History of "say on climate" votes in Australia

October 30, 2022

Directors are increasingly agreeing to have a non-binding "say on climate" vote in order to fend off shareholder resolutions. This list tracks the history of Australian "say on climate" votes.

Santos: received just 63% support for its first non-binding climate action plan vote at the 2022 AGM held on May 3.

Rio Tinto: was the first ASX listed company to publicly commit and received a mandate of 82.49% on its climate action plan at the 2022 AGM held on May 5.

Woodside Energy: only promised to do one every 3 years but the first on May 19, 2022 only received support from 51% of voted shares. Time for another go next year, surely.

Origin Energy: had its first say on climate vote at 2022 AGM held on October 19 and received 95% support for its propose climate action plan.

South32: had its first say on climate vote at the 2022 AGM held on October 27. Watch my question about making it annual at the 98 minute mark. ISS recommended against and the 10.5% against advisory vote on the climate action plan was the largest protest vote at the meeting.

Prospective 2022 non-binding climate votes

AGL Energy: promised a climate non-binding vote last year but still not clear they will deliver given all the demerger and board turmoil.