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Examples of tough op-ed pieces against Kennett

February 14, 2010

Here are some of the tough anti-Kennett opinion pieces that appeared on Andrew Bolt's opinion pages in the Herald Sun during the 1990s.

Time to behave like a real Premier
May 17, 1996
Terry McCrann slams the dodgy Kennett Guangdong share deals

This $8 million is absurd
August 3, 1994
Terry McCrann rips into the $8 million salary package given to Tabcorp CEO Ross Wilson

Kennett's blind spot
September 27, 1995
Stephen Mayne on Jeff Kennett's blind spot over conflict of interest after $250m property deal with his brother-in-law

So sorry, Mr Premier
May 10, 1996
Andrew Bolt pours on the sarcasm after Kennett's attacks on the Herald Sun

Disclosure is the key
May 23, 1996
Terry McCrann nails Jeff's failure to disclosure questionable share deals

A jackpot of stumbles
March 12, 1996
Stephen Mayne hops into gambling license give-aways

Share play raises some disturbing questions
May 16, 1996
McCrann goes very close to saying Jeff unfit for office over share deals

A question of conflict

October 25, 1996
Stephen Mayne picks over various conflicts of interest