The Mayne Report - the story so far

By Stephen Mayne
January 5, 2024

The Mayne Report was created by Stephen Mayne and Paul Bendat in 2007, initially as a videoblog and subscription email service. Paul departed late in 2007 and became a magnificent gambling reform campaigner before his untimely death in 2017.

The Mayne Report was staffed until the end of 2010, after which it was scaled back as I focused on serving as a local government councillor at City of Manningham and then City of Melbourne, through until November 2016.

After almost 10 years of publishing we bid farewell to readers on January 31, 2017, largely due to issues with our IT providers. Then, after a 22 month break, in December 2018 our IT providers allowed us to make the full archive available again, although we didn't resume any service to the 13,000-strong email list.

Along the way, there was a two year stretch running the policy and engagement operations for the Australian Shareholders' Association in 2012-14. There was also a two year stretch working with The Alliance for Gambling Reform through until July 2019. Here are some reflections on that journey.

In terms of the archive, here are links to all past email editions of The Mayne Report that were published up until the January 2017 closure edition. These are likely to resume in 2024.

Since August 2017, I've also been writing for Alan Kohler, first under the Constant Investor brand, then for The Eureka Report via Investsmart and now through Intelligent Investor. The full back catalogue is available here. There have also been fortnightly "Money Cafe" podcasts with Alan since early 2022.

Regular contributions for Crikey are also continuing and here are links to all of those missives.

In November 2020, I was elected as a City of Manningham councillor in the Ruffey ward, ending a 4 year break from local government. See more on Manningham in the Cr Mayne section.

The AGM activism has continued into a 25th year and this included a record 130 in 2022 and 109 in 2023 thanks to the ease of access from online AGMs. Here is the back catalogue of more than 750 AGMs so far, plus the full history on 56 board tilts.

This website has always been free to read but a password protected paywall is being developed which will be introduced in 2024, along with a few other changes. Watch this space!

Do ya best
Stephen Mayne