Questions asked at 2023 Alumina AGM

June 4, 2023

Having attended the May 29 Alumina AGM in person, below are links to audio grabs of the various questions raised and answers provided. The biggest protest vote was 5.38% against chairman Peter Day.

1. What is the proxy position? Listen to audio via Twitter.

2. Asking the PwC audit partner about tax scandals and only getting a response about impairments. Listen to audio via Twitter. See reference in The AFR's coverage.

3. Am increasingly throwing in AGM questions about the size and shape of a company's share register. Alumina's is most unusual. The CEO went on to say the CCP man representing CITIC on their board for a decade has been a fantastic director. Listen to audio via Twitter.

4. What are the 3 most valuable assets and most expensive remediation challenges within the AWAC portfolio. The CEO only offered up one troubled asset. Listen to audio via Twitter.