Tracking the last day results announcements

July 7, 2010

All earnings results released on August 31, 2009, the last day of the 2008-09 profit reporting season. Compare it with what happened on February 27, 2009, the last day of the interim reporting season.

Before 9am: 11 losses and 5 profits

8.19am, Omnitech: $264,464 loss
8.19am, Quest Investments: $3.88m profit
8.19am, Murchison Holdings: $1.91m profit
8.20am, GuinessPeat: $10.3m loss
8.21am, Vesture: $4.9m loss
8.21am, Felix Resources: $267.4m profit
8.22am, $2.49m loss
8.22am, Interstaff Recruitment: $1.08m loss
8.22am, Oriental technologies: $1.4m loss
8.22am, Dyesol Limited: $9.9m loss
8.22am, Atlas Iron: $63.1m loss
8.23am, Cordlife: $44.4m profit
8.23am, Quickflix: $2.1m loss
8.36am, Runge: $7.9m profit
8.54am, Aspen Group: $64.7m loss
8.57am, Paperlinx: $798m loss

9am until 10am: 4 losses and 6 profits

9.02am, Entellect Solutions: $98,000 loss
9.07am, Eyecare Partners: $1.3m profit
9.25am, Gunns: $56.2m profit
9.27am, XRF Scientific: $1.9m profit
9.29am, Mark Sensing: $2.8m profit
9.32am, TSV Holdings: $8.9 m loss
9.36am, Beyond: $4.2m profit
9.39am, Pearl Street: $3.9m profit
9.51am, Voltage IP Ltd: $295,096 loss
9.57am, ING Real Estate: $1.17b loss

10am until 11am: 8 losses and one profit

10.05am, Cool or Cosy: $1.9m loss
10.17am, Mosiac Oil: $2.6m profit
10.20am, Keybridge Capital: $129m loss
10.20am, Freshtel: $10.1million loss
10.24am, CBH Resources: $96.3 million loss
10.28am, Warrnambool Cheese: $19.9m loss
10.39am, Calliden Group: $2.4m profit
10.40am, Tellesso Technologies: $1.7m loss
10.42am, Total Staffing Solutions: $10.42m loss

11am until midday: 10 losses and 3 profits

11.01, Blue Ensign Technologies: $323,387 loss
11.04, Papyrus Australia: $1.8m loss
11.08, Cardia Bioplastics: $3.76m loss
11.09am, Unilife Medical Solutions: $12.8m profit
11.20am, Clean Seas Tune: $12.56m loss
11.26am, Allied Brands: $2.94m loss
11.27am, Blue Capital: $1m loss
11.30am, Herald Resources: $7.56m loss
11.48am, RHG (old RAMS Home Loans): $120m profit
11.48am, Atlantic Ltd: $512,913 loss
11.49am, Aeris Environmental: $2.25m loss
11.55am, Advanced Engine Components: $2.54m loss
11.56am, Prophecy: $3.68m profit

Total for morning: 33 losses and 15 losses

Midday until 1pm: 7 losses and 3 profits

12.00pm, Funtastic: $25.34m loss
12.01pm, Vmoto: $4.1m loss
12.03pm, Dominion Mining: $31.1m profit
12.05pm, Jatoil: $3.3m loss
12.30pm, Innovating Technoligies for Life: $3.5m loss
12.40pm, Strike Oil: $10.2m profit
12.46pm, PPK Group: $540,000 profit
12.48pm, Facilitate Digital Holdings: $9.16m loss
12.58pm, Perilya: $75m loss
12.58pm, Freedom Eye: $1.05m loss

1pm until 2pm: 11 losses and 3 profits

1.01pm, Australian Renewable Fuels: $8.98m loss
1.04pm, Quantum Energy: $30.24m profit
1.06pm, Austofix: $719,740 loss
1.07pm, Progen Pharmaceuticals: $5.46m loss
1.09pm, Living Cell Technologies: $6.12m loss
1.43pm, AquaCarotene: $876,000 loss
1.44pm, Coretrack: $1.84m loss
1.45pm, Norseman Gold: $20.36m profit
1.45pm, Avita: $5.13m loss
1.46pm, Phoslock Water Solutions: $2.6m loss
1.50pm, Macquarie Winton: $1.27m loss
1.51pm, Rubik Financial: $4.03m loss
1.57pm, Bisalloy Steel: $4.31m loss
1.58pm, Antaria: $1.55m profit

2pm until 3pm: 15 losses and 5 profits

2pm, ASF Group: $5.32m loss
2pm, International All Sports: $11.75m loss
2.02pm, Straits Resources: $42.1m loss
2.05pm, MatrixView: $2.99m loss
2.05pm, Integrated Resources: $665,000 loss
2.18pm, Iatia Ltd: $1.13m loss
2.22pm, Canberra Investment Corp: $15.72m loss
2.27pm, Telezon: $371,000 loss
2.34pm, Worldnet Services: $1.98m loss
2.35pm, Transpacific SPS Trust: $21.23m profit
2.36pm, Bisan Ltd: $1.08m loss
2.40pm, GLG Corp: $US2.13m profit
2.41pm, Multistack International: $5.89m profit
2.46pm, Indigo Pacific Capital: $27.34m loss
2.46pm, Paragon Care: $355,832 loss
2.49pm, DSF International Holdings: $219,212 loss
2.50pm, Montec International: $1.92m loss
2.52pm, MobileActive: $263,326 profit
2.54pm, Select Vaccines: $295,000 loss
2.58pm, GRD Ltd: $5.2m first half profit

3pm until 4pm: 27 losses and 5 profits

3.01pm, Macarthur Cook: $16.23m loss
3.01pm, Immuron: $2.24m loss
3.07pm, 3Q Holdings: $1.58m profit
3.07pm, Macquarie Fortress: $42.58m loss
3.08pm, Carbon Conscious: $2.37m loss
3.11pm, Costarella Design: $1.33m loss
3.18pm, Dromana Estate: $740,467 loss
3.18pm, China Century Capital: $6.32m loss
3.20pm, Oceana Gold: $49.17m profit
3.21pm, Metal Storm: $7.38m loss
3.26pm, KTL Technologies: $1.77m loss
3.31pm, Wallace Absolute Return: $59.6m loss
3.31pm, PT Antam: 233.77m rupiah profit
3.32pm, Structural Monitoring Systems: $1.3m loss
3.32pm, Olea Australis: $1.52m profit
3.33pm, MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund: $61.17m loss
3.35pm, Treyo Leisure & Entertainment: $1.94m loss
3.36pm, Neuren Pharmaceuticals: $NZ2.33m loss
3.39pm, Ezenet Ltd: $2.72m loss
3.39pm, Pharmanet: $974,860 loss
3.43pm, OBJ Ltd: $1.73m loss
3.43pm, Chongherr Investments: $343,805 loss
3.46pm, Flat Glass Industries: $5.09m loss
3.46pm, MacarthurCook Industrial Property Fund: $40.03m loss
3.50pm, Safety Medical Products: $3.16m loss
3.50pm, Pacific Mining: $49,138 profit
3.54pm, Wasabi Energy: $13.22m loss
3.56pm, MDS Financial: $544,379 loss
3.57pm, Salinas Energy: $10.86m loss
3.58pm, Medigard: $761,323 loss
3.59pm, PharmAust: $5.76m loss
3.59pm, Sam's Seafood Holdings: $1.14m loss

Afternoon session from midday until 4pm: 60 losses and 16 losses
Total for day up until 4pm: 93 losses and 31 profits

4pm until 5pm: 47 losses, 13 profits

4pm, Electrometals Technologies: $1.6m loss
4.01pm, Rabinov Property Trust: $21.85m loss
4.01pm, Hamilton James & Bruce: $6.18m loss
4.02pm, Strategic Pooled Development: $955,000 loss
4.05pm, Integrated Legal Holdings: $593,875 profit
4.05pm, Aircruising Australia: $640,635 loss
4.09pm, Biosignal: $3.87m loss
4.10pm, FSA Group: $8.84m profit
4.11pm, CCK Financial: $323,000 profit
4.12pm, Cue Energy: $20.89m loss
4.12pm, Leaseplan Australia: $22.71m profit
4.14pm, Multiplex Prime Property Fund: $88.3m loss
4.14pm, Intrapower: $3.96m loss
4.14pm, Healthzone: $2.4m profit
4.14pm, CEC Group: $23.05m loss
4.14pm, SCVGroup: $6.57m loss
4.15pm, Multiplex Acumen Property Fund: $107m loss
4.15pm, Brandnewvintage: $207,617 loss
4.15pm, Panorama Energy: $1.8m loss
4.16pm, Anteo Diagnostics: $1.95m loss
4.16pm, NSX Ltd: $15.25m loss
4.16pm: Allstate Explorations: $2.95m profit
4.19pm, United Overseas Investments: $83.5m profit
4.20pm, Ammtec: $6.5m profit
4.20pm, Broad Investments: $5.5m loss
4.21pm, Phileo Australia: $0.89m profit
4.21pm, Green Invest: $2.9m loss
4.22pm, Clive Peeters: $8.97m loss
4.22pm, Intec Ltd: $20.39m loss
4.23pm, Mariner Financial: $61.6m loss
4.23pm, Cougar Energy: $2.9m loss
4.23pm, Peplin Inc: $US43.87m loss
4.25pm, Empired: $532,411 profit
4.25pm, Zingmobile: $350,000 loss
4.26pm, Waterco: $2.31m loss
4.28pm, WHL Energy: $4.11m loss
4.29pm, Jervois Mining: $3.03m loss
4.30pm, Stokes Australasia: $52,983 profit
4.31pm, Cell Aquaculture: $2m loss
4.31pm, Sirius: $1.23m loss
4.31pm, Blaze International: $631,000 loss
4.32pm, Headline Group: $1.56m loss
4.34pm, JV Global: $5.84m loss
4.34pm, Mercury Mobility: $2.73m loss
4.35pm, Prince Hill Wines: $1.56m loss
4.37pm, Investorfirst: $2m loss
4.38pm, Australian Enhanced Income Fund: $5.1m loss
4.40pm, Ambertech: $1.8m profit
4.41pm, Millepede International: $497,548 loss
4.43pm, C@ Ltd: $412,000 loss
4.45pm, VDM Group: $105.97m loss
4.46pm, CL Asset Holdings: $3.19m loss
4.46pm, Australian Education Trust: $29m loss
4.49pm, Atlantic Gold: $321,404 loss
4.54pm, Sino Strategic International: $45.7m loss
4.55pm, Shenhua International Ltd: 65.8m rmb profit
4.57pm, Fox Invest Ltd: $7.18m loss
4.59pm, China Cattle: $267,876 loss
4.59pm, Haoma Mining: $5.94m loss
4.59pm, Ltd: $847,000 loss

5pm until 6pm: 42 losses and 10 profits

5.01pm, Phylogica: $4.49m loss
5.02pm, Brandrill: $2.76m profit
5.03pm, CI Resources: $17.63m profit
5.05pm, International Equities Corp: $2.43m loss
5.07pm e-com Multi: $42,000 loss
5.09pm, Webspy: $1.1m loss
5.11pm, Palamedia: $408,799 loss
5.11pm, IFC Capital: $6.06m loss
5.11pm, Viralytics: $4.58m loss
5.12pm, Comops Ltd: $1.75m half year profit
5.12pm, Mercury Brands: $11.37m loss

5.13pm, QRSSciences: $673,000 profit
5.15pm Credit Suisse World Water Fund: $2.32m loss
5.16pm Van Eyk Blueprints: $7.75m loss
5.17pm, Aurora Buy-Write Fund: $787,000 loss
5.17pm, GoConnect: $1.6m loss
5.18pm, Credit Suisse Emerging Market Infrastructure: $5.5m loss
5.19pm, Credit Suisse GP100 Australia fund: $6.8m loss
5.20pm, Minerals Corp: $19.5m loss
5.20pm, Cockatoo Ridge: $58.05m loss
5.21pm, Red Island Australia: $63,425 loss
5.22pm, Aurora Sandringham Dividend Trust: $2.95m loss
5.23pm, Pacific Environment: $9.13m loss
5.26pm, EnviroMission: $5.16m loss
5.29pm, MRI Holdings: $806,000 profit
5.30pm, Boulder Steel: $7.85m loss
5.31pm, Cockatoo Ridge: $58.05m loss
5.31pm, Money3 Corp: $1.03m profit
5.32pm, Transol Corp: $6.3m loss
5.33pm, Mobile Soft: $355,906 loss
5.34pm, Regis Resources: $91.8m loss
5.35pm, Hillcrest Litigation: $1.5m loss
5.38pm, Atech Holdings: $146,861 loss
5.40pm, Resource Star: $1.4m loss
5.41pm, Refresh Group: $464,307 loss
5.42pm, Wentworth Holdings: $11.9m loss
5.43pm, Solagran Ltd: $7.4m loss
5.45pm, Morning Star Holdings: $269,291 loss
5.45pm, Atlas South Sea Pearl: $970,603 profit
5.46pm, Hire Intelligence: $966,000 profit
5.47pm, 4C Security: $2.7m loss
5.47pm, Electro Optic Systems: $163,937 profit
5.47pm, Trinity: $225.8m loss
5.49pm, LandMark White: $635,467 loss
5.49pm, Gage Roads Brewing: $2.03m loss
5.51pm, Azurn International: $7.3m loss
5.51pm, Intermoco: $6.8m loss
5.53pm, Avoca: $16.2m loss
5.54pm, Keycorp Ltd: $9.2m profit
5.54pm, Mineral Deposits: $11.6m loss
5.55pm, Ort Ltd: $1.6m loss
5.56pm, M2M Corp: $3.1m loss

6pm until 7pm: 28 losses and 3 profits

6.01pm, Australian Wine Holdings: $1.8m loss
6.02pm, Eco Quest: $1.1m loss
6.03pm, Rockeby Bioquest: $2.9m loss
6.04pm, CBD Energy: $3.6m loss
6.04pm, Capitol health: $1.01m loss
6.08pm, Charter pacific: $7.7m loss
6.10pm, Vealls Ltd: $3.6m loss
6.11pm, Pulse Health: $6.1m loss
6.12pm, Eastland medical: $3m loss
6.12pm, K2 Energy: $1.9m loss
6.13pm, Acuvax: $2.6m loss
6.16pm, Digislide Holdings: $314,000 loss
6.24pm, Energy World Corp: $10m loss
6.32pm, Oakajee Corp: $333,248 loss
6.32pm, Continental Coal: $15.9m loss
6.35pm, Hellicon Ltd: $881,000 loss
6.35pm, Oldfield Holdings: $6.2m loss
6.36pm, Hostech: $7.9m loss
6.37pm, Stirling Products: $5.4m loss
6.37pm, Bone Medical: $3m loss
6.38pm, Farm Pride Foods: $1.2m profit
6.40pm, Cryosite Ltd: $7.2m profit
6.40pm, Capital Intelligence: $84,000 profit
6.45pm, Hydrotech: $4.3m loss
6.47pm, RTL Corp: $1.06m loss
6.50pm, Real Estate Capital Partners: $42.5m loss
6.50pm, Actinogen: $926,942 loss
6.51pm, Inventis: $3m profit
6.51pm, Pie Networks: $2.3m loss
6.54pm, Photo-Me: $2.08m loss
6.56pm, Verus Investments: $1.3m loss
6.59pm, Coonawarra Property Trust: $2.6m loss

After 7pm: 17 losses and one profit

7.00pm, Cervantes Corp: $392,847 loss
7.00pm, Aspermont: $484,000 loss
7.01pm, Living and Leisure Australia: $15.4m loss
7.07pm, Style Ltd: $15.4m loss
7.08pm, Viento Group: $8.4m loss
7.08pm, Globe Securities: $1.8m loss
7.10pm, Paladin Energy: $570m loss
7.10pm, Autron Corp: $11.3m loss
7.12pm, Byte Power Group: $1.95m loss
7.12pm, Timbercorp: $37.1m loss
7.14pm, Computronics: $1.1m loss
7.15pm, FEA: $14.2m loss
7.23pm, Clime Capital: $2.9m loss
7.24pm, Teys Ltd: $5.8m loss
7.29pm, Planet Platinum: $689,729 profit
7.30pm, Vortex: $950,969 loss
7.33pm, Lumacom Ltd: $650,000 loss
7.33pm, Health Corp: $1.9m loss

Total after market closed at 4pm: 134 losses and 27 profits

Total for day: 227 losses and 58 profits

And the late stragglers...

September 1, 2009

9am until 10am: 6 losses and 1 profits

9.55am, Paperlinx Trust: $14.8m profit
9.52am, Frankland River: $4.4m loss
9.50am, WinTech: $11.7m loss
9.29am, BMDI Tuta: $2.1m loss
9.25am, Allomak: $59.8m loss
9.22am, BBX Holdings: $9.2m loss
9.18am, Beyond Sportswear Int: $577,000 loss

Before 9am
: 21 losses and 4 profits

8.21am, Artist&Entertainment Group: $6.1m profit
8.21am, Advanced Energy Systems: $245,356 loss
8.20am, Rheochem: $33.7m loss
8.20am, Queste Communications: $5.9m loss
8.20am, Orion Equities: $11.9m loss
8.19am, Energy Ventures: $3.6m loss
8.19am, Bentley Capital: $725,000 loss
8.19am, Alpha Technologies: $957,000 loss
8.19am, ProMedicus: $5.6m profit
8.19am, APA Financial Services: $1.3m loss
8.18am, Atos Wellness: $233,580 loss
8.18am, Robe: $41.9m loss
8.18am, Coote Industrial $4.5m loss
8.18am, Global Gold: $1.3m loss
8.17am, Eftel: $5.7m loss
8.17am, Argus Solutions: $314,449 loss
8.17am, Marbletrend Group: $3.7m loss
8.16 am, Quickstep: $8.6m loss
8.16am, Carpathian Resources: $573,108 loss
8.16am, Allied Gold: $8.2m loss
8.16am, ORH Ltd: $2m loss
8.15am, Transmetro Corp: $1.5m profit
8.15am, Arafura Pearls Holdings: $3.1m profit
8.15am, Orchard capital: $920,145 loss
8.14am, Global Masters Fund: $65,674 loss