Cr Mayne

Past City of Manningham budgets

May 26, 2024

Past City of Manningham budgets.

2020-21: Rates predicted $108.6m and waste charge $13.8m based on $263.50 per property, the same as 2019-20. This was 12.57% of the total $2096. Net equity $2.2b and capital works budget a record $49.9m. Waste reserve was forecast to fall from $9m to $8m by June 30, 2021. Land was valued at $986m by June 2020.

2021-22: Rates capped at 1.5% but we increased waste charge by 13.5% to $15.9m, which was 14% of the total $113.8m. The increase was $35.50 to $299. Capital works soared to $58.7m, but we didn't spend any of the $5m set aside for property acquisitions. Tram and Merlin pitched at $2m. Restricted waste was forecast to drop from $9.1m to $8.6m.

2022-23: Rates capped at 1.75%. Waste charge rose 3.51% and budgeted to bring in $16.65m, which was 14.26% of the total $116.7m. Base rate charge was 14.11% of the total being $309.50 out of $2193. Capital works promised at a record $65.2m. Waste reserve forecast to fall from $9.46 to $6.46m with introduction of FOGO, but it was still $9.4m 12 months later.

2023-24: Rates capped at 3.5%. Waste charge brought in $17.5m out of $122.4m or some 14.3% after a 4% increase which lifted if from $309.50 to $322. Capital works pitched at $54m. Circular economy fund tipped to drop from $9.4m to $8.2m, it dropped to $8.1m.

2024-25 (starts p223): Rates capped at 2.75%. Waste charges proposed to be lifted by 2.75% from $322 to $330.85 which would be 14.17% of the total average rates and charges bill of $2334.46. Total waste revenue would be $18.2m, or 14.04% of the total $129.64m. Waste revenue jumped 32% on the $13.8m collected in 2020-21 when the rate charge was frozen at $263.50. Capital works $54m. Waste reserve tipped to reduce from $8.1m to $5.25m, but it has only fallen by $1 million over the past 4 years. Total equity hit $2.75 billion by March 30, 2024, a $550m increase over 4 years.