10 questions asked at 2022 AMCIL AGM

October 6, 2022

Here is a summary of the 10 questions asked at the 2022 AMCIL AGM held on October 4, plus links to the webcast archive.

1. Please explain the zero weighting we have on gambling stock - 36 mins

2. Well done for excellent skin in the game, what do you think of John Wylie proposal and what is the point of AMCIL? - 42 mins

3. Why don't you disclose how you vote our shares and do we vote the same as AFIC? - 52 mins

4. Better disclosure of voting result and accuracy of rem report proxy data - 56 mins

5. Mike Hirst view on climate and merging AMCIL with AFIC - 61 mins

6. Why did Siobhan McKenna only attend 8 of 11 board meetings - 67 mins

7. Why did Siobhan McKenna quit the Woolworths board and not this board - 68 mins

8. Speaking against Siobhan McKenna re-election - 70 mins

9. Is chair Rupert Myer remaining in touch with founder Bruce Teele? - 75 mins

10. Will you publish the webcast plus a full transcript of the discussion? - 78 mins

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