2009 Mayne Report editions

March 5, 2020

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December - 2 in total

Ten tilt, mayoralty vote, David Jones audio, Seek AGM audio and some other odds and sods
December 10, 2009

Woolies, Higgins, Manningham, upcoming elections, Fairfax, Centro, Rich List, Rams, Fitzie and much more
December 6, 2009

- 2 regular editions and one special after Woolies AGM

Pokies debate shut down at Woolies AGM
November 26, 2009

Seven AGM, crazy Perth visit, Fairfax, Telstra, Transfield, capital raisings and much more
November 9, 2009

Myer tanks, AWB rip-off, Packer audio, AGM season, Transurban, Manningham, Bendigo, capital raisings, pokies and much more
November 2, 2009

October - only 2 editions but they were big

News Corp AGM, Packer, Fairfax, James Strong, Woolies, Eastern Golf, Kohler-Gatto and much more
October 20, 2009

ASX AGM, Fairfax, capital raisings, MAP, Bulleen Boomers, Manningham, classic Cornwall, AGM schedule and much more
October 5, 2009

September - 4 editions

Compass, MAP, dodgy SPPs, exec pay, Mirrabooka AGM, Manningham, capital raisings, Rich List and much more
September 26, 2009

Fairfax, RACV elections, MAP, capital raisings, Manningham, Wallis, hostile EGMs, video, AGM diary, rich list and much more
September 22, 2009

Bad Bendigo, Mark Day, Manningham, pokies, NAB, Asciano, Rich List, Paladin, hostile EGMs and much more
September 15, 2009

Elders rip-off, NAB excuses, Woolies grog push, Virgin scale back, Australand windfall, McCrann, Walkleys, activism, Macek, AMP and much more
September 8, 2009

August - 4 editions

Come along tomorrow, Fairfax article, profit season, Business View, Australand looks good and NAB scandal
August 28, 2009

NAB shafting, capital raisings, pokies, council taxes, REA Group, Laker, Richies and much more
August 25, 2009

Manningham, bank bashing, capital raisings, Fairfax, Asciano, NAB, McCrann, Charlie Aitken, developers and much more
August 17, 2009

Macquarie, Trevor Rowe, capital raisings, Murdoch, Rich List, Qld In and much more
August 7, 2009

July - 2 editions

Macquarie AGM, Melbourne's decline, Asciano EGM, capital raisings, Goyder's pokies, speeches, fire, AGM diary and much more
July 28, 2009

Asciano, capital raisings, AGM schedule, Rich List, ASIC jail list, PC transcript and much more
July 17, 2009

June - 3 editions

Fronting Felsy, Macquarie Leisure opportunity, Asciano, scale-backs, Rich List and much more
June 23, 2009

Capital raisings, scale backs, Asciano, OZ, pay, Nufarm, Exxon, Rich List and more
June 16, 2009

Rio-BHP, Oz Minerals, GPT AGM, Bluescope windfall, capital raisings, Rich List and much more
June 8, 2009

May - 3 editions

Revealing all on the capital raisings front, plus much more
May 23, 2006

Lock-up, debt, Crown deal, Telstra, Oz Minerals tilt, Macquarie, capital raisings, AXA, Alumina and Westfield
May 12, 2009

Macquarie's unprecedented negative pay packets and Bongo Drongo fires one back
May 1, 2009

April - 5 editions

Allco, bad debts, Paris Hilton, AMP, Future Fund, Rich List, GPT, Cornwall, Rio, Caltex and 50k windfall
April 30, 2009

Rio board lashed in Sydney but Sir Rod survives
April 20, 2009

Brisconnections, David Murray, Rio Tinto, Gwalia payout, Oz Minerals tilt, AGM webcasts, Rich List and 40k trading windfall
April19, 2009

QBE AGM, Insight, CFS, Fairfax windfall, Westfield, BrisConnections and dodgy capital raisings
April 9, 2009

Brisconnections, Fairfax windfall, Oz Minerals tilt, City Pacific, Defence, Westfield, The Prince, Rich List and much more
April 6, 2009

March - 4 editions

Risk Metrics conference, Oz Minerals tilt, Westfield pay, Cornwall cartoon, Rich List, better trading profits and much more
March 31, 2009

Bligh's debt blight, Quills, Fairfax, Babcock, Woolies walloped, Westfield's apartment tower, new Rich Listers, SPP profits and much more
March 22, 2009

Media tart video, disappearing billionaires, Sir Rod, Tanner's delusions, PMP, Babcock, Woolies' pokies, Wesfarmers, Rich List and much more
March 12, 2009

Record losses, Timbercorp AGM, Wesfarmers, Fairfax, PacBrands, Rich List, Hedley and great lists
March 3, 2009

February - 4 editions

Record week for red ink, Wesfarmers opportunity, Chinalco polling, farm sell-off, CSR baggage, capital raising losses, Babcock insult, Rich List and Packer probity issue
February 23, 2009

China bids everywhere, huge write-downs, pokies, Nylex, Rupert, CBA rip-offs and much more
February 16, 2009

Tax and slash coming, CBA rip-off, Suncorp conflicts, PMP stinker, Asciano, Boral, ASIC and Rich List
February 12, 2009

Rudd's hypocrisy, News Corp loss, Westfield, state borrowing, capital deluge and much more
February 6, 2009

January - 4 editions

Huge write-downs, Orica AGM, Wesfarmers opportunity, Macquarie, Babcock, SPPs, Perpetual, Rich List and rumours of journo being charged
January 30, 2009

Bank crisis, BHP dive, Macquarie conflicts, Phil Green loan, Rio rolls and playing the SPPs
January 22, 2009

Bye bye Babcock, Allco jackboots, ANZ failings, goodbye goodwill, Telstra tangle, Rich List, Madoff, Manningham, Westfield and biotech barney

January 14, 2009

Surviving the silly season, Babcock's hit, Macquarie Office, Frank Costa's pokies spin, 2009 AGM targets, SPP plays and more sell-downs
January 8, 2009

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