The complete list of lists

January 20, 2017

The Mayne Report loves a good list and on this page we have a complete compilation with links to all of the offerings we've worked up over the past few years.

The Mayne Report Rich List
BRW magazine does a great job with its various Australian Rich Lists but we've broadened their efforts to track any Australian who has ever been worth more than $10 million. We've got more than 1370 names with those who've fallen back below $10 million now italicised.

All share transactions in 2010
This list tracks all our share transactions in 2010 and go here for the complete record of everything we did in 2009.

Capital raising plays since Jan 2009
The following list tracks the various capital raising plays since January 2009 and those which are coming up. There's also this version ranking the biggest profits. Also, check out all trades, the full portfolio plus our most recent Mayne Report email editions.

Tracking unionists in Parliament
This lists tracks former union officials who have made it into state or federal parliament as Labor MPs over the past 30 years. Send any corrections or additions to

Tracking the former Hawke Keating staffers
We decided to track the career paths of former Government staffers. This list was first worked up on Crikey many years ago and has been updated to keep track of former Labor staffers during the Hawke-Keating years. Send all your contributions and corrections to Check out the lists of the former Rudd government staffers and former Howard government staffers.

Where Howard staffers finished up
Crikey decided to track the career paths of former Howard government staffers to see if there is any sort of pattern. The project lapsed for six years but we're firing it up again so send all your contributions and corrections to Check out the lists of the former Labor Hawke-Keating staffers and former Rudd staffers.

Where Rudd government staffers went
We decided to track the career paths of former Government staffers and this list tracks where staffers who exited the Rudd Government finished up. Send all your contributions and corrections to Check out the lists of the former Labor Hawke-Keating staffers and former Howard government staffers.

Tracking government bond issues

This list tracks all bond and treasury note issues by the Rudd Government since it was elected in November 2007. There has now been more than $40 billion raised since the second stimulus package was unveiled on February 3.

Former pollies on ASX-listed boards

This list tracks the former Australian politicians who have or still serve on public company boards.

The top 100 male Aussie directors
Here is an attempt to list the top 100 blokes who are members of Australia's directors' club, plus the next tier below are at the bottom. You can also see the top women directors here.

Top 100 women on Aussie boards

Who are the most powerful women in the Australian professional directors' club? Here is a stab at what we reckon is the top 100, plus some other contenders knocking on the door.

Top female executives in the ASX100
This list tracks who are the top female executives in the ASX100 companies, there positions, histories and pay details.

From councillor to parliament
We've compiled this list of more than 120 current and past federal and state politicians who got their start serving on their local council.

Australian honorary doctorates
This list tracks Australians who have received honorary doctorates from universities.

The great political relationships list
With John Brumby under fire over four family members being on the payroll, we've updated this political relationships list which was first worked up on Crikey years ago. Listen to this recent interview on 3AW with Derryn Hinch and send all corrections and additions to

Well known Australian whistleblowers

This list tracks well known Australian whistleblowers over the years.

Everyone ASIC has jailed since 1991
The only list in Australia which tracks the corporate plod's jailing record.

Revealed: world's biggest small portfolio
Below is our "world's biggest small share portfolio" with spreadsheets available if you click on the dates. The losses have reduced due to plenty of tax-loss selling after some windfall gains playing the angles on capital raisings as was explained here.

Media contributions
Have a look at Stephen's various appearances and contributions in the media and why not sign up for our video and audio podcasts to hear and see much more.

The great cheque-book journalism list
Below is a list tracking known examples of cheque-book journalism in Australia which in part relies on research conducted by the wonderful Crikey team over several years.

Chinese investments in Australian resources
This list tracks Chinese Government investments in Australian resource projects.

Every project that has Chinese investment
This list tracks Chinese investment in Australia.

Foreign government investment in Australia
See how the Chinese are Singapore Government are set to own more Australian business assets than our own government.

Foreign companies turning over more than $200m a year Down Under
This list shows just what a large proportion of the Australian economy is already run by foreign companies.

Multiple AGM battles
We've put together this package of companies where we have had more than three encounters over the years. News Corp and Macquarie are equal favorites with eight AGMs attended.

The biggest votes against remuneration reports
Voting on remuneration reports was first introduced for the 2005-06 financial report, so here is a list of some of the biggest against votes over the past three years.