Video highlights from 2023 QBE AGM

May 23, 2023

QBE does not offer an AGM transcript so having attended in person in Sydney, the easiest way to capture the highlights of the 2023 hybrid AGM held on May 12 is to publish these video grabs from the webcast archive via Twitter.

1. Telling the chair to follow the agenda - watch video via Twitter.

2. After serving since 2016, QBE chair Mike Wilkins declines to commit this will be his final 3 year term - watch video via Twitter.

3. Chair Mike Wilkins fails to explain the 6% protest vote against his re-election - watch video via Twitter.

4. Getting QBE CEO Andrew Horton to sing for his supper - watch video of question and video of answer via Twitter.

5. You owe retail shareholder reparations for past dilution so next time do a stand-alone SPP - watch video via Twitter.

6. Look after retail shareholders and why not disclose the missing participation data from 2014 scaled back SPP - watch video via Twitter.

7. Asking Mike Wilkins why QBE's investment policies had been so conservative during 15 year run of record low interest rates - watch video via Twitter.

8. Chair Mike Wilkins defends super conservative investment policy, welcomes higher interest rates - watch video by Twitter.

9. Mike Wilkins welcomes councils updating their flood mapping - watch AGM question and video of chair's answer via Twitter.