Tracking last day results on August 31 2009

January 2, 2023

All earnings results released on August 31, 2009, the last day of the 2008-09 profit reporting season. Compare it with what happened on February 27, 2009, the last day of the interim reporting season when there was 285 results comprising 227 losses and 58 profits.

Before 9am: 11 losses and 5 profits

8.19am, Omnitech: $264,464 loss
8.19am, Quest Investments: $3.88m profit
8.19am, Murchison Holdings: $1.91m profit
8.20am, GuinessPeat: $10.3m loss
8.21am, Vesture: $4.9m loss
8.21am, Felix Resources: $267.4m profit
8.22am, $2.49m loss
8.22am, Interstaff Recruitment: $1.08m loss
8.22am, Oriental technologies: $1.4m loss
8.22am, Dyesol Limited: $9.9m loss
8.22am, Atlas Iron: $63.1m loss
8.23am, Cordlife: $44.4m profit
8.23am, Quickflix: $2.1m loss
8.36am, Runge: $7.9m profit
8.54am, Aspen Group: $64.7m loss
8.57am, Paperlinx: $798m loss

9am until 10am: 4 losses and 6 profits

9.02am, Entellect Solutions: $98,000 loss
9.07am, Eyecare Partners: $1.3m profit
9.25am, Gunns: $56.2m profit
9.27am, XRF Scientific: $1.9m profit
9.29am, Mark Sensing: $2.8m profit
9.32am, TSV Holdings: $8.9 m loss
9.36am, Beyond: $4.2m profit
9.39am, Pearl Street: $3.9m profit
9.51am, Voltage IP Ltd: $295,096 loss
9.57am, ING Real Estate: $1.17b loss

10am until 11am: 8 losses and one profit

10.05am, Cool or Cosy: $1.9m loss
10.17am, Mosiac Oil: $2.6m profit
10.20am, Keybridge Capital: $129m loss
10.20am, Freshtel: $10.1million loss
10.24am, CBH Resources: $96.3 million loss
10.28am, Warrnambool Cheese: $19.9m loss
10.39am, Calliden Group: $2.4m profit
10.40am, Tellesso Technologies: $1.7m loss
10.42am, Total Staffing Solutions: $10.42m loss

11am until midday: 10 losses and 3 profits

11.01, Blue Ensign Technologies: $323,387 loss
11.04, Papyrus Australia: $1.8m loss
11.08, Cardia Bioplastics: $3.76m loss
11.09am, Unilife Medical Solutions: $12.8m profit
11.20am, Clean Seas Tune: $12.56m loss
11.26am, Allied Brands: $2.94m loss
11.27am, Blue Capital: $1m loss
11.30am, Herald Resources: $7.56m loss
11.48am, RHG (old RAMS Home Loans): $120m profit
11.48am, Atlantic Ltd: $512,913 loss
11.49am, Aeris Environmental: $2.25m loss
11.55am, Advanced Engine Components: $2.54m loss
11.56am, Prophecy: $3.68m profit

Total for morning: 33 losses and 15 losses

Midday until 1pm: 7 losses and 3 profits

12.00pm, Funtastic: $25.34m loss
12.01pm, Vmoto: $4.1m loss
12.03pm, Dominion Mining: $31.1m profit
12.05pm, Jatoil: $3.3m loss
12.30pm, Innovating Technoligies for Life: $3.5m loss
12.40pm, Strike Oil: $10.2m profit
12.46pm, PPK Group: $540,000 profit
12.48pm, Facilitate Digital Holdings: $9.16m loss
12.58pm, Perilya: $75m loss
12.58pm, Freedom Eye: $1.05m loss

1pm until 2pm: 11 losses and 3 profits

1.01pm, Australian Renewable Fuels: $8.98m loss
1.04pm, Quantum Energy: $30.24m profit
1.06pm, Austofix: $719,740 loss
1.07pm, Progen Pharmaceuticals: $5.46m loss
1.09pm, Living Cell Technologies: $6.12m loss
1.43pm, AquaCarotene: $876,000 loss
1.44pm, Coretrack: $1.84m loss
1.45pm, Norseman Gold: $20.36m profit
1.45pm, Avita: $5.13m loss
1.46pm, Phoslock Water Solutions: $2.6m loss
1.50pm, Macquarie Winton: $1.27m loss
1.51pm, Rubik Financial: $4.03m loss
1.57pm, Bisalloy Steel: $4.31m loss
1.58pm, Antaria: $1.55m profit

2pm until 3pm: 15 losses and 5 profits

2pm, ASF Group: $5.32m loss
2pm, International All Sports: $11.75m loss
2.02pm, Straits Resources: $42.1m loss
2.05pm, MatrixView: $2.99m loss
2.05pm, Integrated Resources: $665,000 loss
2.18pm, Iatia Ltd: $1.13m loss
2.22pm, Canberra Investment Corp: $15.72m loss
2.27pm, Telezon: $371,000 loss
2.34pm, Worldnet Services: $1.98m loss
2.35pm, Transpacific SPS Trust: $21.23m profit
2.36pm, Bisan Ltd: $1.08m loss
2.40pm, GLG Corp: $US2.13m profit
2.41pm, Multistack International: $5.89m profit
2.46pm, Indigo Pacific Capital: $27.34m loss
2.46pm, Paragon Care: $355,832 loss
2.49pm, DSF International Holdings: $219,212 loss
2.50pm, Montec International: $1.92m loss
2.52pm, MobileActive: $263,326 profit
2.54pm, Select Vaccines: $295,000 loss
2.58pm, GRD Ltd: $5.2m first half profit

3pm until 4pm: 27 losses and 5 profits

3.01pm, Macarthur Cook: $16.23m loss
3.01pm, Immuron: $2.24m loss
3.07pm, 3Q Holdings: $1.58m profit
3.07pm, Macquarie Fortress: $42.58m loss
3.08pm, Carbon Conscious: $2.37m loss
3.11pm, Costarella Design: $1.33m loss
3.18pm, Dromana Estate: $740,467 loss
3.18pm, China Century Capital: $6.32m loss
3.20pm, Oceana Gold: $49.17m profit
3.21pm, Metal Storm: $7.38m loss
3.26pm, KTL Technologies: $1.77m loss
3.31pm, Wallace Absolute Return: $59.6m loss
3.31pm, PT Antam: 233.77m rupiah profit
3.32pm, Structural Monitoring Systems: $1.3m loss
3.32pm, Olea Australis: $1.52m profit
3.33pm, MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund: $61.17m loss
3.35pm, Treyo Leisure & Entertainment: $1.94m loss
3.36pm, Neuren Pharmaceuticals: $NZ2.33m loss
3.39pm, Ezenet Ltd: $2.72m loss
3.39pm, Pharmanet: $974,860 loss
3.43pm, OBJ Ltd: $1.73m loss
3.43pm, Chongherr Investments: $343,805 loss
3.46pm, Flat Glass Industries: $5.09m loss
3.46pm, MacarthurCook Industrial Property Fund: $40.03m loss
3.50pm, Safety Medical Products: $3.16m loss
3.50pm, Pacific Mining: $49,138 profit
3.54pm, Wasabi Energy: $13.22m loss
3.56pm, MDS Financial: $544,379 loss
3.57pm, Salinas Energy: $10.86m loss
3.58pm, Medigard: $761,323 loss
3.59pm, PharmAust: $5.76m loss
3.59pm, Sam's Seafood Holdings: $1.14m loss

Afternoon session from midday until 4pm: 60 losses and 16 losses
Total for day up until 4pm: 93 losses and 31 profits

4pm until 5pm: 47 losses, 13 profits

4pm, Electrometals Technologies: $1.6m loss
4.01pm, Rabinov Property Trust: $21.85m loss
4.01pm, Hamilton James & Bruce: $6.18m loss
4.02pm, Strategic Pooled Development: $955,000 loss
4.05pm, Integrated Legal Holdings: $593,875 profit
4.05pm, Aircruising Australia: $640,635 loss
4.09pm, Biosignal: $3.87m loss
4.10pm, FSA Group: $8.84m profit
4.11pm, CCK Financial: $323,000 profit
4.12pm, Cue Energy: $20.89m loss
4.12pm, Leaseplan Australia: $22.71m profit
4.14pm, Multiplex Prime Property Fund: $88.3m loss
4.14pm, Intrapower: $3.96m loss
4.14pm, Healthzone: $2.4m profit
4.14pm, CEC Group: $23.05m loss
4.14pm, SCVGroup: $6.57m loss
4.15pm, Multiplex Acumen Property Fund: $107m loss
4.15pm, Brandnewvintage: $207,617 loss
4.15pm, Panorama Energy: $1.8m loss
4.16pm, Anteo Diagnostics: $1.95m loss
4.16pm, NSX Ltd: $15.25m loss
4.16pm: Allstate Explorations: $2.95m profit
4.19pm, United Overseas Investments: $83.5m profit
4.20pm, Ammtec: $6.5m profit
4.20pm, Broad Investments: $5.5m loss
4.21pm, Phileo Australia: $0.89m profit
4.21pm, Green Invest: $2.9m loss
4.22pm, Clive Peeters: $8.97m loss
4.22pm, Intec Ltd: $20.39m loss
4.23pm, Mariner Financial: $61.6m loss
4.23pm, Cougar Energy: $2.9m loss
4.23pm, Peplin Inc: $US43.87m loss
4.25pm, Empired: $532,411 profit
4.25pm, Zingmobile: $350,000 loss
4.26pm, Waterco: $2.31m loss
4.28pm, WHL Energy: $4.11m loss
4.29pm, Jervois Mining: $3.03m loss
4.30pm, Stokes Australasia: $52,983 profit
4.31pm, Cell Aquaculture: $2m loss
4.31pm, Sirius: $1.23m loss
4.31pm, Blaze International: $631,000 loss
4.32pm, Headline Group: $1.56m loss
4.34pm, JV Global: $5.84m loss
4.34pm, Mercury Mobility: $2.73m loss
4.35pm, Prince Hill Wines: $1.56m loss
4.37pm, Investorfirst: $2m loss
4.38pm, Australian Enhanced Income Fund: $5.1m loss
4.40pm, Ambertech: $1.8m profit
4.41pm, Millepede International: $497,548 loss
4.43pm, C@ Ltd: $412,000 loss
4.45pm, VDM Group: $105.97m loss
4.46pm, CL Asset Holdings: $3.19m loss
4.46pm, Australian Education Trust: $29m loss
4.49pm, Atlantic Gold: $321,404 loss
4.54pm, Sino Strategic International: $45.7m loss
4.55pm, Shenhua International Ltd: 65.8m rmb profit
4.57pm, Fox Invest Ltd: $7.18m loss
4.59pm, China Cattle: $267,876 loss
4.59pm, Haoma Mining: $5.94m loss
4.59pm, Ltd: $847,000 loss

5pm until 6pm: 42 losses and 10 profits

5.01pm, Phylogica: $4.49m loss
5.02pm, Brandrill: $2.76m profit
5.03pm, CI Resources: $17.63m profit
5.05pm, International Equities Corp: $2.43m loss
5.07pm e-com Multi: $42,000 loss
5.09pm, Webspy: $1.1m loss
5.11pm, Palamedia: $408,799 loss
5.11pm, IFC Capital: $6.06m loss
5.11pm, Viralytics: $4.58m loss
5.12pm, Comops Ltd: $1.75m half year profit
5.12pm, Mercury Brands: $11.37m loss

5.13pm, QRSSciences: $673,000 profit
5.15pm Credit Suisse World Water Fund: $2.32m loss
5.16pm Van Eyk Blueprints: $7.75m loss
5.17pm, Aurora Buy-Write Fund: $787,000 loss
5.17pm, GoConnect: $1.6m loss
5.18pm, Credit Suisse Emerging Market Infrastructure: $5.5m loss
5.19pm, Credit Suisse GP100 Australia fund: $6.8m loss
5.20pm, Minerals Corp: $19.5m loss
5.20pm, Cockatoo Ridge: $58.05m loss
5.21pm, Red Island Australia: $63,425 loss
5.22pm, Aurora Sandringham Dividend Trust: $2.95m loss
5.23pm, Pacific Environment: $9.13m loss
5.26pm, EnviroMission: $5.16m loss
5.29pm, MRI Holdings: $806,000 profit
5.30pm, Boulder Steel: $7.85m loss
5.31pm, Cockatoo Ridge: $58.05m loss
5.31pm, Money3 Corp: $1.03m profit
5.32pm, Transol Corp: $6.3m loss
5.33pm, Mobile Soft: $355,906 loss
5.34pm, Regis Resources: $91.8m loss
5.35pm, Hillcrest Litigation: $1.5m loss
5.38pm, Atech Holdings: $146,861 loss
5.40pm, Resource Star: $1.4m loss
5.41pm, Refresh Group: $464,307 loss
5.42pm, Wentworth Holdings: $11.9m loss
5.43pm, Solagran Ltd: $7.4m loss
5.45pm, Morning Star Holdings: $269,291 loss
5.45pm, Atlas South Sea Pearl: $970,603 profit
5.46pm, Hire Intelligence: $966,000 profit
5.47pm, 4C Security: $2.7m loss
5.47pm, Electro Optic Systems: $163,937 profit
5.47pm, Trinity: $225.8m loss
5.49pm, LandMark White: $635,467 loss
5.49pm, Gage Roads Brewing: $2.03m loss
5.51pm, Azurn International: $7.3m loss
5.51pm, Intermoco: $6.8m loss
5.53pm, Avoca: $16.2m loss
5.54pm, Keycorp Ltd: $9.2m profit
5.54pm, Mineral Deposits: $11.6m loss
5.55pm, Ort Ltd: $1.6m loss
5.56pm, M2M Corp: $3.1m loss

6pm until 7pm: 28 losses and 3 profits

6.01pm, Australian Wine Holdings: $1.8m loss
6.02pm, Eco Quest: $1.1m loss
6.03pm, Rockeby Bioquest: $2.9m loss
6.04pm, CBD Energy: $3.6m loss
6.04pm, Capitol health: $1.01m loss
6.08pm, Charter pacific: $7.7m loss
6.10pm, Vealls Ltd: $3.6m loss
6.11pm, Pulse Health: $6.1m loss
6.12pm, Eastland medical: $3m loss
6.12pm, K2 Energy: $1.9m loss
6.13pm, Acuvax: $2.6m loss
6.16pm, Digislide Holdings: $314,000 loss
6.24pm, Energy World Corp: $10m loss
6.32pm, Oakajee Corp: $333,248 loss
6.32pm, Continental Coal: $15.9m loss
6.35pm, Hellicon Ltd: $881,000 loss
6.35pm, Oldfield Holdings: $6.2m loss
6.36pm, Hostech: $7.9m loss
6.37pm, Stirling Products: $5.4m loss
6.37pm, Bone Medical: $3m loss
6.38pm, Farm Pride Foods: $1.2m profit
6.40pm, Cryosite Ltd: $7.2m profit
6.40pm, Capital Intelligence: $84,000 profit
6.45pm, Hydrotech: $4.3m loss
6.47pm, RTL Corp: $1.06m loss
6.50pm, Real Estate Capital Partners: $42.5m loss
6.50pm, Actinogen: $926,942 loss
6.51pm, Inventis: $3m profit
6.51pm, Pie Networks: $2.3m loss
6.54pm, Photo-Me: $2.08m loss
6.56pm, Verus Investments: $1.3m loss
6.59pm, Coonawarra Property Trust: $2.6m loss

After 7pm: 17 losses and one profit

7.00pm, Cervantes Corp: $392,847 loss
7.00pm, Aspermont: $484,000 loss
7.01pm, Living and Leisure Australia: $15.4m loss
7.07pm, Style Ltd: $15.4m loss
7.08pm, Viento Group: $8.4m loss
7.08pm, Globe Securities: $1.8m loss
7.10pm, Paladin Energy: $570m loss
7.10pm, Autron Corp: $11.3m loss
7.12pm, Byte Power Group: $1.95m loss
7.12pm, Timbercorp: $37.1m loss
7.14pm, Computronics: $1.1m loss
7.15pm, FEA: $14.2m loss
7.23pm, Clime Capital: $2.9m loss
7.24pm, Teys Ltd: $5.8m loss
7.29pm, Planet Platinum: $689,729 profit
7.30pm, Vortex: $950,969 loss
7.33pm, Lumacom Ltd: $650,000 loss
7.33pm, Health Corp: $1.9m loss

Total after market closed at 4pm: 134 losses and 27 profits

Total for day: 227 losses and 58 profits

And the late stragglers...

September 1, 2009

9am until 10am: 6 losses and 1 profits

9.55am, Paperlinx Trust: $14.8m profit
9.52am, Frankland River: $4.4m loss
9.50am, WinTech: $11.7m loss
9.29am, BMDI Tuta: $2.1m loss
9.25am, Allomak (now called AMA Group): $59.8m loss
9.22am, BBX Holdings: $9.2m loss
9.18am, Beyond Sportswear Int: $577,000 loss

Before 9am
: 21 losses and 4 profits

8.21am, Artist&Entertainment Group: $6.1m profit
8.21am, Advanced Energy Systems: $245,356 loss
8.20am, Rheochem: $33.7m loss
8.20am, Queste Communications: $5.9m loss
8.20am, Orion Equities: $11.9m loss
8.19am, Energy Ventures: $3.6m loss
8.19am, Bentley Capital: $725,000 loss
8.19am, Alpha Technologies: $957,000 loss
8.19am, ProMedicus: $5.6m profit
8.19am, APA Financial Services: $1.3m loss
8.18am, Atos Wellness: $233,580 loss
8.18am, Robe Australia (formerly Tolhurst): $41.9m loss
8.18am, Coote Industrial $4.5m loss
8.18am, Global Gold: $1.3m loss
8.17am, Eftel: $5.7m loss
8.17am, Argus Solutions: $314,449 loss
8.17am, Marbletrend Group: $3.7m loss
8.16 am, Quickstep: $8.6m loss
8.16am, Carpathian Resources: $573,108 loss
8.16am, Allied Gold: $8.2m loss
8.16am, ORH Ltd: $2m loss
8.15am, Transmetro Corp: $1.5m profit
8.15am, Arafura Pearls Holdings: $3.1m profit
8.15am, Orchard capital: $920,145 loss
8.14am, Global Masters Fund: $65,674 loss