questions asked at 2023 Myer hybrid AGM

November 26, 2023

Below is some of the action from the 2023 Myer hybrid AGM held on November 15. Watch webcast of 87 minute meeting. They deserve credit for announcing proxy position early by both shares and shareholders. The AGM results were also best practice along the same lines and only material protest vote was 18% against new director Gary Weiss for over-boarding.

Q1. New chair Ari Mervis explains his history with Solomon Lew - listen to audio of exchange via Twitter.

Q2. Outgoing chair Joanne Stephenson comments on the contribution Solly Lew's man Terry McCartney made as a director after the board took a neutral position to his nomination last year. Also listen to Terry's own comments along with the thoughts of new chair Ari Mervis.

Q3. Exit reflections from outgoing chair JoAnne Stephenson. Her best decisions were hiring CEO John King and the financing arrangement put in place during COVID. Listen to audio of exchange.