Tracking the former Hawke Keating staffers

February 2, 2011

This list was first worked up on Crikey many years ago and has been updated to keep track of former Labor staffers during the Hawke-Keating years. Send all your contributions and corrections to Check out the lists of the former Rudd government staffers and former Howard government staffers.

David Anderson: ex Bob Brown chief of staff (not the tree hugger, the old bloke from Newcastle who was Land and Transport Minister from 1988-93), went lobbying on behalf of trucking industry.

Dennis Atkins: worked for Nick Bolkus and the late Mick Young, went on to run the Goss media unit in Queensland, now political editor of The Courier Mail.

Carey Badcoe: former adviser to Michael Lee (Communications and Arts Minister). Returned to the Arts Department, then left to launch the cable arts channel and then headed for editorial role at Next Media. Latest gig is as CEO of the Australian Business and Community Network, a not-for-profit set up some senior business leaders and initially run out of IAG.

Peter Barron: worked as a journalist, then NSW Premier Neville Wran, before joining Hawke's staff as his senior political adviser in 1983. Barron was the most influential adviser in the Hawke government. He left in 1986 to work for Kerry Packer and then joined Paul Keating working with Carnegie Wylie and was thanked by Morris Iemma when he was re-elected in 2007.

Simon Baulderstone: former environment adviser for Paul Keating, worked on the Sydney Olympics and then popped up as a Peter Garrett minder.

Jonathon Benyei: former Andrew Theophanous staffer who went to Health department in Canberra.

John Bowan: was Hawke's foreign affairs adviser and was later appointed Ambassador to Germany. He returned to head Keating's office during 1995, before Don Russell was recalled from the Washington Embassy to take over, in the lead up to the 1996 election. Although retired, he popped up on that list of former diplomats and foreign policy gurus who attacked Howard.

Bob Bowden: former Hawke and Michael Lee adviser and press secretary, who left to run his own PR/lobbying consultancy in Sydney.

Bill Bowtell
: chief of staff to Neal Blewett, later worked for Lionel Bowen, then policy adviser for Paul Keating before starting his own consultancy business in Sydney.

John Brumby: after losing the Federal seat of Bendigo (1983-1990) he became chief of staff to industry minister Alan Griffith and is now Victorian Premier.

Brian Burdekin: advisor to former deputy PM and Attorney General Lionel Bowen, first Commissioner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, seated on UN gravy train, Special Advisor on National Institutions to the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Then became Visiting Professor at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Sweden and International Advisor to the National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

Wayne Burns: former John Dawkins media adviser who went on to a corporate communications role at IAG under Sam Mostyn. Also worked for ARM during referendum and now works for Geoff Allan specialising in corporate PR.

Tom Burton: former Chris Hurford and Michael Duffy staffer, who returned to Fairfax for many years on The Sydney Morning Herald. He was also founder and publisher of the community news portal

David Butt: was Press Secretary to Neil Blewett, later Senior Private Secretary, who later become CEO of the Little Company of Mary Hospitals nationwide.

Ashton Calvert: former foreign policy adviser to Keating, then Secretary of DFAT and was briefly a director of Rio Tinto before passing away in 2008.

Barrie Cassidy: former press secretary for Bob Hawke for much of the 1980s, now back with the ABC hosting Insiders and Offsiders on a Sunday morning, plus doing radio punditry.

Lynne Chester: adviser to Brian Howe when Minister for Social Security, went on to Energy Australia, Sydney Water, worked on NSW TAB privatisation, NSW co-ordinator for the Australian Republican Movement for 1999 referendum, Independent Commission Against Corruption, now in housing, urban development and local government.

Mike Clarke: senior Consultant to Blewett. Later Secretary, Dept Premier & Cabinet (Tasmania), then Deputy Secretary, Dept of Administrative Services (Canberra). Later ran his own outfit Oceana Consulting.

Peter Cochrane: former Hawke/Keating govt ministerial adviser who later headed Parks Australia, which meant he was Czar of Australia's Commonwealth National Parks, including Uluru, Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef and Jervis Bay. Regarded by some as the best job in the land.

Howard Conkey: former media adviser to Stewart West who went on to the bureaucracy as Communications Manager, federal Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Paul Conn: former adviser to Graham Richardson who became a senior official at Centrelink

Brenda Conroy: the ABC reporter who became media advisor to Carmen Lawrence when Minister for Women and then married ABC journeyman Mark Simkin who landed foreign correspondent gigs in Tokyo and Washington.

Trevor Cook: former adviser to John Dawkins and Simon Crean from 1987-91 who went on to become a blogging expert and lobbyist with Jackson Wells Morris.

Michael Costello: former senior adviser to Bill Hayden, was deputy CEO of the ASX, became Kim Beazley's chief of staff in Opposition and then a columnist with The Australian and chairman of ActewAGL.

David Cox: advised a variety of Labor ministers over 10 years, then served on Latham's front-bench before bowing out of politics.

Michael Crawford: former Graham Richardson senior adviser who then became a very happy father to twin boys and worked for Austrade.

Louise Cullen: from the Hawke press office to the staff of the late Senator Peter Cook.

Michael Danby: briefly (1993 - 1994) assistant private secretary to Barry Cohen, Minister for Environment, then for Alan Griffiths; industrial officer for Shoppies Union, elected MHR for Melbourne Ports in 1998

Scott Davies: former Sylvia Smith staffer, then to PR for Pfizer Australia.

Michael Deegan: chief of staff to Frank Walker and later became Transport supremo in NSW and a senior policy adviser to Steve Bracks in Victoria.

Michael Delaney: former Whitlam staffer who became John Dawkins' first chief of staff, later became a policy consultant, and long-time head of the Motor Trades Association Australia.

Stephen Dellar: former John Dawkins staffer who joined Health department in Canberra.

Anne De Salis: former Keating adviser, who took a senior post at AMP.

Justin Di Lollo: former political adviser in the Hawke and Keating Governments who is the managing director of Hawker Britton public affairs solutions.

Dimitris Dollis: a former advisor to Brian Howe and Mick Young back in 1988 and then later a state politician himself in Victoria until he was ditched by Labor Party from his seat of Richmond shortly before the 1999 state election, partly because he spent too much time in Greece. His career reached a new high after the Greek debt crisis when he was elevated to Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Papandreou Socialist government. Check out his biography on the official Greek foreign affairs website.

Graeme Domm: former Button advisor was working for Fenton Communications and then headed RMIT Public Relations school.

John Donovan:
adviser to Ros Kelly as Minister for Sports; a witness to the whiteboard ‘sports rorts' affair; then became adviser to John Brumby as Victorian Opposition leader; has a low-key political consultancy, JD Consulting, and runs a publicity outfit for funds managers (AFM Investment Partners Pty Ltd) specializing in the industry funds space; appointed a director of Gippsland Water in 2009.

John Edwards: former economics adviser to Keating when PM who became chief economist at HSBC.

Craig Emerson: former senior adviser to Hawke and now a minister in the Rudd-Gillard Governments.

Alan Evans: headed John Dawkins' office when he was Treasurer, then boss of pharmaceuticals industry association and then became out-spoken President of the NRMA where he remains a director.

Geoff Evans: long-term adviser with Minister Jim McClelland, then with John Button and then finished up quietly farming away near Cooma in NSW.

David Epstein: former adviser to Gordon Bilney and John Dawkins, then ran ANIMALS before joining Government Relations Australia with Dawkins, returning to work for Rudd before easing into a comfortable well paid gig heading PR at Qantas.

Richard Farmer: political journalist who became a Hawke adviser, chaired listed gambling outfit Canbet and writes excellent daily punditry for Crikey.

Graham Freudenberg: Bob Hawke's former speech writer kept his hand in for the big occasions with many politicians, notably Bob Carr and Kim Beazley.

Melanie Fisher: ex Bob Collins staffer who landed a senior post at the Bureau of Resource Sciences.

Michael Fleming: senior private secretary to Michael Duffy (1993 – 1997) as Minister for Communications and then Minister for Trade Negotiations; returned to the Victorian Bar and appointed Senior Counsel in 2010.

Michael Fullilove: ex youth adviser to Keating who then went to the Lowy Institute and has produced numerous books and articles on international affairs, plus is an excellent pundit on the ABC.

Lynne Gallagher: After a career in the Treasury, and as an adviser to Paul Keating, went on to work for Brian Howe as Chief of Staff (1991-1995), before taking on senior roles providing strategic economic advice to corporate Australia. Was working as Craig Emerson's senior economic adviser (2009-10) and is now with Simon Crean.

Brett Gale: former Richardson staffer and Gary Punch advisor, worked with Knight at the Olympics and spent 2 years in US at Harvard and Yale before returning as chief of staff to Sandra Nori, the then NSW Minister for Sport Rec and Tourism.

Ross Garnaut: former Economics Adviser to Hawke when PM, went on to become Ambassador to Beijing, now a professor in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at ANU, and chairman of various companies, including Lihir Gold. Also became the guru on climate change before Rudd ditched his advice.

Linda Gordon: ex Bob Collins staffer who became a drought policy specialist academic at the ANU.

Gervase Greene: former press secretary to Attorney General Lionel Bowen who became chief spinner at the ASX before heading to Perth with Rio Tinto.

Jim Groves: former Peter Baldwin chief of staff then worked for National Rural Health Alliance, plus also did private consulting.

Nick Gruen: adviser to John Button, Minister for Industry & Commerce (1993 – 1996); then Commissioner of the Productivity Commission, now an independent economist, Crikey contributor and newspaper columnist and mortgage broker.

Allan Gyngell: former foreign policy adviser to Keating, worked for citizen Keating post-1996, then headed the Lowy Institute for International Policy. He then resigned
from the Lowy Institute to become Director General of the Office of National Affairs.

Robin Harris: former John Dawkins spinner who joined Government Relations Australia with his old boss.

Kate Harrison: former adviser to Attorney General Michael Lavarch who became a partner at Sydney law firm Gilbert + Tobin.

Andre Haermeyer: worked for Robert Ray, Peter Cleeland and Ralph Willis between 1984-89, then was a rather unsuccessful Victorian Police Minister. He is now living in Frankfurt as the Commissioner for Victoria regularly communting around Europe.

Robin Harris: a former media and policy adviser to the former Labor Treasurer, John Dawkins. Has moved on to be a director of GRA.

Allan Hawke: was Deputy Secretary in the Defence Department before heading up Keating's office from 1993-95, then went on to PMC and later to head the departments of Veterans, Transport and Defence, under Howard.

Grant Hehir: former adviser to Stewart West 1986-89 who rose to become a Deputy Secretary of Victoria's Premier's Department under Steve Bracks.

Ken Henry: former Keating adviser who Costello retained as secretary of the Treasury, a position he remains in today.

Fiona Hitchen: former Gareth Evans, ALP National Secretariart, Bob Collins and Con Sciacca staffer - went to A-G's early in 1997 and did Public Affairs and National Security for a long time before heading to Federal Health in Public Affairs.

Bob Hogg: Hawke's first senior adviser, went on to become ALP national secretary and a columnist for The AFR. Did consulting work for the colourful John Singleton and is partnered to Maxine McKew, the member for Bennelong.

Greg Holland: former adviser to Susan Ryan and ex Burson-Marstellar. Became a lobbyist-consultant for Enhance and lost for Labor in Hughes against the laughable Danna Vale.

Sandy Hollway: former Hawke chief of staff, since head of the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and now Adjunct Professor at UTS and head of the ACT Bushfire Recovery Taskforce and director of numerous companies including TFG International.

Linda Hornsey: former media adviser to the Minister for Social Security, Don Grimes. Headed media for Field Government in Tasmania, then Chief of staff to Tassie opposition leader in March 1997 before heading Tasmanian Premiers Department.

Lisa Hunt: former adviser to Nick Bolkus joined Carl Scully as Chief of Staff and then became a very effective General Manager NSW for Transurban before new CEO Chris Lynch embarked on a foolish cost cutting program.

Jim Hyde: former adviser to Peter Duncan 1988-90 who went back to being a surgeon and also was a spokesperson for the AMA in Victoria.

Morris Iemma: former Graham Richardson adviser, who became NSW Premier before being shafted by the factional bosses and left out to dry by Kevin Rudd.

Liz Jakubowski: former Nick Bolkus and Morris staffer, then onto ABC corporate and head of PR at NSW Health Department.

"Johnno" Johnson: former Beazley staffer who became a Canberra lobbyist, sharing offices with Steve Carney and former Warwick Parer staffer Penny Fischer, whose mother is Pru Goward.

Kevin Keefe: former senior adviser to Robert Tickner who then took a senior position in the Department of Environment and Heritage, where he looked after World Heritage for a number of years. Wrote the biography of Patrick Dodson.

Chris Keely: former adviser to Duncan Kerr, Michael Lee, headed the Video Industry Association before joining Hollywood studios cable channel vehicle Movie Network as heading Legal and Business (Warner Bros., Disney and MGM) then General Manager of the Movie Network. Then appointed as General Manager Optus TV. Chair of Main Event TV the adult content and PPV vehicle for Foxtel, Optus and Austar. Latest gig

Hugo Kelly: former Age journalist who was briefly press secretary for Brian Howe in mid-1990s and then had a few PR gigs before spending six years contributing to Crikey until 2006.

Adam Kilgour: former Nick Bolkus staffer, now built up the Labor-friendly lobbying outfit CPR which is now owned by the struggling Photon Group.

Jack Lake: former Bob Collins staffer, who became a loyal and long serving opposition staffer for a string of agriculture and transport shadow ministers.

Simon Lake: former adviser to Duncan Kerr, joined Australian Writers Guild before heading the copyright collecting agency, Screenrights.

Heather Le Nevez: former Graham Richardson adviser who stayed with the department of Family and Community Services for many more years.

Geoff Leach: former John Button staffer and DFAT impressario who then headed boutique Government Affairs company AusAccess.

Paul Levins: ex Peter Baldwin staffer who worked for NSW Health Minister Craig Knowles, and then established Levins Consulting after a stint in the US.

John Mackay: former senior adviser to Stewart West 1989-90, who became CEO of ACT Electricity and Water.

Michelle Macaulay: former Richardson staffer who then worked at Health in Canberra.

Michael Magazanik: former press secretary to Duncan Kerr when he was Justice Minister, then covered politics for The Age and The Australian and is now with Slater & Gordon.

Michael Mangos: former Hawke/Ray staffer spent some time with Victorian ministers and now at Tattersalls in corporate affairs.

Sam Mostyn
: former adviser to two Federal Communications Ministers and then joined PM Keating as communications advisor. Joined Optus Vision as Regulatory Director, migrated to Optus Communications similar role as the two Optus companies became one. Following a stint as HR Director at Cable and Wireless and then Optus, Mostyn joined IAG as Director Corporate Reputation. Following her time with IAG, in 2005 she became the first woman appointed as a commissioner of the AFL.

Ashley Mason: worked in Laurie Brereton's office and then did corporate affairs with Leightons.

Allen Mawer: former long-time John Dawkins staffer who became an author who produced the internationally acclaimed history of whaling called Ahab's Trade.

Chris Maxwell: senior private secretary to Gareth Evans as Attorney-General (1993-1994); returned to the Victorian Bar; appointed Supreme Court Justice and President of the Victorian Court of Appeal in 2005.

Sharon McCrohan: former Laurie Brereton staffer who became media director for Steve Bracks.

Bruce Meagher:
former Graham Richardson spinnner, went to Optus, then Austar, then consultancy work. He also worked as a lawyer in the communications practice at Freehills and in 2006 he was appointed director of strategy and communications for SBS.

Tony Melville: media adviser 1994-96 to Keating with Greg Turnbull, then to DFAT, the Australian embassy in Manila and then the Australian Industry Group.

John Mickel: former adviser to Hawke/Keating Small Business Minister David Beddall, then became Queensland State Minister for Environment and MP for Logan.

Janet Millar: former Peter Morris staffer, she went on to own her own publishing business and has worked as a journalist, speechwriter and editor. Became a director, writing and elearning at Ethos CRS - a Canberra-based communications firm.

Stephen Mills: former Hawke speechwriter, who then went to corporate relations at the ASX. The former journalist became chairman of the Australian Business Foundation.

Tom Mockridge: former Keating press secretary and adviser, then head of Foxtel, News Corp's New Zealand business and now head of Sky Italia.

Anne Morant: former adviser to Simon Crean who went to the Department of Finance.

Craddock Morton: ex Hawke/Keating adviser but recently appointed by the Coalition to the job as Director of the National Museum. After two terms, he did not seek re-election in June 2010.

Bill Nagle: former adviser to John Button, Bob Collins and Michael Lee before going on to head a number of big industry associations, such as the Energy Networks Association. Is a regular speaker on industry and regulatory economics.

Tony Nagy
: former media adviser to John Dawkins, and former Corporate Affairs for French bank BNP who also worked for PR firm Cosway.

Grant Nihill: former press secretary to Hawke, then speech writer for former Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski.

Cassy O'Connor: spent two years as Media Adviser to Justice Minister Duncan Kerr from 1993-95. Returned to Tasmania and hired as chief of staff at Southern Cross Statewide News. The mother of four was elected as the Tasmanian Greens Member for Denison in July 2008.

Shane O'Connor: former ABC foreign correspondent, then Press Secretary to Defence Minister Gordon Bilney in the first Hawke Government. Spent years until retirement in 2002 sub-editing at ABC radio Queensland.

Ray O'Halloran: former chief of staff to Brian Howe, went to the Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment as a legislation advisor.

Gary O'Neill: former senior adviser to Kim Beazley has been heading media and government relations at Crown Casino for more than a decade.

Mark O'Neill: handled environment for Paul Keating and before that, Ros Kelly, and then had a stint as Executive Director of the Australian Coal Association.

Cameron O'Reilly: former Laurie Brereton press secretary, who went to Spotless and then chief operating officer of Labor-friendly lobbyists CPR before heading up Energy Retailers Association of Australia.

Simon Overland:
former Law Enforcement adviser to Justice Minister Duncan Kerr in 1994-96, then AFP Assistant Commissioner and then solving most of the gangland murders for the Victoria Police. He was appointed Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police in 2009.

Annastacia Palaszczuk: former adviser to Keating Resources Minister David Beddall, and senior policy advisor to Qld State Minister Warren Pitt. She was elected to represent the seat of Inala in September 2006 and went on to become the Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs in 2009.

Peter Phillips: from John Dawkins, to Endeavour Consulting, to director of GRA Australia.

John Rau: private secretary to Mick Young, Special Minister of State in 1985, then to Michael Tate and Neal Blewett (Community Services and Health) to 1988; returned to legal practice in South Australia; elected to South Australian Parliament in 2002 and appointed Attorney-General in 2010.

Peter Reeves: former adviser to Minister David Simmons, now working at Charles Sturt University.

Debra Richards: former adviser to Michael Lee in Communications and the Arts from 1994 to 1996. Rejoined Australian Broadcasting Authority before being appointed as CEO of ASTRA, the pay TV industry association.

David Richardson: former Brian Howe staffer, now in the Parliamentary Library.

Dennis Richardson: was Hawke's chief of staff/principal adviser from 1990-91. He had a public service background, serving in PM&C and elsewhere, then headed ASIO for 10 years and now secretary of the DFAT.

Les Roberts: former Simon Crean and Bob Collins staffer and at one point went on to head the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Sebastian Roberts: adviser to Simon Crean who became the ACCC's water regulation guru.

Greg Rudd: older brother of Kevin and former senior adviser to Con Sciacca 1990-1996 (Parl Sec and Minister), who ran his Brisbane-based Open Door Consulting before giving it away after Rudd elected PM.

Don Russell: Keating's senior adviser became Ambassador in Washington, then joined funds management outfit Sandford C Bernstein in New York before returing to Sydney with WestAM.

Mark Ryan: former senior adviser to Paul Keating', has been a political fixer with Westfield for more than a decade.

Michael Samaras: adviser to Admin Services Minister Stewart West, then Environment adviser to Carr government, media consultant, Botanic Gardens board member, SMH book reviewer and unsuccessful Left candidate for ALP National President.

Charles Savage: former John Kerin and Alan Griffiths staffer, then ACCC speech writer, bread maker extraordinaire at Silo Bakery and novelist.

Stephen Sedgwick:
was a political adviser during the Hawke-Keating years, he has since been Secretary of the Department of Finance for five years, Secretary of DETYA and had periods with Treasury, PMC and the PM's office. He was a director of Centrelink from its inception in 1997 until 1999 and commenced as the Australian Public Service Commissioner in December 2009.

Brendan Sheehan: formerly Bob McMullan's chief of staff and adviser to John Dawkins, and former chief of staff for Lynne Kosky, the now retired Minister for Transport.

David Shires: former Gareth Evans staffer, went to Telstra and unfortunately passed away in 2003.

Ric Simes: was ex-Treasury and worked for Keating as economic adviser when he was Treasurer and then Prime Minister. He went to Rothschild as chief economist and then was appointed to the NSW Government Metropolitan Strategy Reference Panel.

Daryl Smeaton: former senior adviser to Michael Tait who also headed the Federal Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation and has sometimes been spokesperson for parents of children in Catholic schools.

Stephen Smith: former Keating adviser, now foreign affairs minister in the Rudd-Gillard government.

Jon Stanhope: former Family Law adviser to Attorney General Michael Lavarch, now Chief Minister of ACT.

Leanne Stove: former adviser to Stewart West 1987-90, who became a senior manager at Media Monitors.

Harold Thornton: former adviser to Stewart West 1988-90 who became Research Manager, Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

David Tierney: former staffer to Graham Richardson, then development manager at the colourful Multiplex.

Kathleen Townsend:
former Human Rights adviser to Attorney General Michael Lavarch from 1993-94. Went on to head the Office of the Status of Women for around two years before establishing the successful executive career recruitment agency Kathleen Townsend Executive Solutions.

Greg Turnbull: last press secretary for Paul Keating who stayed on with Kim Beazley, but then returned to journalism with Channel Ten in 2002.

Cathy Walker: policy adviser to Don Grimes, then to Neal Blewett and later spend time with Foreign Affairs (AusAid) in the Solomon Islands.

Geoff Walsh: senior adviser to former PM's Keating and Hawke, then Consul in Hong Kong, ALP national secretary, lobbying for spinning outfit Gavin Anderson and then head of government relations for BHP-Billiton.

Kerry-Anne Walsh: press secretary to the only left-winger in the first Hawke cabinet, Immigration Minister Stewart West. Then became federal political correspondent for Fairfax's Sydney Sunday, The Sun-Herald, until 2009.

Mark Warberton: ex Peter Baldwin staffer who then joined Department of Family and Community Services.

Barbara Ward:
was Keating's closest adviser between 1979-85 who went on to work for TNT and Ansett, and sits on a host of boards such as NorthPower, Commonwealth Bank, Country Energy, Lion Nathan, Multiplex, The Opera House and the Australia Day Council. Is trying to forget her time on the Allco board which she quit 10 months before the collapse.

Patti Warn: former Whitlam staffer, then Policy adviser to Don Grimes, to Neal Blewett, to Graham Richardson, now retired.

Don Watson:
the last speechwriter to the former PM Paul Keating, has been busy writing books on his former boss and language.

Dick Wells: former ministerial staffer for John Kerin who went on to head the Minerals Council and then became executive director of the Food and Grocery Council. Interestingly, when Dick was Minerals, Food and Grocery was run by Mitch Hooke, who took over Dick's old job at Minerals.

Shane Wells: former adviser to Con Sciacca when Veterans Affairs Minister 1993-1996 who became ABC Corporate Media Manager for many years, and now runs his own company, Wells Communications.

Steve Whan: sports adviser to Ros Kelly during the 1993 White Board incident, now State Member for Monaro in the NSW Parliament.

Bob Whiddon: former adviser to Foreign Minister Bill Hayden, then became former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's chief-of-staff.

Hugh White: senior Defence adviser to Kim Beazley and Bob Hawke, then Deputy Secretary for Strategy in Defence from 1995 to 2000. Appointed first Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and is a regular media pundit.

Neil Williams: adviser to Arthur Gietzelt (minister for Veterans' Affairs, 1983-1984) then senior private secretary to Gareth Evans as Attorney-General; returned to legal practice in Sydney; now a Senior Counsel.

Janet Willis: former senior adviser to Graham Richardson who then became a departmental speech writes for Howard FACS Ministers Kaye Patterson and Larry Anthony.

Peter Willis: private secretary to Gareth Evans and Lionel Bowen, as Attorney-general (1984 – 1986); returned to legal practice, in Melbourne and London as partner of a big law firm; now at the Victorian Bar.