279 last day losses on August 31 2010

August 31, 2020

Here is a reverse chronological list of how the deluge of 279 last day results unfolded on Tuesday, August 31, 2010. There were an additional 39 latecomers the following day, which are listed below.

After 7pm: 18

7.33pm, Nexbis: $49.6m loss
7.32pm, Atlas South Sea Pearl: $3.2m profit
7.30pm, Transmetro Corporation: $744,000 profit
7.26pm, Cell Aquaculture: $985,000 loss
7.26pm, CEC Group: $12.4m loss
7.24pm, Avoca Resources: $57.8m profit
7.24pm, BKM Management: $552,436 loss
7.23pm, Global Masters Fund: $83,893 loss
7.19pm, AACL Holdings: $4.07m loss
7.12pm, Atlantic: $7.7m loss
7.12pm, Frankland River Olive Company: $1.09m loss
7.12pm, Joyce Corporation: $8.2m loss
7.11pm, El Corporation: $182,864 loss
7.05pm, Blue Capital: $1m loss
7.02pm, Icash Payment Systems: $4.5m profit
7.00pm, Adultshop.Com: $2.2m loss
7.00pm, AWH Corporation: $1.3m loss
7.00pm, Neo Resources: $931,000 loss

6-7pm: 35

6.58pm, Ramelius Resources: $20.1m profit
6.54pm, Avita Medical: $5.8m loss
6.53pm, Quay Magnesium: $5.8m loss
6.50pm, Carbon Conscious: $347,030 profit
6.49pm, Mil Resources: $894,000 loss
6.45pm, Neon Energy: $2.3m loss
6.43pm, Humanis Group: $3.06m loss
6.41pm, Eco Quest: $2.1m loss
6.41pm, Powerlan: $13.9m loss
6.41pm, QED Occtech: $994,690 loss
6.40pm, Mnet Group: $712,583 loss
6.38pm, Advanced Engine Components: $3.7m loss
6.37pm, Landmark White: $954,901 profit
6.37pm, Select Vaccines: $167,000 loss
6.35pm, Environmental Group (The): $559,175 loss
6.33pm, Photo-Me Australia: $1m loss
6.32pm, Goconnect: $1.5m loss
6.31pm, TZ Ltd: $21m loss
6.30pm, Indago Resources: $24.9m profit
6.21pm, Holista Colltech: $1.5m loss
6.18pm, Redisland Australia: $601,611 profit
6.17pm, Pienetworks: $2m loss
6.16pm, Papyrus Australia: $2.6m loss
6.13pm, Quantum Energy: $8.4m profit
6.11pm, Beyond Sportswear International: $580,000 profit
6.10pm, Cougar Energy: $4m loss
6.08pm, Panorama Synergy: $957,000 loss
6.06pm, Anaeco: $7m loss
6.06pm, Electrometals Technologies: $1.4m loss
6.05pm, Coonawarra Australia Property Trust: $3.4m loss
6.05pm, Imugene: $1.5m loss
6.05pm, Webspy: $1.4m loss
6.04pm, Axiom Properties: $13.7m loss
6.02pm, Energio: $44,880 profit
6.01pm, Prince Hill Wines: $3.7m loss

5-6pm: 46

5.54pm, Health Corporation: $3.1m loss
5.51pm, Entellect Solutions: $2.5m loss
5.49pm, Allied Brands: $35.2m loss
5.48pm, Automotive Technology Group: $4.3m loss
5.48pm, Future Corporation Australia: $2.5m loss
5.47pm, JV Global: $2.1m loss
5.46pm, Intermoco: $1.5m loss
5.46pm, Pelorus Property Group: $7.1m profit
5.44pm, Chapmans: $101,198 loss
5.44pm, Mobileactive: $81,556 profit
5.38pm, Blackcrest Resources: $757,000 loss
5.38pm, MDS Financial Group: $348,140 loss
5.36pm, Environmental Clean Technologies: $3.7m loss
5.34pm, Helicon Group: $858,000 loss
5.34pm, Real Estate Capital Partners USA Property Trust: $6.2m loss
5.33pm, Media Group International: $454,000 loss
5.29pm, Agricultural Land Trust: $1.9m profit
5.28pm, Phylogica: $4.5m loss
5.26pm, Robe Australia: $563,650 loss
5.25pm, APA Financial Services: $206m profit
5.23pm, Aurora Global Infrastructure Income Trust: $730,000 profit
5.23pm, Karmelsonix: $5.9m loss
5.23pm, Strathfield Group: $2.7m profit
5.22pm, Oriental Technologies Investment: $122,000 profit
5.19pm, Mission Newenergy: $86.2m loss
5.19pm, Transol Corporation: $32,694 loss
5.19pm, Xiaoxiao Education: $1.6m loss
5.18pm, Cape Range: $916,000 loss
5.18pm, Haoma Mining: $5.6m loss
5.18pm, Metal Storm: $4.8m loss
5.16pm, Every Day Mine Services: $4.1m loss
5.15pm, Van Eyk Three Pillars: $8.4m profit
5.13pm, M2M Corporation: $1.3m loss
5.12pm, AFT Corporation: $185,000
5.12pm, 3Q Holdings: $1.3m profit
5.11pm, Island Sky Australia: $2.1m loss
5.08pm, Vealls: $4m profit
5.06pm, Max Trust: $26.5m profit
5.03pm, Astra Capital: $5,683 loss
5.03pm, BBX Holdings: $9.3m loss
5.03pm, Boulder Steel: $7m loss
5.03pm, Charter Pacific Corporation: $3.68m loss
5.02pm, Phileo Australia: $1.7m profit
5.01pm, Global Resource Masters Fund: $531,916 loss
5.00pm, Aircruising Australia: $435,232 loss
5.00pm, National Leisure & Gaming: $3.8m loss

4-5pm: 44

4.54pm, China Steel Australia: $25.9m profit
4.54pm, Mikoh Corporation: $5m loss
4.53pm, Agenix: $2.4m profit
4.53pm, Asian Masters Fund: $198,041 loss
4.49pm, Excela: $1.1m loss
4.47pm, Cl Asset Holdings: $119,509 loss
4.45pm, China Century Capital: $2.4m loss
4.43pm, Benitec: $4.6m loss
4.43pm, CVC Property Fund: $4.3m loss
4.41pm, CVC Ltd: $20.1m profit
4.40pm, Gold One International: $3.1m loss
4.40pm, Trinity Group: $50.3m loss
4.39pm, Mooter Media: $1.5m loss
4.38pm, Hamilton James & Bruce Group: $2.5m loss
4.36pm, Energy World Corporation: $20.3m profit
4.35pm, Green Invest: $339,412 profit
4.33pm, C@ Ltd: $506,601 loss
4.33pm, Money3 Corporation: $2.1m profit
4.32pm, Broad Investments: $252,000 loss
4.32pm, Norseman Gold: $3.1m profit
4.31pm, Advanced Surgical Design & Manufacture: $464,000 loss
4.30pm, Voltage: $232,178 loss
4.29pm, Aspermont: $1m profit
4.27pm, Rubik Financial: $16.3m loss
4.26pm, AMA Group: $4.7m profit
4.25pm, Global Gold Holdings: $3m profit
4.24pm, TPL Corporation: $1.1m loss
4.24pm, UXC: $2.8m loss
4.23pm, GLG Corp: $8m profit
4.21pm, Cervantes Corporation: $429,268 loss
4.19pm, Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust: $3.5m profit
4.18pm, Xtek: $1.4m loss
4.17pm, Aurora Sandringham Australian Equity Income Trust: $1m profit
4.17pm, Biotron: $1.8m loss
4.16pm, Austofix Group: $341,312 loss
4.12pm, TVN Corporation: $501,500 loss
4.10pm, Antaria: $2.56m loss
4.10pm, Oakajee Corporation: $170,582 loss
4.10pm, Pacific Environment: $1.06m loss
4.07pm, Caledon Resources: $7.1m loss
4.06pm, Authorised Investment Fund: $675,000 loss
4.01pm, Dyesol: $14.3m loss
4.01pm, Hunter Hall Global Value: $24.8m profit
4.01pm, Wallace Absolute Return: $2.2m loss

3-4pm: 25

3.59pm, Garratt's: $1.65m profit
3.59pm, Superwoman Group: $5.8m loss
3.57pm, Eyecare Partners: $4.3m loss
3.55pm, Dulhunty Power: $13,000 profit
3.53pm, CPT Global: $3.1m loss
3.49pm, Thomas Bryson International:$2.8m loss
3.47pm, Stanfield Funds Management: $108,153 profit
3.39pm, Helix Resources: $6.8m loss
3.34pm, Farm Pride Foods: $5.7m loss
3.34pm, Rectifier Technologies: $1.8m loss
3.32pm, Iatia: $1.2m loss
3.32pm, Marine Produce Australia: $3.8m loss
3.31pm, SCV Group: $413,000 profit
3.31pm, TSV Holdings: $9.6m loss
3.23pm, Anteo Diagnostics: $2.24m loss
3.23pm, Telezon: $389,131 loss
3.22pm, NSX: $1.7m loss
3.20pm, Treyo Leisure And Entertainment: $1.1m profit
3.19pm, Advanced Magnesium: $4.05m loss
3.17pm, Becton Property Group: $84.3m loss
3.15pm, Cardia Bioplastics: $5.5m loss
3.13pm, Commstrat: $221,061 loss
3.10pm, Bisan: $536,206 loss
3.08pm, Careers Multilist: $1.4m loss
3.07pm, Questus: $14,000 profit

2-3pm: 27

2.59pm, Alexium International Group: $2.06m loss
2.59pm, Shree Minerals: $308,743 loss
2.53pm, Enviromission: $4.9m loss
2.51pm, Bioprospect: $3.3m loss
2.51pm, Immuron: $1.9m loss
2.46pm, TMA Group Of Companies: $3m profit
2.44pm, QRSciences Holdings: $4.2m profit
2.42pm, Medigard: $400,158 loss
2.40pm, Agri Energy: $8.7m profit
2.40pm, World.Net Services: $56,691 loss
2.39pm, 4C Security Solutions: $842,000 loss
2.38pm, Malachite Resources: $4.1m loss
2.36pm, Generator Income Trust: $0
2.32pm, PTB Group: $1.6m profit
2.31pm, Ambertech: $1.6m profit
2.31pm, Flat Glass Industries: $1.1m loss
2.29pm, Pacific Mining: $713,986 profit
2.27pm, Chalmers: $2m profit
2.27pm, Realm Resources: $694,016 loss
2.26pm, Style: $6.1m loss
2.25pm, K2 Energy: $3.8m loss
2.24pm, Vesture: $612,869 loss
2.21pm, Coretrack: $3.2m loss
2.21pm, Virax Holdings: $1.82m loss
2.10pm, Norton Gold Fields: $32.8m loss
2.10pm, Quickstep Holdings: $10.9m loss
2.08pm, Aquacarotene: $905,000 profit

1-2pm: 12

1.57pm, India Equities Fund: $3.3m loss
1.52pm, Adavale Resources: $2m loss
1.41pm, Linq Resources Fund: $35.3 profit
1.39pm, Trojan Equity: $11.4m profit
1.38pm, ASF Group: $2.75m loss
1.31pm, Rabinov Property Trust: $3.7m profit
1.29pm, Reclaim Industries: $1.25m loss
1.08pm, Solagran: $4m loss
1.06pm, Sirius Corporation: $35,859 profit
1.04pm, ITL Ltd: $12.3m loss
1.01pm, Viridis Clean Energy: $64.1m loss
1.00pm, Jervois Mining: $2.65m loss

12-1pm: 12

12.56pm, Autodom: $1.6m loss
12.56pm, Hudson Investment Group: $3.5m profit
12.39pm, Van Eyk Blueprint Alternatives Plus: $2.65m profit
12.32pm, Strategic Pooled Development: $104,681 profit
12.30pm, Soil Sub Technologies: $5.5m profit
12.28pm, Euroz: $26.3m profit
12.26pm, Giaconda: $1.23m loss
12.25pm, Multi Channel Solutions: $1.5m loss
12.24pm, Dromana Estate: $103,779 profit
12.24pm, Structural Monitoring Systems: $822,000 loss
12.16pm, Straits Resources: $69.4m loss
12.06pm, Apollo Consolidated: $291,640 profit

11am-12: 14

11.54am, Ask Funding: $1m profit
11.36am, Global Health: $809,000 loss
11.35am, CBH Resources: $9.4m profit
11.34am, Investorfirst: $1.06m loss
11.31am, Clime Investment Management: $3.1m profit
11.30am, Calzada: $1.86m loss
11.30am, Ironbark Capital: $5.9m profit
11.30am, Shenhua International: $12.3m profit
11.29am, Resources & Energy Group: $1.1m profit
11.27am, Austpac Resources: $1.45m profit
11.27am, Objective Corporation: $2.1m profit
11.22am, Novarise Renewable Resources International: $5.3m profit
11.16am, Halcygen Pharmaceuticals: $3.3m profit
11.09am, Rubicor Group: $8.2m loss

10-11am: 18

10.54am, Datamotion Asia Pacific: $1.48m loss
10.54am, US Masters Holdings: $118,000 loss
10.47am, Viralytics: $4.8m loss
10.37am, Optiscan Imaging: $1.65m loss
10.32am, Primeag Australia: $5.7m loss
10.29am, Fluorotechnics: $4.47m loss
10.28am, Ezenet: $754,201 loss
10.28am, Inventis: $1.99m loss
10.25am, Biotech Capital: $5.7m loss
10.15am, Ocean Capital: $1.75m loss
10.14am, Paragon Care: $147,782 profit
10.12am, Stirling Products: $5.3m loss
10.07am, Katana Capital: $5.3m profit
10.06am, Amadeus Energy: $4.3m loss
10.03am, Clean Seas Tuna: $15.6m loss
10.03am, Isoft Group: $383m loss
10.03am, UScom: $1,757,677 loss
10.02am, Horizon Oil: $58.3m profit

9-10am: 15

9.47am, TFS Corporation: $41.37m profit
9.42am, Minara Resources: $39.3m profit
9.41am, Galileo Japan Trust: $62.2m loss
9.40am, Nomad Building Solutions: $63.6m loss
9.39am, Solco: $4.79m profit
9.31am, Cyclopharm: $769,203 loss
9.30am, Centro Properties Group: $653m loss
9.27am, ITS Capital Investments: $324,298 loss
9.25am, APN Property Group: $5.2m loss
9.20am, Success Resources Global: $728,000 loss
9.18am, Luminus Systems: $1,054,043 loss
9.17am, Marbletrend Group: $930,514 profit
9.16am, Peters Macgregor Investments: $3,937,119 profit
9.07am, Medical Australia: $1,3m loss
9.04am, Southern Cross Media Group: $81.3m loss

Before 9am: 13

8.47am, Unilife Corporation: $28.7m loss
8.26am, Carpathian Resources: $2.8m loss
8.26am, Pulse Health: $1.3m loss
8.26am, Prime Infrastructure Group: $948,597 loss
8.25am, FTD Corporation: $123,415 loss
8.25am, Swick Mining Services: $10m loss
8.24am, Grange Resources: $42.2m profit
8.23am, Rivercity Motorway Group: $1.6m loss
8.22am, Dragon Energy: $1.5m loss
8.21am, Neurodiscovery: $1.7m loss
8.21am, Quickflix: $3m loss
8.20am, Artist & Entertainment Group: $1.2m loss
8.20am, KTL Technologies: $245,535 loss

Latecomers: 39

2.19pm, Transol Corp: $113m loss
12.58pm, Ormil Energy: $2.2m loss
11.46am, Preferred Capital: $1.6m profit
11.21am, Korvest Ltd: $3.9m profit
10.32am, Matrix composites: $18.1m profit
9.26am, ECSI: $333,076 loss
9.06am, Pan Asia Corp: $4m loss
9.03am, Pacific Environment: $3.9m loss
8.36am, ICS Global: $333,782 profit
8.36am, Tyrian: $4.1m loss
8.36am, Pharm Aust: $438,600 loss
8.34am, Planet platinum: $1.7m profit
8.30am, Atoss Wellness: $1.9m loss
8.28am, Millepede International: $497,548 loss
8.28am, Quest Investments: $545,000 profit
8.28am, Murchison Holdings: $611,922 profit
8.27am, Bone Medical: $1.9m loss
8.27am, Arafura Pearls: $28m loss
8.27am, Actinogen: $733,971 loss
8.26am, Healthzone Ltd: $4.3m profit
8.25am, Qld trustees: $1.1m loss
8.24am, Eastland Medical Systems: $4.8m loss
8.24am, ORH Ltd: $1.7m loss
8.24am, Byte Power group: $1.76m loss
8.23am, Empired: $47,341 profit
8.23am, Metroland: $1.7m loss
8.22am, FSA Group: $7.5m profit
8.22am, Headline Group: $3.1m loss
8.22am, RTL Corp: $696,156 loss
8.22am, Verus Investments: $1.6m loss
8.21am, CI Resources: $1.6m profit
8.21am, Oldfield Holdings: $6.2m loss
8.21am, Continental Coal: $24.9m loss
8.20am, Refresh Group: $420,323 loss
8.20am, Coote Industrial: $124.6m loss
8.20am, E-comm Multi: $1.7m loss
8.19am, Empire Beer Group: $1.4m profit
8.19am, Energy Ventures: $3.3m loss
8.19am, Medic Vision: $1m loss