Last day losses - February 28, 2020

March 5, 2020

This list tracks the time and results of all companies which reported on February 28, 2020, the last day possible of the reporting season.

8am-9am: 30 results with 19 losses and 11 profits

8.09am, Restaurant Brands: $NZ30m profit
8.10am, Questus: 224k profit
8.11am, Alta Zinc: $1.9m loss
8.12am, Gage Roads Brewing: 722k loss
8.13am, Swift Media: 527k loss
8.13am, OM Holdings: $56.1m profit
8.13am, Next DC: $4.9m loss
8.14am, Go2 People: $1.5m loss
8.14am, M8 Sustainable: $8.38m loss
8.14am, Resource Development Group: $1.86m profit
8.14am, Zicom Group: $4.25m loss
8.15am, Macarthur Minerals: $4.92m loss
8.16am, Auscann: $3.42m loss
8.16am, Vysarn Ltd: $3.31m profit
8.16am, PWR Holdings: $3.45m profit
8.17am, Shine Corporate: $8.8m profit
8.19am, Maxitran: $14.45m loss
8.20am, EOS: $18.1m profit
8.21am, Lynas Corp: $3.9m profit
8.22am, Powerwrap: $2.25m profit
8.24am, Adherium: $4.48m loss
8.24am, Redhill Education: 598k profit
8.32am, United Networks: $2m profit
8.33am. Ovato: $58m loss
8.45am, Amaero International: $2.8m loss
8.45am, Coassets: $3.5m loss
8.47am, Realcloud: $1.1m loss
8.51am, Pureprofile: $5.3m loss
8.52am, Q Technology: 173k loss
8.52am, Openpay: $16m loss

9am-10am: 50 results with 38 losses and 12 profits - 80 before market opened

9.01am, GLG: 374k profit
9.02am, Interim: $637 loss
9.02am, Imexhs: $6m loss
9.03am, Hansen: $7.6m profit
9.05am, Troy Resources: $19.3m loss
9.06am, Donaco: $1.4m loss
9.06am, Bluglass: $3.1m loss
9.08am, Autosports: $50m loss
9.10am, Eco Systems: 268k loss
9.11am, Perpetual Credit Income Trust: $8.8m profit
9.12am, Wiseway Group: $4.85m loss
9.12am, Crowd Media: $1.25m loss
9.13am, Regal Investment Fund: $25.9m profit
9.14am, Silex Systems: $5.17m loss
9.15am, NB Global Income Fund: $39.7m profit
9.20am, Harvey Norman: $203m profit
9.21am, Aquis Entertainment: $3.96m loss
9.23am, Tigers Realm Coal: $18.7m loss
9.24am, Prescient Therapeutics: $1.7m loss
9.28am, Bod Australia: $1.4m loss
9.29am, AD1 Holdings: $1.68m loss
9.29am, Orion Equities: 550k loss
9.30am, Boart Longyear: $US45m loss
9.30am, Quest Communications: 451k loss
9.30am, Roots Sustainable Agriculture: $2.61m loss
9.32am, Botanix Pharmaceutical: $6.96m loss
9.33am, Partners Global Income Fund: $6.3m profit
9.34am, RotoGro: $3.43m loss
9.36am, CML Group: $4.56m profit
9.37am, Carnegie Clean Energy: 654k profit
9.39am, Bentley Capital: $1.03m loss
9.40am, Senetas: 694k loss
9.41am, Bioxyne: 254k loss
9.43am, Terragen: $2.36m loss
9.45am, Oneview: $16.9m loss
9.46am, Shekel Brainweigh (Israeli): $3.24m loss
9.47am, Revasum: $US14.9m loss
9.49am, Splitit Payments: $US4.64m loss
9.49am, Whitehawk: $US2.25m loss
9.51am, Medigard: 494k profit
9.52am, Murray Goulburn: $2.65m loss
9.52am, Horizon Oil: $US62.7m loss
9.53am, Linius Technologies: $4.74m loss
9.54am, MGM Wireless: $2.7m loss
9.55am, Ennox Group: $2.24m profit
9.56am, Hillgrove Resources: $10m loss
9.57am, Jayex Healthcare: 966k loss
9.57am, Renue Energy: $2.2m loss
9.57am, Tymlez: $6.72m loss
9.57am, Austral Gold: $US5.2m profit

10am-11am: 12 results with 8 losses and 4 profits

10.03am, Flamingo AI: $2.24m loss
10.05am, Bisalloy Steel: $2.17m profit
10.07am, Tymlez: 6k loss
10.10am, 8IP Emerging Companies: 669k loss
10.30am, Other Levels: $1.3m loss
10.34am, Little Green Pharma: $5.5m loss
10.40am, Elsight: $US3.19m loss
10.47am, Dicker Data: $54.3m profit
10.48am, PKS Holdings: 203k profit
10.52am, Core Lithium: $1.65m loss
10.55am, Tech.Niche.: 391k profit
10.57am, Pyrolyx: 17k euro loss

11am-noon - 10 results, 8 losses and 2 profits - 102 results by noon

11.08am, Engage: $1.2m loss
11.12am, Next Science: $US14.4m loss
11.16am, Ambertech: $1.58m loss
11.22am, Pinch Me: $US4.3m loss
11.29am, Sheffield Resources: $5.9m loss
11.30am, Ashley Services Group: $3.43m loss
11.34am, Eneabba Gas: 536k loss
11.46am, Katana Capital: $2.26m profit
11.47am, Universal Coal: $2.28m profit
11.51am, Netccentric: 314k loss

12-1pm - 10 results, 9 losses and 1 profit

12.03pm, Carnarvon Petroleum: $2.57m loss
12.06pm, Trimantium Growthops: $23.8m loss
12.07pm, Beston Global Food: $3.1m loss
12.28pm, Optiscan Imaging: $1.2m loss
12.31pm, ArchTIS: $2.27m loss
12.39pm, Quantum Health: $2.4m profit
12.44pm, Emerge Gaming: 802k loss
12.50pm, Tempo: $19.96m loss
12.54pm, Eden: $4.1m loss
12.59pm, Vection: 280k loss

1-2pm - 10 results, 6 losses and 4 profits

1.23pm, Range International: $US9.2m loss
1.31pm, 99 Wuxian: 13m RMB profit
1.31pm, Fat Prophets Global Property: 851k profit
1.36pm, Bionomics: $6.41m loss
1.40pm, DXN Ltd: $6.1m loss
1.43pm, Victory Offices: $3.32m profit
1.45pm, Clean Seas Tuna: $4.6m profit
1.49pm, Candy Club: $7.84m loss
1.55pm, Dubber Corp: $8.66m loss
1.55pm, MCB Resources: $2m loss

2-3pm 31 results with 20 losses and 11 profits

2.01pm, CI Resources: $3.9m profit
2.01pm, Jervois Mining: $4.6m loss
2.07pm, 333D, 48k loss
2.16pm, International Equities Corp: 161k profit
2.18pm, Kalamzaoo Resources: $2.96m loss
2.24pm, PYC Therapeutics: 946k loss
2.27pm, Broo Ltd: $1.32m loss
2.27pm, Sports Hero: US852k loss
2.29pm, BNK Banking: 670k profit
2.30pm, KKR Credit Income Fund: $9.22m profit
2.31pm, Medusa Mining: $US24.4m profit
2.33pm, Murray River Organics: $23.28m loss
2.34pm, Pacific Current: $13.3m profit
2.36pm: Scout Security: $1.45m loss
2.38pm, Ambition Group: 883k loss
2.39pm, Pharm Aust: 485k loss
2.40pm, Australis Oil & Gas: $7m profit
2.41pm, Kalina Power: $2.33m loss
2.43pm, Resolute Resources: $62.8m loss
2.47pm, Veris: $16.4m loss
2.50pm, Kalina Power: $2.42m loss
2.51pm, Benjamin Hornigold: 685k loss
2.54pm, Quattro Plus Real Estate: $1.04m loss
2.56pm, Metro Mining: $3.62m profit
2.56pm, Astivita: $6.08m loss
2.57pm, Platinum International Fund: $22.8m profit
2.58pm, Myanmar Metals: $8.2m loss
2.59pm, WT Financial: 61k profit
2.59pm, Mariner Corp: 130k loss
2.59pm, Platinum Asia Fund: $9.8m profit

3-4pm: 34 results, 29 losses and 4 profits - 107 results whilst market traded and 187 by 4pm

3pm, Kingsgate Consolidated: $14.8m loss
3pm, GI Dynamics: $US17.3m loss
3.02pm, MGC Pharma: $11.8m loss3.03pm, Twenty Seven Co: 781k loss
3.04pm, Koon Holdings: $S95.2m loss
3.04pm, Enevis: $2.56m loss
3.05pm, Titomic: $4.7m loss
3.06pm, Antisense Therapeutics: $4.3m loss
3.08pm, Simavita: $2.03m loss
3.14pm, ResApp Health: $3.82m loss
3.15pm, Multistack: 902k loss
3.17pm, MPower: $1.82m loss
3.19pm, Aeris Environmental: $1.3m loss
3.22pm, Dotz Nasno: $US3.75m loss
3.26pm, Reffind: 696k loss
3.28pm, Paladin Energy: $US26.5m loss
3.28pm, Impression Healthcare: $2.2m loss
3.32pm, Pearl Global: $3.16m loss
3.34pm, Rightcrowd: $4.59m loss
3.35pm, Regional Express: $6.9m profit
3.36pm, Frontier Capital: $2.13m profit
3.36pm, Wide Open Agriculture: 730k loss
3.37pm, Kyckyr: $2.26m loss
3.38pm, Esports Mogul: $5.92m loss
3.40pm, NGE Capital: $3.19m profit
3.41pm, Petsec Energy: $US24.2m loss
3.41pm, Eildon Capital: $3.28m profit
3.47pm, AIMS Property: $1.1m profit
3.55pm, Yogee Ltd: $2.41m loss
3.55pm, Building IQ: $11.2m loss
3.56pm, Phoslock Enviro Tech: $2.98m loss
3.57pm, Aquna Cod Australia: 354k loss
3.57pm, Farmaforce: $2.32m loss
3.59pm, Papyrus Australia: 116k loss

4-5pm: 36 results, 30 losses and 6 profits - 223 up until now

4.03pm, Xref: $6.8m loss
4.04pm, Farm Pride: 754k loss
4.04pm, Stemify: 550k loss
4.04pm, Beyond International: $3.45m loss
4.04pm, MNC Media: $US5.23m loss
4.05pm, IQ3 Corp: 949k loss
4.09pm, Change Financial: $1.73m loss
4.10pm, RNY Property Trust: $8.23m profit
4.12pm, Regeneus: $1.23m loss
4.17pm, Sprintex: $1.77m loss
4.18pm, Medibio: $2.39m loss
4.21pm, CarbonXT: $1.6m loss
4.22pm, Hutchison Telecom: $155m loss
4.23pm, Sensera: $US3.7m loss
4.23pm, Mint Payments: $2.29m loss
4.24pm, One All International: $3m profit
4.28pm, Stealth Global: 27k profit
4.28pm, Isignthis: $1.55m profit
4.28pm, Norwood: $1.28m loss
4.31pm, NSX: $2.12m loss
4.31pm, VPCL, 410k loss
4.34pm, Grange Resources: $77.66m profit
4.38pm, Founder First: $4.05m loss
4.44pm, Yowee: $2.93m loss
4.44pm, Cardiex: $1.96m loss
4.46pm, Australian Whisky Holdings: 743k loss
4.46pm, Quantify Tech: $3.12m loss
4.47pm, Ariadne Australia: $3.02m loss
4.47pm, Sinetech: 731k loss
4.48pm, Thred Ltd: 525k profit
4.49pm, AHA Life: US930k loss
4.50pm, Security Matters: $US4.53m loss
4.54pm, Asset Owl: 686k loss
4.58pm, Lifespot Health: $2.27m loss
4.59pm, Law Finance: US451k loss
4.59pm, Stemcell United: 681k loss

5-6pm - 32 results with 26 losses and 6 profits - 255 up until 6pm

5.01pm, Apps Village: $US4.88m loss
5.02pm, Future Generation: $63.3m profit
5.03pm, Raptis Group: 11k profit
5.06pm, Hollista Colltech: 571k loss
5.06pm, VDM: 857k loss
5.09pm, Cape Range: $11.27m loss
5.10pm, Boyuan Holdings: $1.7m profit
5.11pm, ICetana: $2.04m loss
5.14pm, Paragon Care: $1.4m profit
5.16pm, Admedus: $5.82m loss
5.16pm, MSL Solutions: $15.3m loss
5.16pm, Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber: $36.85m loss
5.23pm, Vonex: 892k loss
5.24pm, Site Group: $6.5m loss
5.25pm, Vectus Biosystems: $1.05m loss
5.29pm, Zelira Therapeutics: $2.57m loss
5.33pm, Eon NRG: $1.59m loss
5.34pm, Intiger: 586k loss
5.35pm, Wameja Ltd (formerly Eserv Global): $13.18m loss
5.36pm, Ignite: $5m loss
5.37pm, VIP Gloves: 995k loss
5.37pm, Creso Pharma: $15.05m loss
5.39pm, Food Revolution Group: $1.78m loss
5.42pm, Parazero: $1.99m loss
5.45pm, Future Generation Global: $66m profit
5.45pm, Pioneer Credit: $8.7m loss
5.46pm, Global Health: 505k loss
5.52pm, Mejority Capital: 776k profit
5.52pm, Pointerra: $1.3m loss
5.53pm, Harris Technology: 165k loss
5.53pm, MyFiZIQ: $2.94m loss
5.59pm, ActiveX: 339k loss

6-7pm - 25 results, 21 losses and 4 profits - 280 up until 7pm

6.04pm, Terramin Australia: $5.6m loss
6.09pm, Nickel Mines: $US56.5m profit
6.10pm, Australian Primary Hemp: $4.85m loss
6.15pm, Rectifier Tech: $1.3m profit
6.15pm, Auroro Global Income: 154k loss
6.15pm, Family Insights: 432k loss
6.18pm, G Medical: $US15m loss
6.19pm, Emerald Clinics: $2.14m loss
6.24pm, Connected IO: $1.7m loss
6.26pm, Impel US: $3.9m loss
6.27pm, Protean Energy: $1.03m loss
6.29pm, Mobecom: $1.9m loss
6.39pm, Incentia Pay: $14.5m loss
6.40pm, Cycliq: 468k loss
6.42pm, Cfoam: $US2.03m loss
6.43pm, Open Learning: $7.71m loss
6.45pm, SIV Capital: $13.65m loss
6.46pm, EH: 592k loss
6.48pm, Seafarms: $12.26m loss
6.51pm, Mustera Property: 868k loss
6.52pm, Houston We Have: $1.94m loss
6.52pm, Aurora Buy Write: 106k profit
6.52pm, TDG Diagnostics: 765k profit
6.54pm, OBJ: 305k loss
6.56pm, Manhattan Corp: 282k loss

7-8pm - 17 results, 14 losses and 3 profits

7.01pm, LNG Corp: $13.9m loss
7.03pm, Panoramic Resources: $18.38m loss
7.03pm, Netlinkz: $10.93m loss
7.11pm, Retech: 53.7m RMB profit
7.13pm, Ultima: 128k loss
7.19pm, Magontec: $1.37m loss
7.22am, Eagle Health: $8.51m profit
7.32pm, Threat Protect Australia: $7m loss
7.33pm, DigitalX: $US4.51m loss
7.37pm, Yancoal: $719m profit
7.38pm, TerraCom: $9.32m loss
7.43pm, Icollege: 107k loss
7.47pm, Icandy Interactive: $2.39m loss
7.51pm, K-Tig: $6.53m loss
7.53pm, PLC Financial: 309k loss
7.57pm, MSM Corp: $1.18m loss
7.59pm, Animoca Brands: $25m loss

After 8pm - 11 results, 10 losses and 1 profit

8.02pm, Clearview Tech: $1.22m loss
8.03pm, MSM Corp: 949k loss
8.03pm, Family Zone: $8.3m loss
8.06pm, Love Group: 479k loss
8.07pm, Buddy Technologies: $14.8m loss
8.08pm, Windlab: $12.2m loss
8.08pm, China Magnesium: 953k loss
8.09pm, Fatfish Blockchain: $8.2m loss
8.17pm, Blackham Resources: $24m profit
8.25pm, Osteopore: $2.46m loss
8.28pm, Happy Valley Nutrition: $NZ11.55m loss

308 results for the day, 69 profits and 239 losses

Officially late results released on Monday, March 3

7.30am-8.30am: 29 results, 23 losses and 6 profits

7.31am, Heartland Bank: $NZ34.9m profit
8.12am, Bunji Corp: 133k loss
8.13am, Faster Enterprises: 688k loss
8.13am, Energy World Corp: $US11.4m profit
8.13am, Smart Marine Systems: $1.43m loss
8.14am, CAQ Holdings: $2.55m loss
8.14am, Mineral Commodities: $US7.83m profit
8.14am, Leaf Resources: 973k loss
8.15am, Nanovue: $3.37m loss
8.16am, RPM Automotive: $2.6m loss
8.17am, Dragontail Systems: $7.7m loss
8.17am, ChongHerr: 429k loss
8.18am, BPH Energy: 754k loss
8.18am, MOQ: 770k loss
8.19am, Hot Copper: $1.9m loss
8.19am, Volt Power: $1.87m loss
8.19am, Cann Global: $5.4m loss
8.21am, Victor Group: 174k loss
8.21am, Sayona Mining: $1.25m loss
8.21am, Indoor Skydive Australia: $3.37m loss
8.23am, Syntonic: $1.82m loss
8.24am, Skin Elements: $1.1m loss
8.24am, XTD: 214k profit
8.25am, Compumedics: 161k profit
8.26am, Tesserent: $3.76m loss
8.27am, TeamInvest Private: $5.43m profit
8.28am, FijiKava: $2.16m loss
8.30am, De.mem: $3.3m loss
8.30am, Wellness & Beauty Solutions: $7m loss

8.30am-9am - 22 results, 20 losses and 2 profits

8.31am, Simble Solutions: $3.73m loss
8.32am, JatEnergy: $2.4m loss
8.32am, Rhinomed: $5.3m loss
8.33am, LionHub: 735k loss
8.34am, Tap Oil: $US35.7m profit
8.35am, N1 Holdings: $1.28m loss
8.36am, Cirralto: $1.82m loss
8.37am, Land and Homes Group: 833k loss
8.40am, Xped: 533k profit
8.42am, Registry Direct: 685k loss
8.43am, Keybridge Capital: $2.05m loss
8.44am, Bougainville Copper: $3.56m loss
8.47am, Authorised Investment Fund: $9.86m loss
8.47am, HHY Fund: 219k loss
8.47am, Aurora Absolute: 63k loss
8.48am, THC Global: $11.6m loss
8.49am, Kleos Space: 3.5m euro loss
8.49am, Wattle Health: $9.55m loss
8.51am, Orcoda: 325k loss
8.51am, esense: $US1.6m loss
8.51am, Abundant Produce: $1.42m loss
8.55am, AFT Corp: 341k loss

9-10am - 12 results with 8 losses and 4 profits

9.04am, Avecho Biotech: 849k profit
9.06am, Uscom: $1.5m loss
9.16am, Sensen Networks: $1.85m loss
9.22am, MEC Resources: $2.43m loss
9.22am, Agriculture Land Trust: 958k profit
9.26am, Bega Cheese: $8.54m profit
9.28am, Rural Funds Group: $29.7m profit
9.29am, P2P Transport: $5.8m loss
9.29am, Olivers Real Food: $3.65m loss
9.32am, YPB: $6.17m loss
9.35am, Millinium: $1.43m loss
9.47am, MCS Services: 46k loss

9.51am: these seven stocks were suspended for not reporting. See announcement:

Aneka Tambang (ATM)
Astron Corp (ATR)
Inventis (IVT)
Property Connect (PCH)
R3D Global (R3D)
Smiles Inclusive (SIL)
Story-I (SRY)