5 questions lodged at 2022 Southern Cross Media AGM

October 21, 2022

Here is the text of the 5 written questions lodged at the 2022 Southern Cross Media hybrid AGM held on October 21. All answers were provided by CEO Grant Blackley and no other shareholders asked questions.

We are broadcasting Sky News into regional Australia on free to air. Sky News is the largest source of climate denialism in Australia. What standards do we have in terms of the type of content we're happy to carry from Sky News. Is there a line to be drawn in terms of spreading anti-science propaganda when as a company we claim to be committed to climate action.

Answer: CEO Grant Blackley said no problems with the content which is a matter for ACMA.

How long is our broadcasting agreement with Sky News and has it been profitable for the company. What proportion of the advertising revenue do we get?

Answer: yes it is profitable and contract expires in June 2024.

It is appropriate for us to be paying the current Lord Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempalis, to deliver a Breakfast program on Triple M Perth? Isn't this a conflict of interest and a breach of the idea that media should remain independent of politics. Would we pay a Premier or Prime Minister to have their own radio show? Where do we draw the line on this issue?

Answer: we hired Basil before he became Lord Mayor but that arrangement has recently come to an end. He also still works for Seven.

There was a recent media blow up over one of our MMM footballer commentators, Wayne Carey, after an incident at Crown Perth. What is the latest update on this situation?

Answer: the contract was severed.

Are we getting a fair share of the estimated $300 million in annual payments that Google and Facebook are paying to Australian media under the globally unprecedented arrangements delivered by the Morrison Government. Please comment on how these payments are negotiated and worked out. Have they made a material difference to our commercial performance?

Answer: we are getting a non-material amount from Google and nothing from Facebook. We wish it was more and note that News Corp, Seven and Nine are seemingly getting plenty.