3 questions lodged at 2023 News Corp virtual AGM

November 26, 2023

Below is the text of the 3 written questions lodged at the 2023 News Corp virtual AGM held on November 16, along with a summary of the answers and some audio grabs. Also, see this photo of the log in page and read this Crikey piece about the ridiculous obstacles blocking shareholder participation. These AGM rules were ridiculously onerous. This AGM was also discussed with Alan Kohler on The Money Cafe podcast and Paddy Manning gave it a mention in The Saturday Paper. The voting results showed Lachlan Murdoch suffered the second biggest protest vote of the directors. Rupert sounded very frail handing over the Q&A to a management flunkey. This 19 minute webcast is only made available for 90 days after the meeting. Listen to Rupert's opening two minutes and how he closes.

Q1. Why was Tony Abbott appointed to the Fox Corp board rather than the News Corp board given that Fox has no operating assets in Australia, the market he knows best?

Answer: not asked.

Q2. Congratulations to Rupert on his amazing 70 year journey. What are you favourite News Corp memories and do you have any regrets?

Answer: "Ah, thank you. I have very few regrets, thank you." Listen to audio of exchange via Twitter.

Q3. Will Rupert be paid as chairman emeritus?

Answer: Rupert said "A simple no" and then CEO Robert Thomson piped up that he might have some expenses reimbursed. Listen to exchange via audio.