Full history of AGM engagement with Rupert Murdoch

Here is a complete chronological record of AGM engagements with News Corp, Fox and Rupert Murdoch since 1999.

Nov. 19, 2021

Stephen Mayne's Crikey stories on the Murdochs

Here are links to some of the stories about News Corp and the Murdochs which Stephen Mayne has written for Crikey over the years.

Sep. 20, 2021

Terry McCrann's 6000 word spray in 2004

Here is an amazing 6,000-word spray against Crikey by News Ltd business commentator Terry McCrann from 2004.

Aug. 20, 2020

A history of shareholder resolutions against the Murdochs

This list tracks shareholder resolutions and voting results at News Corp and 21st Century Fox AGM since 2005 when News Corp moved from Adelaide to Delaware.

Nov. 19, 2021

Salaries paid to the Murdoch men over past 21 years

This list tracks the salaries and bonuses paid to Murdoch men by public company shareholders over the past 21 years, as was explained in this recent Crikey story on Murdoch pay and this piece on Michael West's website in February 2020.

Nov. 19, 2021

The most brazen tax dodge Rupert ever tried on

This Stephen Mayne story was first published in Crikey in March 2005. News Corp ended up settling, paying $77 million to the ACT government in 2010, as was explained by Noel Towell in this Canberra Times piece.

May. 10, 2019

History of protest votes at News Corp

Here are links to key documents and reports tracking the history of protest votes at News Corp and Fox.

Nov. 20, 2021

2010 News Corp AGM transcript

Here is a full transcript from our exchanges with Rupert Murdoch at the News Corp AGM in New York on October 15, 2010, and click here for the audio. Also, check out this special package of our coverage and commentary across the media on the hacking scandal.

May. 10, 2019

Breaking Rupert's questions drought in 1999

Sixteen straight questions for Rupert Murdoch in 1999 was a a major change from previous years. This was first published on November 4, 1999 in

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

Tracking the Murdoch heirs

Here is an attempt to explain the direct heirs to the Murdoch family's controlling stake in News Corporation. This family tree also helps.

Sep. 9, 2021

The documents behind Rupert's pay-TV piracy battle

Charlie Ergen's Echostar recently sued News Corp affiliate NDS for $US1 billion alleging an incredible piracy conspiracy, but a jury recently awarded a paultry $US1500. Here are all the key documents which must have caused Rupert some sleepless nights, given the remarkable claims of espionage, deceit, theft and double-dealing.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

Sky News Business- 29 March 2008

Here are some Stephen's contributions for the topics discussed on the program that day.

May. 10, 2019

Almost cracking the News Corp board in 2002

Almost cracked the News Corp board in 2002 - for impact and chutzpah, it doesn't get much better. The following was sent to Crikey subscribers.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

The 14-part AGM series for The Daily Telegraph

Our shareholder activism started way back in 1998 when we produced the following 14-part series for The Daily Telegraph on life as an active shareholder.

Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

Falun Gong and Rupert in 2001

Rupert Murdoch is currently in China preparing for a big media conference that coincides with APEC and he'll be doing his usual grovelling to the atheist Communists that run the place. But Rupert was forced to listen to what the Chinese are doing to the peace-loving Falun Gong movement at his 2001 AGM in Adelaide.

By Stephen Mayne and John Deller, May. 10, 2019

Hard hitting Murdoch encounter in 2000

Rupert Murdoch's AGMs are always good fun but it is shame that no-one else gets up and asks probing questions or that the media doesn't report what happens in greater detail. But, we've got own website so here is all the action from the 2000 encounter in all its glory.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

Every angle on News Corp in 2003

Crikey's subscriber only sealed sections have covered every angle of the 2003 News Corp AGM over the last few days and we've brought it all together here in one special summary for easy reading.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019

Taking on Rupert Murdoch in New York in 2005

After 53 years in Australia, Rupert Murdoch shifted News Corp to the US in November 2004. And after seven straight AGMs tussling with Rupert in Adelaide, Stephen Mayne travelled to New York for the 2005 AGM, just when the controversy over the News Corp poison pill was raging. This was the account of the meeting sent to Crikey subscribers.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 10, 2019