belgiorno-Nettis as exec chair): $20.2m loss
8.17am, Veem (Perth defence supplier controlled by Miocevich brothers): $2.23m profit
8.18am, Gage Roads Brewing (Perth): $2.82m profit
8.19am, Schrole Group (Perth, recruiting software as a service): 22k loss
8.19am, Resolute Mining (Perth): $35.66m profit


8.22am, Alexium (specialty chemicals - Perth & South Carolina): $6.9m loss
8.27am, Enevis (Melbourne, electrical contracting): 19k profit
8.28am, Richtcrowd (international software sales): $6.2m loss
8.32am, Pivotal Systems (Delaware, California, Sydney, floated 2018): $US5.08m loss
8.34am, People Infrastructure (Brisbane, nursing): $9.7m profit
8.37am, UCW Ltd (education provider): 952k profit
8.40am, TBG Diagnostics (Brisbane): $1.37m loss
8.43am, Imagion Biosystems (San Diego/Melbourne): $1.03m loss
8.46am, Experience Company Ltd (Wollongong-based national tourism operator): $48.26m loss
8.48am, MOQ (cloud computing): $2.29m profit
8.50am, $US2.1m loss
8.51am, Boyuan Holdings: 354k profit


8.54am, Zimplats Holdings: $US144.8m profit
8.58am, Avita Medical: $32.8m loss

42 results between 8am-9am: 14 profits and 28 losses

9.04am, Regeneus: $6.02m loss
9.08am, Team Invest Private: $1.6m loss
9.09am, Xref Ltd: $8.3m loss
9.18am, Prime Financial: $1.3m profit
9.19am, Magontec: 254k profit
9.20am, Slater & Gordon: $31.2m profit
9.23am, Nuheara: $10.03m loss
9.29am, IXUP: $6.6m loss


9.29am, DigitalX: $2.52m loss
9.31am, Blue Sky Alternatives: $6.71m profit
9.34am, Total Brain: $8.57m loss
9.35am, Self Wealth: $3.45m loss
9.35am, Mariner Corp: 15k profit
9.36am, Incentiapay: $37.9m loss
9.42am, Senssera: $US9.54m loss
9.44am: Silverchef: $18.6m loss
9.44am, Dubber Corp: $9.65m loss
9.45am: Redflow: $11.6m loss

61-70 -
9.45am, Harvey Norman: $402.3m profit
9.49am, Read Cloud: $1.63m loss
9.49am, Volt Power: 21k profit
9.52am, Rewardle Holdings: 928k loss
9.53am, Terramin: $3.25m loss
9.57am, Uniti (Adelaide): $13.53m loss
9.59am, Firstwave Cloud: $11m loss

9-10am: there were 69 results before the market opened with 48 losses and 21 profits

10am, K2fly: $1.94m loss
10am, Apply Direct: $4.38m loss
10.01am, Prophecy International: $1.45m loss
10.01am, Vital Harvest: $5.52m loss


10.05am, Mint Payments: $4.43m loss
10.05am, Medlab: $8.1m loss
10.07am, N1 Holdings: $2.57m loss
10.10am, Imricor Medical (Minnesota): $US5m loss
10.11am, Exopharm: $2.28m loss
10.13am, International Equities: 875k loss
10.14am, MacMahon Holdings: $46.1m profit
10.15am, Angel Seafood: 305k profit
10.16am, Vmoto: 362k profit
10.16am, Integrated Payments: $13m loss


10.26am, Ava Risk: $4.72m loss
10.32am, PTD: $3.24m profit
10.35am, Collection House: $30.69m profit
10.53am, Novarti: $4.95m loss
10.54am, Gooroo Ventures: $2.2m loss

10-11am had 19 results including 5 profits and 14 losses

11.02am, CV Check: $1.1m loss
11.10am, Fiji Kava: $4.67m loss
11.11am, Papyrus: 109k loss
11.15am, Impelus: $12.27m loss
11.18am, Optiscan Imaging: $2.34m loss


11.19am, Splitit Payments: $US3.84m loss
11.25am, Connexion Telematics: 466k profit
11.37am, K&S Corp: $2.32m profit (on revenue of $900m plus)
11.39am, Netlinkz: $18.5m loss
11.53am, adcorp: $1.51m loss
11.55am, Millennium Minerals (Perth): $20m loss
11.59am, Linius Technologies: $11.56m loss

11am-12pm: 12 results comprising 2 profits and 10 losses

Total results for the morning: 96

12.01pm, Phylogica: $4.1m loss
12.02pm, Murray River Organics: $12.04m loss
12.05pm, Reverse Corp: $1.87m loss


12.09pm, Veris (Perth IT): $40.1m loss
12.12pm, Allegra Orthapaedics: 835k loss
12.20pm, BOD Australia: $7.63m loss
12.21pm, LNG Ltd: $32.58m loss
12.25pm, Oliver's Real Food: $14.9m loss
12.25pm, Stream Group: $3.52m loss
12.27pm, Ambertech: $1.33m loss (last of 15 straight losses)
12.28pm, Advanced Share Registry: $1.48m profit
12.28pm, 99 Wuxian: 15.6m RMB profit
12.28pm, Metals X: $117m loss


12.33pm, Kingsgate Consolidated: $8.37m profit
12.35pm, Pearl Global: $4.71m loss
12.39pm, Dropsuite: $1.45m loss
12.50pm, Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals: $15.6m loss
12.59pm, Locality Planning Energy: $2.18m loss

12pm-1pm: 18 results comprising 15 losses and 3 profits

1.14pm, Mercantile Investment: 630k profit
1.26pm, esports Mogul: $2.82m loss
1.26pm, Auctus Alternative Investments: $1.26m profit
1.27pm, Tribeca Global: $2.65m loss
1.35pm, Neuro Scientific Biopharmaceutical: $1.66m loss


1.36pm, ECS Botanics: 567k loss
1.36pm, $2.7m profit
1.37pm, Quest Investments: $HK2m loss
1.39pm, Murray Cod Australia: $1.1m loss
1.40pm, JV Global: 346k loss
1.51pm, Babylong Pump & Power: $2.2m loss
1.54pm, Murchison Holdings: $HK 5.2m loss
1.56pm, BNK Banking (Perth): $3.6m profit
1.56pm, Yowie Group: $4.6m loss
1.56pm, Norwood: $3m loss


1.59pm, Buru Energy: $4.4m loss

1pm-2pm: 16 results comprising 4 profits and 12 losses

2.02pm, Mediland Pharmaceutical: 22k loss
2.03pm, Tillegrah: 424k loss
2.04pm, Tinybeans: $3.45m loss
2.05pm, United Networks: $1.13m loss
2.06pm, 1414 Degrees: $4.27m loss
2.12pm, Electro Optic Systems: $7.52m profit
2.12pm, Tesserent: $4.37m loss
2.14pm, Micro-X: $9.83m loss
2.14pm, Sensen Networks: $4.93m loss


2.15pm, Real Estate Investar Group: $1.15m loss
2.15pm, Cape Range: 253k loss
2.17pm, Medusa Mining: $US55.55m loss
2.20pm, Katana Capital: 628k loss
2.20pm, PanTerra Gold: $US1.54m profit
2.21pm, Itellihr: $5.43m loss (1 page 4E)
2.28pm, Magellan Global Trust: $304.2m profit
2.32pm, TerraCom: $11.23m loss
2.35pm, Indoor Skydive: $2.28m loss
2.37pm, Steamships Trading: 10.9m kina profit


2.38pm, Vectus Biosystems: $1.6m loss
2.46pm, CFoam: $US5.95m loss
2.48pm, EneAbba Gas: 152k loss
2.48pm, Orthocell: $5.85m loss
2.50pm, Interstar Millenium: 801k profit
2.51pm, Red River Resources: $3.76m profit
2.53pm, Australian Agricultural Projects: 94k loss
2.57pm, Energy World Corp: $US30.84m profit
2.58pm, PKS Holdings: 932k loss

2-3pm: 27 results with 7 profits and 20 losses

3.01pm, MSL Solutions: $17.9m loss


3.02pm, Questus: $2.49m loss
3.04pm, Ophir High Conviction Fund: $26.3m profit
3.09pm, Magellan Global Equities: $227.5m profit
3.12pm, Wisr Ltd: $7.4m loss
3.13pm, Magellan Infrastructure Fund: $44.9m profit
3.13pm, Cannpal Animal Therapies: $2m loss
3.14pm, Magellan Global Equities (hedged): $11.6m profit
3.18pm, MEC Resources: $1.4m loss
3.19pm, Leaf Resources: $6.76m loss
3.21pm, Jiajiafu Modern Agriculture: $3.95m profit


3.23pm, Equity Trustees Global Corporate Income Trust: $29.8m profit
3.25pm, archTIS: $4.1m loss
3.25pm, AHALife Holdings: $US2.64m loss
3.25pm, Energy Technologies: $1.4m profit
3.26pm, Australian Dairy Nutritionals: $4.03m loss
3.26pm, AJ Lucas: $39.4m loss
3.27pm, Proteomics: $2.1m loss
3.29pm, Equity Trustees Regal Investment Fund: $5.82m profit
3.31pm, Clean Seas Tuna: $1.45m profit
3.32pm, Powerwrap: $6.47m loss


3.33pm, Reffind: 993k loss
3.34pm, Templeton Global Growth Fund: $4.22m profit
3.39pm, Adherium: $11.79m loss
3.40pm, Success Global Media: $6.77m loss
3.42pm, MPower Group: $6.16m loss
3.45pm, Lifespot Health: $1.04m loss
3.48pm, Abundant Produce: $3.04m loss
3.49pm, EMVision Medical Devices: $2.96m loss
3.51pm, Bubs: $35.5m loss
3.51pm, Sandon Capital Investments: 201k loss


3.51pm, Range International: $US7.4m loss
3.51pm, Shine Metals: 21k loss
3.52pm, Qauttro Plus Real Estate: $2.56m profit
3.54pm, Broo: $3.16m loss
3.54pm, Ashley Services: $5.4m profit
3.56pm, SciDev: $2.03m loss
3.57pm, Challenger Millenium: $2.26m profit
3.58pm, Field Solutions Group: 534k loss

3-4pm: 39 results with 13 profits and 26 losses

4pm until 5pm

4pm, Advanced Breaking Technology: $1.73m loss
4.01pm, Cashwerkz (Brisbane, formerly Trustee Australia): $7.3m loss


4.01pm, Intiger (West Perth, financial software & no SPP): $4.9m loss
4.02pm, Stealth Global (Perth safety gear, recently floated): 500k profit
4.05pm, AIMS Property Securities Fund (Sydney-Singapore): $9.92m profit
4.05pm, AF Legal Group (Perth based family law litigation funder): $1.2m loss
4.05pm, DXL (Perth, formerly Data Exchange Ltd): $7.37m loss
4.05pm, Trimantium GrowthOps (digital marketing roll-up float): $65m loss
4.05pm, Renu Energy: $3.49m loss
4.06pm, BauMart Holdings (Perth): 555k loss
4.09pm, IQ3 (Sydney life sciences corporate adviser): $1.1m loss
4.09pm, Bounty Mining (operates Cook colliery in QLD): $34.4m loss


4.12pm, Digital Wine Ventures (Perth): $1.66m loss
4.15pm, Site Group International (Brisbane training company): $4.74m loss
4.16pm, Integrated Green Energy Solutions (floated Jan 2018 with global plans): $8.96m loss
4.16pm, Family Zone Cyber Safety (West Perth): $14.4m loss
4.17pm, Whitehawk Ltd (Perth, cyber security): $US1.65m loss
4.18pm, Zicom Group (Singapore, tech services for oil and gas): $S10.87m loss
4.19pm, Kyckr (Sydney): $6.13m loss
4.19pm, Environmental Clean Technologies (Melbourne): $9.13m loss
4.20pm, Global Health: $1.25m loss
4.20pm, Fluence Corp (Melbourne, global water infrastructure supplier): $17.58m loss


4.21pm, VIP Gloves (Melbourne-Malaysia): $4.68m loss
4.21 pm, Antisense Therapeutics (Toorak): $2.9m loss
4.22pm, LatAm Autos: $6.04m loss
4.23pm, Yojee (Perth cloud transports solutions): $3.7m loss
4.23pm, LogiCamms: 292k profit
4.23pm, Holista Colltech: 115k loss
4.23pm, Jaxsta (Sydney, formerly Mobilarm): $19.26m loss
4.24pm, Eden Innovations: $8.6m loss
4.25pm, Retail Food Group: $149.26m loss
4.27pm, SunVest Corp: 493k loss


4.29pm, MyfizIQ: $4.35m loss
4.30pm, Security Matters: $US2.1m loss
4.31pm, Tomizone: $3.47m loss
4.33pm, Authorised Investment Fund: $1.98m profit
4.35pm, Xped Ltd: $3.65m loss
4.35pm, Veriluma: 527k loss
4.35pm, Alternative Investment Fund: 814k profit
4.39pm, Recce Pharmaceuticals: $2.79m loss
4.40pm, BKM Management: 218k loss
4.40pm, Kneo Media: $3.5m loss


4.40pm, Asset Owl: $2m loss
4.44pm, The Food Revolution Group: $15.75m loss
4.47pm, Sinetech: $4.76m loss
4.48pm, Pointerra: $1.92m loss
4.48pm, Eureka Group: $6.8m profit
4.51pm, Love Group Global: 542k profit
4.52pm, Law Finance: $7.88m loss
4.53pm, Imugene: $7.77m loss
4.55pm, Hydrix: $4.24m loss
4.55pm, VPCL Ltd: $2.82m profit

4pm-5pm: 52 results with 8 profits and 44 losses


5.01pm, Vietnam Industrial Investments: 784k profit
5.03pm, Retech (HK): $3.39m profit
5.05pm, Candy Club Holdings: $3.45m loss
5.05pm, Spring FG: 929k loss
5.05pm, Mejority Capital: $1.2m loss
5.06pm, County International: 80k loss
5.07pm, De.mem: $1.86m loss
5.09pm, Inventis: $1.67m loss
5.10pm, MCS Services: 199k loss
5.12pm, Wattle Health: $9.11m loss


5.13pm, Genetic Technologies: $6.87m loss
5.14pm, Zyber Holdings: 730k loss
5.14pm, NZ Coastal Seafoods: 961k profit
5.15pm, Simavita: $3.92m loss
5.15pm, RotoGro International: $6.17m loss
5.16pm, Novita Healthcare: $2.94m loss
5.16pm, PLC Financial Solutions: 434k loss
5.19pm, Clearvue Technologies: $4.16m loss
5.20pm, Dragontail Systems: $4m loss
5.22pm, CCP Technologies: $2.1m loss


5.24pm, Impression Healthcare: $2.71m loss
5.24pm, ASF Group: $2.96m loss
5.24pm, Faster Enterprises: $1.2m loss
5.25pm, Alterity Therapeutics: $12.34m loss
5.27pm, Stemcell United: $2.1m loss
5.27pm, Immuron: $4.63m loss
5.27pm, Pacific Current: $38.9m profit
5.28pm, Paragon Care: $14.4m loss
5.29pm, Chant West Holdings: 371k loss
5.30pm, Sports Hero: $2.3m loss


5.31pm, R3D Global: 413k loss
5.35pm, Geopacific Resources: $3.78m loss
5.37pm, Healthia: $1.24m loss
5.40pm, Bass Metals: $7.55m loss
5.41pm, First Growth Funds: $2.37m loss
5.45pm, Family Insights: $2.5m loss
5.47pm, THC Global: $5.76m loss
5.47pm, Agricultural Land Trust: $13.74m profit
5.54pm, Buderim Group: $16.48m profit
5.59pm, Medibio: $6.6m loss

5-6pm: 40 results with 6 profits and 34 losses


6pm, Astron Corp: $1.91m loss
6.01pm, eSense: $1.2m loss
6.03pm, Resource Development Group: $1.8m loss
6.05pm, Ultima United: 538k loss
6.05pm, Ennox Group: 533k loss
6.09pm, Rectifier Technologies: $2.1m loss
6.10pm, Quantum Health: $1.9m profit
6.12pm, CVC Ltd: $2.1m loss
6.13pm, Manalto: $2m loss
6.14pm, CardieX: $2.98m loss


6.18pm, farmaforce: 690k loss
6.19am, Crowd Media Holdings: $4.8m loss
6.19pm, Eildon Capital: $4.38m profit
6.20pm, DTI Group: $9.44m loss
6.26pm, AppsVillage Australia: 235k loss
6.26pm, Syntonic: $7.6m loss
6.26pm, MSM Corp: 560k loss
6.28pm, Mobecom: $7.4m loss
6.28pm, Bir Financial: $2.33m loss
6.29 pm, Tymlez: $2.43m loss


6.30pm, Musterra Property Group: $1.55m loss
6.31pm, Neurotech International: $4.75m loss
6.31pm, FBR Ltd: $9.14m loss
6.33pm, Ziptel: 338k loss
6.33pm, CTI Logistics: 788k profit
6.39pm, Dreamscape Networks: $5.64m profit
6.40pm, XTD Ltd: $1.38m loss
6.41pm, Ignite Co: $5.81m loss
6.42pm, Homestay Ltd: $2.51m loss
6.44pm, Peppermint Innovation: $2.14m loss


6.50pm, Connected IO: $1.82m loss
6.51pm, 8Common: $1.24m loss
6.51pm, Aeris Environmental: $3.63m loss
6.52pm, Wellness and Beauty Solutions: $13.4m loss
6.54pm, Smiles Inclusive: $18.88m loss
6.56pm, RBR Group: $1.5m loss
6.57pm, Scout: $3.63m loss
6.58pm, Threat Protect Australia: $10.62m loss

6-7pm: 38 results with just 4 profits and 34 losses

7.07pm, 333D: 374k profit
7.08pm, Panoramic Resources: $9.2m loss


7.11pm, YPB: $3.58m loss
7.13pm, Beston Global Food: $36.2m loss
7.14pm, Aurora Property Buy-write Income Trust: 606k loss
7.15pm, Vonex Technology: $2.79m loss
7.21pm, Quantify Technology: $5.2m loss
7.22pm, Isentric: $4.3m loss
7.23pm, PharmAust: $1.6m loss
7.23pm, Cycliq: $2.56m loss
7.24pm, Buddy (Adelaide, wi-fi lighting and software): $28.5m loss

After 7pm, 11 results: 1 profit then finished with 10 straight losses

Total for the day: 348 results comprising 73 profits and 275 losses

Late results announced on Monday, September 2

12.57pm, China Magnesium: $10.5m loss

10.48am, animoca brands: $6.81m loss
10.31am, Kollokorn: suspended pending auditor amendments

9-10am: 16 results announcements comprising 2 profits and 14 losses

9.51am, Botai Tech, Aneka Tambang and Animoca Brands: suspended for not lodging accounts
9.49am, GO2 People (Perth recruiter): $2.1m loss
9.47am, Kollakorn: $4.4m loss


9.46am, Bass Oil: 38k loss
9.45am, Structural Monitoring: $4.03m loss
9.42am, PuriflOH: $3.37m loss
9.39am, Affinity Energy & Health: $7.66m loss
9.39am, Grandbridge: 61k profit
9.36am, BPH Energy: 304k profit
9.32am, Invigor: $8.9m loss
9.28am, Sky & Space Global: $6.3m loss
9.27am, tikforce: $1.64m loss
9.18am, Fatfish: $5.6m loss


9.16am, Icandy Interactive: 196k loss
9.13am, Bytepower: $2.5m loss
9.04am, Change Financial: $US4.76m loss
9am, AFT Corp: 151k loss

8am-9am: 47 announcements comprising 8 profits and 39 losses

8.57am, Koon Holdings (Singapore): $50m loss
8.51am, Wide Open Agriculture: $2.08m loss
8.41am, Aurora Absolute Return Fund: $1.36m loss
8.39am, Medical Mobility in Healthcare: $US6.84m loss
8.37am, Bougainville Copper: 3.9m kina loss
8.34am, GoConnect: $1.3m profit


8.33am, Ultracharge: $US2.61m loss
8.30am, Cirralto: $6.04m loss
8.29am, Icollege: $1.87m loss
8.28am, Real Estate Finance Settlement: $7.73m loss
8.28am, Shareroot: $3.1m loss
8.27am, Alkane Resources: $23.3m profit
8.27am, Compumedics: $1.2m profit
8.26am, Servtech: $4.42m loss
8.26am, Emerge Gaming: $2.95m loss
8.26am, Harris Technology: 732k loss


8.26am, West Star Industrial: 984k profit
8.25am, Universal Coal: $70.4m profit
8.25am, Swift Media: $6.9m loss
8.25am, Victor Group: 191k profit
8.24am, Eon NRG: $1.2m loss
8.24am, Skin Elements: $1.85m loss
8.23am, CAQ Holdings: $1.1m loss
8.23am, P2P Transport: $19.8m loss
8.23am, TV2U International: $4.02m loss
8.22am, EngageBDR Ltd: $4.23m loss


8.22am, Titomic: $7.5m loss
8.21am, Queste Communications: 550k loss
8.21am, Orion Equities: $1.28m loss
8.20am, Bentley Capital: $2.46m loss
8.19am, Smart Marine Systems: $1.45m loss
8.18am, Sea Farms Group: $30.95m loss
8.14am, Protean Energy: $4.58m loss
8.13am, Cape Range: 273k loss
8.12am, LionHub Group: 631k loss
8.12am, Chongherr Investments: 163k loss


8.10am, iBuynew Group: $5.05m loss
8.10am, Eneco Fresh: $1.01m loss
8.10am, Stemify: $4.76m loss
8.09am, Carbonxt Group: $6.67m loss
8.08am, Property Connect Holdings: 854k loss
8.07am, Hotcopper: 264k profit
8.06am, First Graphene: $6.98m loss
8.05am, Eve Investments: $2.64m loss
8.04am, Land & Homes Group: $3.06m loss
8.01am, Story-i (Apple re-seller): $1.15m profit


8.01am, Orcoda: 143k loss
7.31am, Powerhouse Ventures: $NZ3.97m loss

Continuing up from 348 at close of business on Friday