Full history of AGM engagement with Rupert Murdoch

June 23, 2023

Here is a complete chronological record of AGM engagements with News Corp, Fox and Rupert Murdoch since 1999.

News Corp Adelaide, Nov 3, 1999
14 questions over 40 minutes with Rupert - see and listen to ABC radio's PM program

News Corp Adelaide, Oct 18, 2000
A lively round two with Rupert, but less friendly that 1999 - see Crikey.

News Corp
Adelaide Oct 10, 2001
Round 3 with Rupert - see Crikey and special Falun Gong piece.

News Corp (candidate) Adelaide, Oct 9, 2002
Round four with Rupert and almost elected from floor - see package of highlights.

News Corporation Oct 15, 2003
Rupert was rolled and decided to leave Australia - see Crikey and The SMH.

News Corp Oct 26, 2004
The day Rupert quit Australia - see Crikey report.

News Corp, New York, Oct 21, 2005
First trip to New York to take on Rupert - see package of highlights.

News Corp; Adelaide, November 16, 2005
The first of 2 "information meetings" for shareholders in Adelaide - see Crikey write-up.

News Corp New York Oct 19, 2007
A great result with $5 billion backing proposal to end gerrymander - see package of highlights.

News Corp: Adelaide, November 13, 2007
Rupert apologised at last Adelaide Information Meeting for drunken Glenn Milne attack - see Crikey story.

News Corp NY AGM October 15, 2010
- listen to audio, Read Transcript, Read Mayne Report AGM preview, and Subscriber edition sent out following up AGM

News Corp AGM: October 21, 2011. See Crikey write up with Tom dominating the media.

News Corp AGM: 2012. Wrote the voting intentions report for ASA but couldn't find a proxy after Paul Barry declined. See Mayne Report wrap.

Ten Network Holdings: December 18, 2013 - grilled Lachlan Murdoch as chair.

News Corp: November 13, 2014 - see Mayne Report wrap.

21st Century Fox: November 12, 2014 - see Mayne Report wrap.

21st Century Fox AGM: November 10, 2016, Los Angeles. See Mayne Report write-up.

News Corp AGM: November 10, 2016, Los Angeles. See Mayne Report write-up. See Crikey piece on free speech suppression.

News Corp: November 18, 2020. Virtual AGM and was only allowed to ask two questions for Rupert. Webcast lasted 29 minutes and was audio only with no video. Read transcript. See Crikey story and 8 questions lodged.

2021: attended neither but listened to Fox and News Corp and summarised the action in this Crikey piece.