5 questions asked at 2022 Spark NZ AGM

November 5, 2022

Here is the text of the 5 written questions asked at the 2022 Spark NZ hybrid AGM held on November 4.

1. If Jolie was CEO of an Australian public company, she would be exempt from the annual election cycle. What does she think about Kiwi CEOs joining the other directors in the regulation election cycle. Also, some Australian companies have voluntarily moved to annual elections of directors, matching the system in the UK and US. Will the chair consider introducing this model at the 2023 AGM.

2. Did any of the proxy advisers recommend a vote against any of today's resolutions, including Gordon's re-election? Which of the proxy advisers are covering us and has their been a material proxy protest vote against any of today's resolutions? Why not disclose the proxy votes before the debate on each resolutions so shareholders can ask questions about the reasons if there have been any protest votes?

3. Could Warwick Bray please comment on his experience as a rare Australian-based director on the Spark board. His old employer Telstra suffered a huge loss of value when a Labor government intervened and built a government owned national broadband network. What are the key differences and risks in the Australian and New Zealand telco market?

4. The chair has been in the role for 5 years. Does she believe her successor is currently on the board and what is the process in terms of her annual performance reform. Do we have a deputy chair who leads that? Are their multiple viable successors on the board and is Justine intending to serve a full 3 year term if re-elected today?

5. Given the interesting discussions across a range of topics today, could the chair undertake to make an archived copy of the webcast plus a full transcript of proceedings available on the company's website? Across the ditch, the likes of Nine, AGL, ASX, ANZ, Domino's and Lend Lease all produced their 1st AGM transcripts in 2021. Will you follow suit today?
Asked regarding General Business