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Capital works projects exceeding 500k over current council term

June 3, 2024

Capital works projects exceeding 500k over current council term.

Petty's Reserve, $11 million: the soccer facility was initially budgeted at $8 million when construction started in May 2020 but came in at $11 million when it was finished in 2023. See explanation on complications from the contractor.

Schramm Cottage: appeared in the 2023-24 budget at $2.2m then officers recommended abandoning the project but Crs overturned this and it appeared in the 2024-25 budget at $3.1m. First appeared in 21-22 budget at 615k.

Deep Creek Reserve baseball pavilion: delivered for $3.44m in 2024 with a $60,000 contribution from the club. Contract disclosed in 2021-22 annual report. This included a 480k grant from the state government.

Melbourne Hill Rd Drainage: appeared in the 2023-24 budget at $3.2m and was $3.75m in 21-22 budget. Construction began in mid-2023 with Kalow Holdings the contractor.

Templestowe route upgrade: budgeted to spend $2.95m in 22-23 but was less than $1m for that year. Overall estimated spend is $12m with $5m from the Federal Government. There is $1.4m in the budget for 24-25.

Tuckers Rd footpath and road upgrade: $1m in the 21-22 budget, but the two contracts let were worth $1.662m and $1.3m, as per the 21-22 annual report, for a total spend of $2.96m.

Traffic Lights on the corner of Tram Rd and Merlin St, $2.8 million: has appeared in the past 4 budgets with the costs rising as the delays dragged on. Was $2m in 21-22 budget and is $2.8m in the 24-25 budget. Has tapped the Doncaster Hill DCP for some of the preliminary works so far.

Hepburn Reserve, $2.3 million: after buying 4 houses over more than a decade, council spent the money building the park in calendar 2024.

Yarra St and Everard Drive drainage: 21-22 annual report disclosed a $2.1m contract was let.

Main Yarra Trail Extension to Warrandyte: appeared in 21-22 budget at $2m.

Schramms Reserve North pavillion: majority funded by a $1.2m state government grant and delivered in 2023 after spending $2m. Officially opened in May 2024. Appeared in 21-22 budget at $1.8m and contract let was worth $1.98m as per 21-22 annual report. Local Labor MP Shaun Leane said council's contribution was only $92,000 when we spent around $700,000.

34 Clay Drive, $1.8 million: purchased the residential property in Doncaster backing onto Walker Reserve in June 2024.

Rieschiecks Reserve modular pavillion: after a late change to expand the social area from 70sqm to 100sqm was delivered for $1.6 million in 2022. Originally $1.274m in the 21-22 budget.

Extension of Tunstall Square kindergarten: $1.47m construction contract let in 2022-23 and completed in 2024. The state contributed $774,700 so council's spend was 696k.

35 Hakea St, $1.45 million: purchased the house next to the council-owned Yarra Valley pre-school in 2023 and then demolished it in 2024. No budget in 24-25 to utilise the site, such as creating a car park for the kinder.

Domeney Reserve: completed upgrade in 2020-21. The original budget was $1.27m but the tender came in at $1.7m. There was some funding from the state.

Warrandyte River Reserve: completed $1.1m upgrade in 2020-21.

Knees Rd, Park Orchards: completed $1.1m worth of improvements in 2020-21.

Resurfacing Tom Kelly athletics track: $1.2m in the 21-22 budget, plus a lighting upgrade at the reserve also received some Federal funding in 2020. There was also a $395,000 grant for Rieschieks car park construction.

Ruffey Lake Park Waldau playground: initially budget at 825k for 2022-23 but this was carried forward and then appeared in 23-24 budget at $1.025m.

Foote St traffic signals at Ruffey Creek: initially appeared in 22-23 budget at $1m and then carried forward and appeared in the 2023-24 budget at $800,000. Then appeared in the 2024-25 budget at 700k despite being completed in June 2024.

Templestowe RSL, $720,000: the upgrade promised after council bought the building for $1.3 million in late 2020 was initially forecast to cost 150k but came in at 720k as per contract disclosed in 21-22 annual report. Was funded by a 575k transfer from the Tuckers Rd footpath budget in 22-23.

Donvale Bowls Club: $1.05m Mullum Mullum bowls pavilion contract was budgeted but not let in 2020-21 and now there is a 700k allocation in the 24-25 budget, but that is for a green resurfacing.

Hepburn Rd extension to Clay Drive: completed $700,000 project in 2020-21.

Refurbishment of Finns Reserve scout hall: $619,000 contract let in 2022-23.

Blair St Warrandyte drainage works: has a 600k allocation in the 24-25 budget.

Macedon Square safety improvements: 468k in the 2022-23 budget but this was delayed and rolled into 23-24 with the total project coming to ????

Wonga Park Netball courts resurfacing and lighting: appeared in the 23-24 budget at 553k and ????

Brackenbury St drainage in Warrandyte: $615,000 contract let in 2022-23.

Swanston Reserve Skate Facility: appeared in 23-24 budget at 550k and delivered.

Reconstruction of tennis courts 6 and 7 at Templestowe Reserve: Initially budgeted for 406k in 2022-23 but this was carried forward. 500k contract let in 2022-23, completed in 2024. Lights were an additional 6 figure sum.

Modular building for the BMX club: 496k contract let as per 21-22 annual report, ended up spending 588k as per March 2023 quarterly report.

McGowans Rd Donvale footpath: 473k contract disclosed in 21-22 annual report.

Wonga Park Kindergarten: received a 138k state govt grant in 2022.