Named and shamed: 168 last day laggard AGMs on November 30

December 5, 2023

This list tracks the disorganised companies which held their AGMs on Thursday, November 30, 2023, the last possible day under the law and the ASX listing rules for companies with a June 30 balance date. 30 had communicated with the ASX before the 10am opening of trade, 52 by 11am, 71 by 1pm and 40 which landed after 6pm. There were 3 more (Argenica, Korab Resources and Peppermint Innovations) who fessed up on December 1, hence the increase from 165 to 168.

333D Ltd (T3D): no protest votes against the 3D printing outfit.

4DS Memory (4DS): just 2 pages from the chair and protest votes of 5-14% against all 8 resolutions. Market cap: $157.4m.

Adherium (ADR): respiratory eheath hopeful with 18 slides and no early proxies. 27% rem strike, similar protest against a director and a rare share consolidation.

Adisyn (AI1): used to be known as DC Two Ltd and no protest votes.

AD1 Holdings (AD1): just one page of formals. 18% against rem but Nick Smedley got back with 98%.

Alice Queen Ltd (AQX): 9.7% against an options grant the only protest.

Altamin (AOI): no protest votes. Market cap: $20.4m.

Alto Metals (AME): fairly uniform 15% protest vote against all 10 resolutions. Market cap: $30.7m.

Argenica Therapeutics (AGN): AGM started in Perth at 4pm on November 30 so these results didn't land until December 1. Two protests of 26.5% against pay resolutions. Market cap 43.6m.

Artrya Ltd (AYA): just 3 pages of formals from medical AI outfit. Two chunky protest votes. Love the company slogan: "Coronary artery disease. We see you". Market cap: $15.3m.

Atlantic Lithium (A11): African lithium wannabe with 4 page "AGM Statement" but no early proxies. Rem strike amidst protests on 6 of these resolutions. Market cap: $315m.

Atomos (AMS):
chair address spruiks being a Swanston St based globally leading video technology company. 33% against rem on proxies so poll was strangely postponed until December 28. Two other similar protest votes.

Audalia Resources (ACP): not a single protest vote against any of the 5 resolutions. Not one. Zero.

Aumake (AUK): 12 items with 11 of them deemed to be 100% supported and one less popular item at 99.9%. There were still thousands of actual against votes, unlike the company above.

AusCann (AC8): no protest votes.

Australian Agricultural Products (AAP): no protest votes.

Australian Pacific Coal (APC): 15 slides no early proxies. No protest votes and 99.8% against spill resolution. Clearly fixed the rem issue from last year.

AXP Energy (AXP): no protest on either item.

Azure Minerals (AZS):
22% against director fee cap rise. These 15 slides trumpeted the lithium miner's $1.76b market cap. So why the last day AGM? Market cap: $1.83 billion.

Bathurst Resources (BRL): a skinny 2 pages from the chair. Only protest 14.5% against 10% expansion of placement capacity. Market cap: $187.5m.

Beam (BCC):
13 slides, seem to be doing well. No second strike and biggest protest 7.5% against extra 10% placement capacity. Market cap: $16.4m.

Betmakers (BET): see 4 page CEO address. No early proxies. 20% against rem, 17% against new constitution and minor protests against both directors. Market cap: $80.6m.

Blackcat Syndicate (BC8):
37 pages of heavy spruiking slides from aspiring WA miner which claimed a $124m market cap. Only protest 12.6% against constitutional change. Actual market cap: $76m.

Blackwall (BWF): no protest votes. Market cap: $30.6m.

Bluebet (BBT): just 5 pages of text in these formals and no proxies. No protests on 10 items. Market cap: $38m.

Bluechip Ltd (BCT):
22 slides, but no early proxies. Biggest protest 15% against CEO's LTI grant. Market cap: $16.5m.

Bounty Oil & Gas NL (BUY): no protest votes.

BPH Energy (BPH): More than 99% in favour of all items. Market cap: $22.7m.

Caravel Minerals (CVV): 19 upbeat slides from company that touts itself as Australia's next big copper producer. No protest votes. Market cap: $99.6m.

Careteq (CTQ): only protest 15% against approval of prior options issue.

Cardiex (CDX): 26 slides, no early proxies and no protest votes.

Carly Holdings (CL8):
skinny 8 paragraphs from chair and no protest votes.

Cauldron Energy (CXU): no protest votes. Market cap: $20.4m.

Chilwa Minerals (CHW): 100% in favour of all 3 resolutions, so literally zero against votes. Market cap: $10m.

ClearVue (CPV): 23 slides but no proxies. No protests after rem strike last year. Market cap: $104.2m.

Conico (CNJ): no protest votes.

Cosmo Metals (CMO): no protest votes.

Constellation Technologies (CT1): no protest votes. Released these 15 slides after the AGM for some reason.

CZR Resources (CZR): no protest votes. Market cap: $54.2m.

Dart Mining (DTM): 19 slides, no early proxies. No protest votes in 10 resolutions but need percentages added.

Dalaroo Metals (DAL): no protest votes.

Dateline Resources (DTR): 2 page chair address from Mark Johnson AO. No major protests or percentages in these voting results. Market cap: $13.1m.

Delorean Corp (DEL): 27 slides, no early proxies from Perth-based "bio-energy pioneer" with no female directors. 38% against ratification of earlier share issue.

Design Milk Co (DMC):
100% in favour of all resolutions but there was 1 proxy vote, yes 1, against the rem report. Was swamped by 11m in favour.

Dorsavi (DVL): 9 slides rom outfit focused on helping with spines. Caroline Elliott on the board. A 66% remuneration against vote on the proxies finished at just 7% after a big floor vote. No other protests.

Eden Innovations (EDE): 34% rem strike was the biggest of several protests.

Emperor Energy (EMP): no protest votes.

Empire Resources (ERL): just 8 paragraphs from the chair. Very narrow rem strike.

an upbeat 27 slides but still a 59% rem strike and withdrawn share consolidation resolution amidst other protests. The NL is very prominent too. Terry Sweeter on the board.

Equus Mining (EQE): the Sydney-based outfit adjourned its AGM until February 29 after only giving notice of the meeting on November 28. However, they snuck through the re-election of director David Coupland before the adjournment.

Everest Metals (EMC): 27 optimistic slides with no early proxies. Market cap: $14.4m.

EverGreen Lithium (EG1): no protest votes. Market cap: $33.5m.

Far East Gold (FEG): no protest votes. Market cap: $41.2m.

Felix Gold (FXG): no protest votes. Market cap: $10.8m.

Flynn Gold (FG1): no early proxies in this preso. No protest votes. $11.3m.

Freehill Mining (FHS):
2 pages from chair of aspiring magnetite miner in Chile. No protest votes.

Golden Deeps (GED):
literally not a single vote opposed any of these 3 hard to read resolutions.

Golden Mile Resources (G88): 12 slides, no early proxies, but no protest votes.

Gratifii (GTI): just 3 pages of formals from the Surry Hills-based loyalty company with no proxies. No protest votes. Market cap: $10.6m.

Great Divide Mining (GDM): 14 slides, no proxies. No protest votes. Market cap: $10.4m.

Great Western Exploration (GTE):
no protest votes.

Greenstone Resources (GSR): across the board protest votes including a rem strike.

Hearts & Minds Investments (HM1): 10% against all 3 directors, Chris Cuffe, David Wright and Guy Fowler and pre-lodged these 14 slides with no early proxy disclosure. Market cap: $526.2m.

Heavy Minerals (HVY): 2 protests of 16% and 20% against consideration shares and Adam Schofield's options.

Helios Energy (HE8): double digit protest votes against two directors. Market cap: $164m.

Hexagon Energy Materials (HXG): 18 slides but no early proxies. 15% against placement expansion.

Identitii (ID8):
across the board protests and narrowly missed a rem strike.

Impact Minerals (IPT): 24 hard marketing slides from this lithium wannabe. Only protest was defeat of 10% placement expansion which needed 75% but only got to 66% support. Market cap: $31.5m.

Impedimed (IPD): Brisbane-based medical tech outfit. 16 slides but no early proxies. 20% against rem and one director item withdrawn. Market cap: $243m.

Imugene (IMU):
no early proxies in these 14 fancy slides and protests of 18-25% against 7 of the 8 resolutions with only director Kim Drapkin into the 90s. Market cap: $587.5m.

Incentiapay (INP):
20 slides including early disclosure of proxies. There were no protest votes.

Indiana Resources (IDA): more than 97% in favour of all 12 resolutions. Market cap: $35.5m.

Intra Energy (IEC): biggest protest 10% against rem.

Javelin Minerals (JAV): no protest votes. Market cap: $10.8m.

Jupiter Mines (JMS): 37 slides including early disclosure of proxies. Results showed 18% against director Scott Winter. Market cap: $333m.

Kingsgate Consolidated (KCN):
15 slides from CEO which claimed the Thai gold miner had a market cap of $367m. 13% against Thai director, 10% against rem but no probs with 50% on market buyback. Actual market cap: $318m.

Knosys (KNO): 12 pages from CEO, no proxies. Narrowly missed a rem strike but director scored zero against votes.

Korab Resources (KOR): Perth-based magnesium wannabe which didn't drop these results with the ASX until December 1. No protest votes.

Krakatoa Resources (KTA): no protest votes. Market cap: $22.2m.

11% against rem report.

Lake Resources (LKE): no early proxies in these 12 slides. Lots of protests including 49% against rem report. Market cap: $220.5m.

Lakes Blue Energy (LKO): no protest votes above 10%.

Live Tiles (LVT): 18 pages, no proxies. 9 double digit protest votes with biggest 48% against rem report.

Liontown (LTR): 37 slides with no early proxies and no protest votes. Market cap: $3.36 billion.

Macquarie Technology (MAQ): a serious company which managed a 4 page chair address. Missed a rem strike by a fraction and for some reason both directors were deemed approved by the old show of hands. Market cap: $1.56 billion.

Macro Metals (M4M): no protest votes. Market cap: $12.3m.

Magnis Energy Technologies (MNS): 13 slides, no proxies. 2 director share issue resolutions were defeated. Broad protest votes across 11 resolutions. Market cap: $69.5 with stock at 0.4c. Should do a share consolidation.

Mako Gold (MKG): 10% protests across the board and withdrew name change resolution.

Mandrake Resources (MAN): no protest votes. Market cap: $25.2m.

Maximus Resources (MXR): just 2 pages from chair, plus 21 slides, but no early proxies. No protest votes. Market cap: $15.7m.

Mayne Pharma (MYX): 42 slides which included early disclosure of the proxies. Well done. 34% rem strike and 31% against CEO's LTI grant. Market cap: $393m.

MCS Services (MSG): 33% against director Adam Poulter.

Metals Australia (MLS): looks like a couple of 7% protests in these hard to read results. Market cap: $23.7m.

MGC Pharma (MXC): no protest votes. Market cap: $25.7m.

Microba Life Sciences (MAP): 27 slides, no early proxies and no protest votes either. Market cap: $95.6m.

MicroX (MX1):
5 pages from the chair and 20 slides from CEO. No protests on any of these 12 resolutions. Market cap: $64.7m.

Middle Island (MDI): no protest votes.

Midway Ltd (MWY): a Victorian tree-lopper chaired by former AWB CEO Gordon Davis. 34 slides but no early proxies. 12% against rem and both directors had double digit protest votes. Market cap: $66m.

Mighty Kingdom (MKL): the games maker copped a big remuneration strike.

Minrex Resources (MRR):
rem strike, director election resolution withdrawn and lots of other protest votes. Market cap: $23.8m.

Moho Resources (MOH): 38% rem strike and Terry Streeter withdrew his board nomination.

Mt Burgess Mining (MTB): only protest 15% against ratifying prior share issue.

My Foodie Box (MBX): no protest votes.

N1 Holdings (N1H): no protest votes. Market cap: $15.8m.

Nagambie Resources (NAG): 27 pages but no early proxies. 12 resolutions and protests against director options ranged between 13-20%. Market cap: $14.5m.

Nelson Resources (NES):
no protest votes after rem strike last year.

Netlinkz (NET):
14 resolutions but only protest 9% against a director incentive grant. Geoff Raby is on the board. Market cap: $25.3m.

Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (NSB): ridiculously long name. CEO lodged these 16 slides with no early proxies. There were no protest votes. Market cap: $10.3m.

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods (NZD): 15% against share grant to chair and 17% against changing LTI terms.

Nex Metals Exploration (NME): no protest votes.

Norfolk Metals (NFL): no protest votes.

Noumi (NOU): 30 slides, no votes. 3 options resolutions almost defeated amidst other protest votes. Market cap: $26.6m.

NT Minerals (NTM):
no protest votes.

Nucoal Resources (NCR): no protest votes.

Oakridge International (OAK): no protest votes.

Oar Resources (OAR): no protest votes.

Octava Minerals (OCT): no protest votes.

Opthea (OPT): see 2 page chair address. 3 options resolution copped 22% protests and 11% against rem report. Market cap: $275m.

Otto Energy (OEL): no protest votes. Market cap: $81.5m.

Pantera Metals (PFE): no protest votes.

Parkway Corporate (PWN): a flashy 30 slide preso but no early proxies from water treatment company. 3 modest protest votes against executive incentive resolutions. Market cap: $25.1m.

Peak Rare Earths (PEK): 20 slides, no proxies and only one minor 7% protest in 9 resolutions. Market cap: $98m.

Peppermint Innovation (PIL): held the meeting on November 30 but took until 2.42pm on December 1 to disclose these voting results with not one vote against all 3 resolutions.

Perpetual Resources (PEC): only 2 pages from executive chair. 29.4% against 10% placement cap expansion so it was defeated due to need for a 75% super majority.

Pinnacle Minerals (PIM): no protest votes.

Polymetals Resources (POL): no protest votes. Market cap: $47.2m.

Power Minerals (PNN):
announced withdrawal of David Turvey election ahead of meeting. No protest votes. Market cap: $22.2m.

Prestal Holdings (PTL): 3 pages from chair and 13 slides, but no early proxies despite no protest votes. Market cap: $69m.

Prime Financial Group (PFG): hybrid in Melbourne with all 6 resolutions above 90%. Market cap: $45.6m.

Provaris (PV1): 13 slides, no early proxies. No protest votes. Market cap: $26.4m.

Pure Hydrogen (PH2): 22 slides, no early proxies. 9.5% against rem but no worries for director Adam Giles. Market cap: $46.2m.

Rare Foods (RFA):
27 slides including 7 disclosing the proxies early. Well done. There were no protest votes.

RareX (REE): biggest protest was 18% against rem report. Market cap: $19.8m.

Regal Asian Investments (RG8): only protest 10.5% against director David Jones. Market cap: $364.5m.

Regeneus (RGS): 9 slides focused on upcoming merger. 19% against rem, 12% against LTI grant and 10% against a director.

Renegade Exploration (RNX)
: no protest votes.

Renu:energy (RNE): hydrogen play with 33 slides, no proxies. Massive 88% rem strike and 37% against directors Susan Oliver and Tony Louka.

Resources Energy Group (REZ):
no protests and results disclosed with shares and shareholders. Well done.

Retail Food Group (RFG): 32 slides from CEO and 12 slides from chair, but no early proxies. Has smoked $500m for investors as was explained in The Money Cafe podcast. No protest votes. Market cap: $137.5m.

Rivers Gold (RGL):
13% against approving prior issue to a corporate. Market cap: $10.5m.

Sabre Resources (SBR): no protests but results slide was on its side. Market cap: $15.4m.

Savannah Goldfields (SVG): 23 slides, no proxies. 18% against rem report but outside candidate failed to crack 4%. Market cap: $10m.

Sayona Mining (SYA): lithium wannabe with 45,000 shareholders. See 30 slides, no early proxies. 48% rem strike, defeated new constitution, director James Brown almost thrown out and other protests. Wow.

Scorpion Minerals (SCN): one minor 7% protest against an incentive grant.

Senetas (SEN): no early proxies in these 22 slides. Two double digit protests against CEO's LTI grant and board fee cap rise.

Silver Mines Ltd (SVL): 27 slides, but no proxies. 3 protests of around 10% against rem related items. Market cap: $231.7m.

Sprintex Ltd (SIX): no protest votes.

State Gas (GAS): a Richard Cottee chaired outfit with brief formals. No protest votes. Market cap: $35.6m.

Stellar Resources (SRZ): no protest votes.

Strike Resources (SRK): a Farooq Khan chaired company with no protests. Market cap: $15.9m.

Summit Minerals (SUM): no protest votes.

Surefire Resources (SRN):
20 slides with no proxy disclosure. There were no protest votes. Market cap: $16.5m.

Talga (TLG): 1 page address from fill-in chair as permanent chair was double booked. Narrow rem strike and 37% against CEO's LTI grant. Market cap: $373.4m.

Tasman Resources (TAS): 17% against rem report.

Terra Uranium (T92): 2 pages from executive chair and no protest votes.

Terrain Minerals (TMX): 8am start in Perth only protest 21.6% against director Johannes Lin.

Tiny Beans (TNY): see 29 slides. A range of protests including 14% against rem and 29% against director Catherine Cohen. Market cap: $12.6m.

Toro Energy (TOE): 4 protests in the 30s with director Richard Patricio particularly unpopular. Market cap: $52.6m.

Transmetro Corp (TCO): no protest votes. Market cap: $23.4m.

Trigg Minerals (TMG): only protest 11% against "approval of 7.1 mandate", whatever that means. Please spell out the resolution in the results.

VDM Group (VMG): 10% placement capacity expansion resolutions usually run into trouble but this one had 2.87b votes in favour and just 75,000 against. No protests votes.

Vertex Minerals (VTX): no protest votes.

VGI Partners Global Investments (VG1): no protest votes. Market cap: $517m.

Wide Open Agriculture (WOA): 20 slides but no early proxies. No protest votes. Market cap: $28.8m.

Winsome Resources (WR1): 12 slides claim an "undiluted market cap of $200m". Modest protests with biggest 15% against director Justin Boyson. Market cap: $198m.

Wotso Property (WOT): no protest votes.

Xantippe Resources (XTC): no protest votes.