2010 last day losses

September 6, 2010

Here is a reverse chronological list of how the deluge of last day results unfolded on Tuesday.

7.33pm, Nexbis: $49.6m loss
7.32pm, Atlas South Sea Pearl: $3.2m profit
7.30pm, Transmetro Corporation: $744,000 profit
7.26pm, Cell Aquaculture: $985,000 loss
7.26pm, CEC Group: $12.4m loss
7.24pm, Avoca Resources: $57.8m profit
7.24pm, BKM Management: $552,436 loss
7.23pm, Global Masters Fund: $83,893 loss
7.19pm, AACL Holdings: $4.07m loss
7.12pm, Atlantic: $7.7m loss
7.12pm, Frankland River Olive Company: $1.09m loss
7.12pm, Joyce Corporation: $8.2m loss
7.11pm, El Corporation: $182,864 loss
7.05pm, Blue Capital: $1m loss
7.02pm, Icash Payment Systems: $4.5m profit
7.00pm, Adultshop.Com: $2.2m loss
7.00pm, AWH Corporation: $1.3m loss
7.00pm, Neo Resources: $931,000 loss
6.58pm, Ramelius Resources: $20.1m profit
6.54pm, Avita Medical: $5.8m loss
6.53pm, Quay Magnesium: $5.8m loss
6.50pm, Carbon Conscious: $347,030 profit
6.49pm, Mil Resources: $894,000 loss
6.45pm, Neon Energy: $2.3m loss
6.43pm, Humanis Group: $3.06m loss
6.41pm, Eco Quest: $2.1m loss
6.41pm, Powerlan: $13.9m loss
6.41pm, QED Occtech: $994,690 loss
6.40pm, Mnet Group: $712,583 loss
6.38pm, Advanced Engine Components: $3.7m loss
6.37pm, Landmark White: $954,901 profit
6.37pm, Select Vaccines: $167,000 loss
6.35pm, Environmental Group (The): $559,175 loss
6.33pm, Photo-Me Australia: $1m loss
6.32pm, Goconnect: $1.5m loss
6.31pm, TZ Ltd: $21m loss
6.30pm, Indago Resources: $24.9m profit
6.21pm, Holista Colltech: $1.5m loss
6.18pm, Redisland Australia: $601,611 profit
6.17pm, Pienetworks: $2m loss
6.16pm, Papyrus Australia: $2.6m loss
6.13pm, Quantum Energy: $8.4m profit
6.11pm, Beyond Sportswear International: $580,000 profit
6.10pm, Cougar Energy: $4m loss
6.08pm, Panorama Synergy: $957,000 loss
6.06pm, Anaeco: $7m loss
6.06pm, Electrometals Technologies: $1.4m loss
6.05pm, Coonawarra Australia Property Trust: $3.4m loss
6.05pm, Imugene: $1.5m loss
6.05pm, Webspy: $1.4m loss
6.04pm, Axiom Properties: $13.7m loss
6.02pm, Energio: $44,880 profit
6.01pm, Prince Hill Wines: $3.7m loss
5.54pm, Health Corporation: $3.1m loss
5.51pm, Entellect Solutions: $2.5m loss
5.49pm, Allied Brands: $35.2m loss
5.48pm, Automotive Technology Group: $4.3m loss
5.48pm, Future Corporation Australia: $2.5m loss
5.47pm, JV Global: $2.1m loss
5.46pm, Intermoco: $1.5m loss
5.46pm, Pelorus Property Group: $7.1m profit
5.44pm, Chapmans: $101,198 loss
5.44pm, Mobileactive: $81,556 profit
5.38pm, Blackcrest Resources: $757,000 loss
5.38pm, MDS Financial Group: $348,140 loss
5.36pm, Environmental Clean Technologies: $3.7m loss
5.34pm, Helicon Group: $858,000 loss
5.34pm, Real Estate Capital Partners USA Property Trust: $6.2m loss
5.33pm, Media Group International: $454,000 loss
5.29pm, Agricultural Land Trust: $1.9m profit
5.28pm, Phylogica: $4.5m loss
5.26pm, Robe Australia: $563,650 loss
5.25pm, APA Financial Services: $206m profit
5.23pm, Aurora Global Infrastructure Income Trust: $730,000 profit
5.23pm, Karmelsonix: $5.9m loss
5.23pm, Strathfield Group: $2.7m profit
5.22pm, Oriental Technologies Investment: $122,000 profit
5.19pm, Mission Newenergy: $86.2m loss
5.19pm, Transol Corporation: $32,694 loss
5.19pm, Xiaoxiao Education: $1.6m loss
5.18pm, Cape Range: $916,000 loss
5.18pm, Haoma Mining: $5.6m loss
5.18pm, Metal Storm: $4.8m loss
5.16pm, Every Day Mine Services: $4.1m loss
5.15pm, Van Eyk Three Pillars: $8.4m profit
5.13pm, M2M Corporation: $1.3m loss
5.12pm, AFT Corporation: $185,000
5.12pm, 3Q Holdings: $1.3m profit
5.11pm, Island Sky Australia: $2.1m loss
5.08pm, Vealls: $4m profit
5.06pm, Max Trust: $26.5m profit
5.03pm, Astra Capital: $5,683 loss
5.03pm, BBX Holdings: $9.3m loss
5.03pm, Boulder Steel: $7m loss
5.03pm, Charter Pacific Corporation: $3.68m loss
5.02pm, Phileo Australia: $1.7m profit
5.01pm, Global Resource Masters Fund: $531,916 loss
5.00pm, Aircruising Australia: $435,232 loss
5.00pm, National Leisure & Gaming: $3.8m loss
4.54pm, China Steel Australia: $25.9m profit
4.54pm, Mikoh Corporation: $5m loss
4.53pm, Agenix: $2.4m profit
4.53pm, Asian Masters Fund: $198,041 loss
4.49pm, Excela: $1.1m loss
4.47pm, Cl Asset Holdings: $119,509 loss
4.45pm, China Century Capital: $2.4m loss
4.43pm, Benitec: $4.6m loss
4.43pm, CVC Property Fund: $4.3m loss
4.41pm, CVC Ltd: $20.1m profit
4.40pm, Gold One International: $3.1m loss
4.40pm, Trinity Group: $50.3m loss
4.39pm, Mooter Media: $1.5m loss
4.38pm, Hamilton James & Bruce Group: $2.5m loss
4.36pm, Energy World Corporation: $20.3m profit
4.35pm, Green Invest: $339,412 profit
4.33pm, C@ Ltd: $506,601 loss
4.33pm, Money3 Corporation: $2.1m profit
4.32pm, Broad Investments: $252,000 loss
4.32pm, Norseman Gold: $3.1m profit
4.31pm, Advanced Surgical Design & Manufacture: $464,000 loss
4.30pm, Voltage: $232,178 loss
4.29pm, Aspermont: $1m profit
4.27pm, Rubik Financial: $16.3m loss
4.26pm, AMA Group: $4.7m profit
4.25pm, Global Gold Holdings: $3m profit
4.24pm, TPL Corporation: $1.1m loss
4.24pm, UXC: $2.8m loss
4.23pm, GLG Corp: $8m profit
4.21pm, Cervantes Corporation: $429,268 loss
4.19pm, Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust: $3.5m profit
4.18pm, Xtek: $1.4m loss
4.17pm, Aurora Sandringham Australian Equity Income Trust: $1m profit
4.17pm, Biotron: $1.8m loss
4.16pm, Austofix Group: $341,312 loss
4.12pm, TVN Corporation: $501,500 loss
4.10pm, Antaria: $2.56m loss
4.10pm, Oakajee Corporation: $170,582 loss
4.10pm, Pacific Environment: $1.06m loss
4.07pm, Caledon Resources: $7.1m loss
4.06pm, Authorised Investment Fund: $675,000 loss
4.01pm, Dyesol: $14.3m loss
4.01pm, Hunter Hall Global Value: $24.8m profit
4.01pm, Wallace Absolute Return: $2.2m loss
3.59pm, Garratt's: $1.65m profit
3.59pm, Superwoman Group: $5.8m loss
3.57pm, Eyecare Partners: $4.3m loss
3.55pm, Dulhunty Power: $13,000 profit
3.53pm, CPT Global: $3.1m loss
3.49pm, Thomas Bryson International:$2.8m loss
3.47pm, Stanfield Funds Management: $108,153 profit
3.39pm, Helix Resources: $6.8m loss
3.34pm, Farm Pride Foods: $5.7m loss
3.34pm, Rectifier Technologies: $1.8m loss
3.32pm, Iatia: $1.2m loss
3.32pm, Marine Produce Australia: $3.8m loss
3.31pm, SCV Group: $413,000 profit
3.31pm, TSV Holdings: $9.6m loss
3.23pm, Anteo Diagnostics: $2.24m loss
3.23pm, Telezon: $389,131 loss
3.22pm, NSX: $1.7m loss
3.20pm, Treyo Leisure And Entertainment: $1.1m profit
3.19pm, Advanced Magnesium: $4.05m loss
3.17pm, Becton Property Group: $84.3m loss
3.15pm, Cardia Bioplastics: $5.5m loss
3.13pm, Commstrat: $221,061 loss
3.10pm, Bisan: $536,206 loss
3.08pm, Careers Multilist: $1.4m loss
3.07pm, Questus: $14,000 profit
2.59pm, Alexium International Group: $2.06m loss
2.59pm, Shree Minerals: $308,743 loss
2.53pm, Enviromission: $4.9m loss
2.51pm, Bioprospect: $3.3m loss
2.51pm, Immuron: $1.9m loss
2.46pm, TMA Group Of Companies: $3m profit
2.44pm, QRSciences Holdings: $4.2m profit
2.42pm, Medigard: $400,158 loss
2.40pm, Agri Energy: $8.7m profit
2.40pm, World.Net Services: $56,691 loss
2.39pm, 4C Security Solutions: $842,000 loss
2.38pm, Malachite Resources: $4.1m loss
2.36pm, Generator Income Trust: $0
2.32pm, PTB Group: $1.6m profit
2.31pm, Ambertech: $1.6m profit
2.31pm, Flat Glass Industries: $1.1m loss
2.29pm, Pacific Mining: $713,986 profit
2.27pm, Chalmers: $2m profit
2.27pm, Realm Resources: $694,016 loss
2.26pm, Style: $6.1m loss
2.25pm, K2 Energy: $3.8m loss
2.24pm, Vesture: $612,869 loss
2.21pm, Coretrack: $3.2m loss
2.21pm, Virax Holdings: $1.82m loss
2.10pm, Norton Gold Fields: $32.8m loss
2.10pm, Quickstep Holdings: $10.9m loss
2.08pm, Aquacarotene: $905,000 profit
1.57pm, India Equities Fund: $3.3m loss
1.52pm, Adavale Resources: $2m loss
1.41pm, Linq Resources Fund: $35.3 profit
1.39pm, Trojan Equity: $11.4m profit
1.38pm, ASF Group: $2.75m loss
1.31pm, Rabinov Property Trust: $3.7m profit
1.29pm, Reclaim Industries: $1.25m loss
1.08pm, Solagran: $4m loss
1.06pm, Sirius Corporation: $35,859 profit
1.04pm, ITL Ltd: $12.3m loss
1.01pm, Viridis Clean Energy: $64.1m loss
1.00pm, Jervois Mining: $2.65m loss
12.56pm, Autodom: $1.6m loss
12.56pm, Hudson Investment Group: $3.5m profit
12.39pm, Van Eyk Blueprint Alternatives Plus: $2.65m profit
12.32pm, Strategic Pooled Development: $104,681 profit
12.30pm, Soil Sub Technologies: $5.5m profit
12.28pm, Euroz: $26.3m profit
12.26pm, Giaconda: $1.23m loss
12.25pm, Multi Channel Solutions: $1.5m loss
12.24pm, Dromana Estate: $103,779 profit
12.24pm, Structural Monitoring Systems: $822,000 loss
12.16pm, Straits Resources: $69.4m loss
12.06pm, Apollo Consolidated: $291,640 profit
11.54am, Ask Funding: $1m profit
11.36am, Global Health: $809,000 loss
11.35am, CBH Resources: $9.4m profit
11.34am, Investorfirst: $1.06m loss
11.31am, Clime Investment Management: $3.1m profit
11.30am, Calzada: $1.86m loss
11.30am, Ironbark Capital: $5.9m profit
11.30am, Shenhua International: $12.3m profit
11.29am, Resources & Energy Group: $1.1m profit
11.27am, Austpac Resources: $1.45m profit
11.27am, Objective Corporation: $2.1m profit
11.22am, Novarise Renewable Resources International: $5.3m profit
11.16am, Halcygen Pharmaceuticals: $3.3m profit
11.09am, Rubicor Group: $8.2m loss
10.54am, Datamotion Asia Pacific: $1.48m loss
10.54am, US Masters Holdings: $118,000 loss
10.47am, Viralytics: $4.8m loss
10.37am, Optiscan Imaging: $1.65m loss
10.32am, Primeag Australia: $5.7m loss
10.29am, Fluorotechnics: $4.47m loss
10.28am, Ezenet: $754,201 loss
10.28am, Inventis: $1.99m loss
10.25am, Biotech Capital: $5.7m loss
10.15am, Ocean Capital: $1.75m loss
10.14am, Paragon Care: $147,782 profit
10.12am, Stirling Products: $5.3m loss
10.07am, Katana Capital: $5.3m profit
10.06am, Amadeus Energy: $4.3m loss
10.03am, Clean Seas Tuna: $15.6m loss
10.03am, Isoft Group: $383m loss
10.03am, UScom: $1,757,677 loss
10.02am, Horizon Oil: $58.3m profit
9.47am, TFS Corporation: $41.37m profit
9.42am, Minara Resources: $39.3m profit
9.41am, Galileo Japan Trust: $62.2m loss
9.40am, Nomad Building Solutions: $63.6m loss
9.39am, Solco: $4.79m profit
9.31am, Cyclopharm: $769,203 loss
9.30am, Centro Properties Group: $653m loss
9.27am, ITS Capital Investments: $324,298 loss
9.25am, APN Property Group: $5.2m loss
9.20am, Success Resources Global: $728,000 loss
9.18am, Luminus Systems: $1,054,043 loss
9.17am, Marbletrend Group: $930,514 profit
9.16am, Peters Macgregor Investments: $3,937,119 profit
9.07am, Medical Australia: $1,3m loss
9.04am, Southern Cross Media Group: $81.3m loss
8.47am, Unilife Corporation: $28.7m loss
8.26am, Carpathian Resources: $2.8m loss
8.26am, Pulse Health: $1.3m loss
8.26am, Prime Infrastructure Group: $948,597 loss
8.25am, FTD Corporation: $123,415 loss
8.25am, Swick Mining Services: $10m loss
8.24am, Grange Resources: $42.2m profit
8.23am, Rivercity Motorway Group: $1.6m loss
8.22am, Dragon Energy: $1.5m loss
8.21am, Neurodiscovery: $1.7m loss
8.21am, Quickflix: $3m loss
8.20am, Artist & Entertainment Group: $1.2m loss
8.20am, KTL Technologies: $245,535 loss


2.19pm, Transol Corp: $113m loss
12.58pm, Ormil Energy: $2.2m loss
11.46am, Preferred Capital: $1.6m profit
11.21am, Korvest Ltd: $3.9m profit
10.32am, Matrix composites: $18.1m profit
9.26am, ECSI: $333,076 loss
9.06am, Pan Asia Corp: $4m loss
9.03am, Pacific Environment: $3.9m loss
8.36am, ICS Global: $333,782 profit
8.36am, Tyrian: $4.1m loss
8.36am, Pharm Aust: $438,600 loss
8.34am, Planet platinum: $1.7m profit
8.30am, Atoss Wellness: $1.9m loss
8.28am, Millepede International: $497,548 loss
8.28am, Quest Investments: $545,000 profit
8.28am, Murchison Holdings: $611,922 profit
8.27am, Bone Medical: $1.9m loss
8.27am, Arafura Pearls: $28m loss
8.27am, Actinogen: $733,971 loss
8.26am, Healthzone Ltd: $4.3m profit
8.25am, Qld trustees: $1.1m loss
8.24am, Eastland Medical Systems: $4.8m loss
8.24am, ORH Ltd: $1.7m loss
8.24am, Byte Power group: $1.76m loss
8.23am, Empired: $47,341 profit
8.23am, Metroland: $1.7m loss
8.22am, FSA Group: $7.5m profit
8.22am, Headline Group: $3.1m loss
8.22am, RTL Corp: $696,156 loss
8.22am, Verus Investments: $1.6m loss
8.21am, CI Resources: $1.6m profit
8.21am, Oldfield Holdings: $6.2m loss
8.21am, Continental Coal: $24.9m loss
8.20am, Refresh Group: $420,323 loss
8.20am, Coote Industrial: $124.6m loss
8.20am, E-comm Multi: $1.7m loss
8.19am, Empire Beer Group: $1.4m profit
8.19am, Energy Ventures: $3.3m loss
8.19am, Medic Vision: $1m loss