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David Friedlander columns in The AFR

January 16, 2023

Here are links to the various columns by King Wood Mallesons partner David Friedlander (and a smattering of his colleagues) which have appeared in The AFR over the years. They are interesting from a corporate governance perspective but we didn't appreciate his "serial pest" sledge in the column published on December 14, 2022.

The trouble with non-compete clauses
US regulators are moving against non-compete clauses - what does it mean for us?
January 12, 2023 - with Caroline Coops and Angela Weber

ASIC directives on AGM timing and online vs physical AGMs
The corporate plod is issuing silly directives about AGM timing, plus a backhander at AGM "serial pests" and proxy advisers about online AGMs
December 14, 2022 - with Roger Davies and Antonella Paccitti

Corporate myths that should die by Christmas
Boards don't have to engage with a predator, 15% shareholders are not guaranteed a board seat, placements don't favour instos and predators can't back out of takeover bids
December 4, 2022 - with Nigel Hunt and Amanda Isouard

Market downturns lead to more hostile M&A
Australia has more hostile takeovers than other markets, but these rise in market downturns
August 21, 2022 - with Guy Alexander, Tony Damian

ACCC failed on consultation, say ANZ cartel case lawyers
Agreed with every word of this one slamming the ACCC ANZ placement case against various investment bankers
February 15, 2022 - with Nigel Hunt, Will Heath

M&A innovations will keep the takeover wave coming
An interesting piece on why there are so many Australian takeovers.
January 9, 2022 - with Guy Alexander, Tony Damian

Fix Australia's prospectus patchwork
A very good piece on Australia's inconsistent prospectus laws and agree that cleansing notice for existing listed entities should suffice
December 9, 2021 - with Amanda Isouard and Jack Hill

Arguing the case on "sophisticated investor" protection
Another excellent column wrapping up the issues with sophisticated investors and providing lots of interesting global comparisons
October 24, 2021 - with Nigel Hunt, Amanda Isouard

UK Takeovers Panel sensibly holds the line against premature disclosure of takeover approaches
An excellent well argued column arguing for more secrecy on takeover approaches with plenty of good data and offshore examples to back it up
August 15, 2021 - with Joe Newitt, Nigel Hunt

The seventh great wave of takeovers is here
A fascinating historical look at takeover waves with some good explanations on why 2020-21 was so busy
June 21, 2021 - with Evie Bruce and Nigel Hunt

Takeovers Panel's new wings fit well
Makes the case for the Takeovers Panel to also take charge of schemes of arrangements, not just hostile takeovers
May 9, 2021 - with Nigel Hunt, Nicola Charlston