Chronological run down of 187 losses reported on February 27, 2009

February 28, 2022

Here is the chronological version of the 187 losses revealed by ASX-listed companies on Friday, February 27, 2009, the very last day of the worst profit reporting season in history.

Before 9am - 5 losses

8.28am, Reckson New York Trust: $74.8m loss
8.29am, Pike River Coal: $NZ9.56m loss
8.29am, Hedley Leisure & Gaming: $174m loss
8.42am, Paperlinx: $567.5m loss
8.55am, HFA Accelerator Plus: $163.4m loss

9-10am - 11 losses

9.11am, Chandler Macleod: $2.5m loss
9.17am, Funtastic: $50.8m loss
9.19am, Oz Minerals: loss of $2.4 billion.
9.23am, Staging Connections: $15.1m loss
9.27am, Every Day Mining Services: $10.1m loss
9.34am, GPG: $110m loss
9.35am, Trafalgar Corporate: $33.2m loss
9.38am, Roc Oil: $430m loss
9.40am Abacus Property Trust: $52m loss
9.42am, GPT: $3.25 billion loss
9.47am, Babcock & Brown Infrastructure: $245.8m loss

10-11am - 10 losses

10.05am, Clinuvul Pharmaceutical: $9.05m loss
10.09am, Crown: $407.9m loss
10.17am, Rubicor Group: $20.8m loss
10.21am, GRD: $66.7m loss
10.32am, Tap Oil: $7.5m loss
10.34am: SciGen: $7.8m loss
10.37am: Ambition Group: $24.5m loss
10.41am: Drillsearch Energy: $5.5m loss
10.50am: Templeton Growth Fund: $14.5m loss
10.55am, Transoil Corp: $6.03m loss

11am-noon - 8 losses

11.04am, Babcock & Brown Capital: $1.43bn loss
11.11am, Tissue Therapies: $1.78m loss
11.12am, Rey Resources: $1.7m loss
11.18am, Sofcom: $77.7m loss
11.19am, ITL Ltd: $1.9m loss
11.20am, Clime Investment Management: $2.97m loss
11.25am, ORT Ltd: $1.62m loss
11.26am, Swish Group: $1.2m loss

noon-1pm - 7 losses
12.03pm, India Equities Fund: $11.6m loss
12.04am, Teys Ltd: $2.04m loss
12.04pm, Environmental Clean Technologies: $1.05m loss
12.06pm, Sun Biomedical: $1.25m loss
12.20pm, Lend Lease Primelife: $204m loss
12.50pm, Lifestyle Communities: $2.24m loss
12.56pm, Western Areas: $12.34m loss

1-2pm - 12 losses

1.15pm, Heartware International: $40m loss
1.16pm, Forest Enterprises Australia: $4.1m loss
1.18pm, Medical Therapies: $2.16m loss
1.19pm, Compass Hotels Group: $80.5m loss
1.20pm, RuralAus Investments: $1.2m loss
1.26pm, Automotive Technology Group: $2.96m loss
1.27pm, Univesrsal Biosensors: $12m loss
1.38pm, Allomak Ltd: $68.17m loss
1.40pm, Tyrian Diagnostics: $3.89m loss
1.45pm, Dyesol: $4.54m loss
1.50pm, ING Industrial Fund: $445.9m loss
1.52pm, KLM: $1.4m loss

2-3pm - 7 losses

2.15pm, Phoslock Water Solutions: $1.54m loss
2.29pm, Coretrack Ltd: $1.02m loss
2.32pm, Avita Medical: $2.96m loss
2.38pm, Electrometals Technologies: $2.3m loss
2.51pm, Hyro Ltd: $41.4m loss
2.55pm, Acuvax Ltd: $1.82m loss
2.57pm, Australian Education Trust: $41.3m loss

3-4pm - 26 losses

3.03pm, Novogen: $8.97m loss
3.05pm, Amazing Loans: $21.05m loss
3.06pm, APN Retail European Property Trust: $297m loss
3.10pm, Indigo Pacific: $6.6m loss
3.10pm, Contango Capital Partners: $26.2m loss
3.12pm, Rox Resources: $1.31m loss
3.13pm, Powerlan: $4.63m loss
3.20pm, Vinoto Ltd: $1.7m loss
3.21pm, Phylogica: $2.86m loss
3.22pm, Broad Investments: $2.59m loss
3.22pm, Everest Babcock & Brown Alternative Investment Trust: $300m loss
3.23pm, Praemium Ltd: $6.6m loss
3.25pm, ICSGlobal: $1.11m loss
3.28pm, Neuren Pharmaceuticals: $NZ18.43m loss
3.33pm, Over Fifty Group: $9.83m loss
3.33pm, Transpacific Industries: $52.6m loss
3.34pm, Macquarie Fortress Notes: $61.07m loss
3.39pm, ING Real Estate Community Living Group: $242.4m loss
3.40pm, China Century Capital Ltd: $2.88m loss
3.47pm, KTL Technologies: $2.63m loss
3.48pm, JV Global: $1.82m loss
3.52pm, Contango Microcap: $64.85m loss
3.53pm, 4C Security Solutions: $1.3m loss
3.54pm, LinQ Resources Fund: $225.83m loss
3.54pm, Astron Ltd: $5.83m loss
3.55pm, Jatoil Ltd: $1.8m loss

4-5pm - 34 losses

4.00pm, MacarthurCook: $11.46m loss
4.03pm, Natural Fuel: $40m loss
4.04pm, Two Way Ltd: $1.42m loss
4.06pm, Biosignal Ltd: $3.3m loss
4.08pm, Metal Storm: $10.65m loss
4.11pm, Community Life: $2.5m loss
4.11pm, BBX Holdings: $1.6m loss
4.11pm, Cellnet: $10.2m loss
4.15pm, China Cattle Ltd: $1.4m loss
4.17pm, Jackgreen Ltd: $1.9m loss
4.17pm, Wentworth Holdings: $10.26m loss
4.17pm, AnaeCo Ltd: $2.38m loss
4.18pm, Van Eyk Blueprint Alternatives Plus: $11.64m loss
4.22pm, Century Australia: $5.03m loss
4.23pm, Benitec: $1.13m loss
4.31pm, Allco Max Securities and Mortgage Trust: $105.17m loss
4.32pm, Select Vaccines: $1.16m loss
4.34pm, Carnegie Corporation: $5.96 loss
4.37pm, Celtex: $1.2m loss
4.37pm, National Leisure & Gaming: $8.45m loss
4.38pm, Jupiter Mines: $1.5m loss
4.41pm, Allstate Exploration: $1.3m loss
4.41pm, Range River Gold: $2.15m loss
4.42pm, Hudson Investment Group: $3.87m loss
4.43pm, CBD Energy: $2.29m loss
4.44pm, Enviro Mission: $3.8m loss
4.44pm, Datadot Technology: $7.75m loss
4.45pm, Bluefreeway: $14.65m loss
4.45pm, Shaw River Resources: $1.9m loss
4.46pm, ING Private Equity Access: $8.2m loss
4.46pm, Jervois Mining: $1.28m loss
4.47pm, Boulder Steel: $4.04m loss
4.54pm, Salinas Energy: $2.86m loss
4.57pm, Perilya Resources: $77.17m loss

5-6pm - 34 losses

5.01pm, Mercury Mobility: $1.7m loss
5.01pm, Zylotech: $1.36m loss
5.02pm, Van Eyk Three Pillars: $27.6m loss
5.06pm, Commquest Ltd: $46.4m loss
5.09pm, Flat Glass Industries: $4.67m loss
5.10pm, Living Cell Technologies: $2.89m loss
5.12pm, Fig Tree Developments: $1.49m loss
5.14pm, Polartechnics: $4.43m loss
5.16pm, ChongHerr Investments: $1.28m loss
5.25pm, Cue Energy: $16.72m loss
5.26pm, Australian Biodiesel: $1.9m loss
5.27pm, Cloncurry Metals: $3.54m loss
5.27pm, Viento Group: $6.21m loss
5.27pm, AFT Corporation: $1.12m loss
5.28pm, Kings Minerals: $4.39m loss
5.28pm, 3Q Holdings: $2.49m loss
5.32pm, Green Invest: $1.39m loss
5.33pm, Optiscan: $5.62m loss
5.35pm, Facilitate Digital Holdings: $2.1m loss
5.37pm, Carbon Conscious: $1.1m loss
5.39pm, Minerals Corporation: $11.7m loss
5.40pm, Marine Produce: $3.86m loss
5.40pm, Multistack International: $8.5m loss
5.42pm, Sirius Corporation: $1.06m loss
5.42pm, African Energy Resources: $1.41m loss
5.43pm, Omnitech Holdings: $1.05m loss
5.44pm, Fermiscan Holdings: $9.24m loss
5.44pm, Amex Resources: $1.37m loss
5.47pm, Advanced Ocular Systems: $18.54m loss
5.47pm, Nusep: $1.95m loss
5.48, Coltech Australia: $1.13m loss
5.51pm, Fox Invest: $6.12m loss
5.52pm, Pacific Environment: $1.74m loss
5.54pm, TTA Holdings: $1.24m loss

6-7pm - 10 losses

6.01pm, Wasabi Energy: $12.2m loss
6.04pm, CVC Ltd: $56.2m loss
6.06pm, Austpac Resources: $1.07m loss
6.07pm, Charter Pacific: $4.77m loss
6.09pm, Luminus Systems: $11.1m loss
6.11pm, Planet Gas: $17.07m loss
6.12pm, Australian Power & Gas: $5.65m loss
6.13pm, Quay Magnesium: $4.2m loss
6.16pm, Cockatoo Coal: $2.35m loss
6.59pm, Stirling Products: $15.3m loss

7-8pm - 23 losses

7.00pm, Globe Securities: $1.67m loss
7.01pm, Mikoh Corporation: $1.92m loss
7.02pm, Quantum Energy: $10.13m loss
7.02pm, Straits Resources: $106.7m loss
7.06pm, Cockatoo Ridge Wines: $54.8m loss
7.07pm, PanAust: $62m loss
7.07pm, Real Estate Capital Partners: $13.9m loss
7.09pm, Kagara Zinc: $49.9m loss
7.10pm, Cool or Cosy Total Comfort Solutions: $1.14m loss
7.13pm, Wallace Absolute Return Fund: $28.28m loss
7.13pm, Energy Ventures: $1.87m loss
7.17pm, NSX: $12.58m loss
7.21pm, Sino Strategic International: $3.1m loss
7.22pm, Payce Consolidated: $33.84m loss
7.27pm, Valad Property Group: $821m loss
7.28pm, Bentley International: $1.78m loss
7.33pm, Pacific Enviromin: $3.6m loss
7.39pm, EFTel Ltd: $1.72m loss
7.40pm, Centamin Egypt: $24.43m loss
7.40pm, Capitol Health: $1.1m loss
7.45pm, Orchid Capital: $2.1m loss
7.44pm, Tolhurst Group: $38.5m loss