Cr Mayne

North East Link developments at Manningham

December 14, 2023

Here is a timeline of North East Link developments at City of Manningham.

At the February 28, 2023 meeting the following motion was unanimously passed - see page 300 of minutes:

That Council requests officers prepare a report for noting to be considered at a council meeting before the end of 2023, summarising developments with the North-East Link project including:

1. A summary of the outcomes of the program of relocation and compensation for displaced businesses in the Bulleen West industrial precinct.

2. A summary of council's input into the North-East Link project thus far and anticipated ongoing input over the balance of the current council term, including details of any formal submissions council is likely to make before November 2024.

3. Any other information about the North-East Link project regarded as pertinent to council and the wider Manningham community.

Watch 4 minute debate starting 94 minutes into webcast.

At the July 25, 2023 council meeting, an 11 page report was produced (starts on p3 of agenda) and the following officer recommendation was adopted:

That Council:

A. Note the North East Link and transport advocacy update in response to the 28 February 2023 Council motion.

B. Request Council officers to provide a further update on the North East Link within the coming 12 months.

At the same council meeting, the following supplementary motion was unanimously adopted after an EPA audit revealed the project was not meeting air quality requirements in Bulleen:

That Council request the Mayor to write to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure to seek assurances on how the project will address air quality non-compliances identified now and into the future, particularly noting Manningham Council's ongoing concerns about the air quality from the proposed tunnel ventilation stack.

Watch the 20 minute debate on both motions starting 18 minutes into the webcast.