5 questions asked at 2022 Pendal scheme meeting

January 1, 2023

Here is the text of the 5 questions asked at the Pendal scheme meeting held on December 23, 2022 to approve the Perpetual takeover. No webcast provided as yet and wasn't able to listen so not sure of the answers. The last webcast archive provided was this 59 minute gathering in 2021.

1. Once all success fees and change of control incentive grants are paid out, what is the total cash sum in transaction costs that the Pendal board will have incurred pursuing this takeover by Perpetual?

2. Why has Ben Heap been chosen as one of the 3 Pendal directors to join the Perpetual board given all the issues that are currently going on at Star Entertainment, where he is the chairman?

3. Could the 3 Pendal directors who are joining the Perpetual board please undertake to lobby to make an archived copy of the webcast of this scheme meeting available on the Perpetual website into the future.

4. Have we made any changes to our asset allocation or stock selection since the merger deal was first signed in preparation for the deal going through and is the board aware of whether Perpetual will be making any or many ASX announcements about moving to a substantial shareholding position in listed companies once the two portfolios are brought together.

5. At the recent Platinum AGM, the CEO explained its poor performance by pointing to the industry's low barriers to entry and competition from the likes of ETFs. How will this merger help the combined Perpetual-Pendal battle these industry head winds and are we likely to see more of these sorts of mergers as the major players seek greater scale?