Companies which lodged proxies with ASX ahead of AGM

May 19, 2024

Here is a list of companies which have adopted the best practice of lodging the proxy position with the ASX along with the formal addresses before the AGM/EGM commences. It doesn't cruel debate at the AGM because it doesn't have to be announced to the AGM before the debate commences, if that's what chairs are worried about. Otherwise, it allows for a fully informed debate plus provides more timely data to the market and all stakeholders, including institutional investors and proxy advisers.

Adairs: see how they did it at the 2023 AGM in these formal addresses.

Afterpay: started on November 17, 2020

AMA Group: Australia's biggest smash repair company did this in 2023. See formal addresses.

Australian Finance Group: the Perth-based company is chaired by Greg Medcraft, a former ASIC chair. It disclosed the proxies early in these formal addresses ahead of its latest AGM held on November 24, 2023.If even he is getting with the program and disclosing the proxy votes early then everyone should do it:

Australian Vintage: the listed wine company disclosed the proxies early in this announcement ahead of its 2023 AGM.

Auswide Bank: The Bundaberg-based Bank got with the program in 2023 after a request at the 2022 AGM. See formal addresses slide pack.

Brambles: Started way back in 2004 at the end of this world record of 149 pages of AGM presentation slides. See example from 2022.

Carsales: commenced in 2022 with a separate announcement from the formal presentations before the October 28 AGM, something which hasn't happened before.

Chalice Mining: revealed strong support on all resolution at the 2022 AGM held on November 23.

Droneshield: started on April 26, 2022

Eagers Automotive: see example from May 19, 2022

Elders: produced the most comprehensive pre-AGM voting disclosure that we've seen in 2023 which included the outcomes by shares and shareholders. This was even more surprising given two pay resolutions were defeated, which is normally the sort of news you try to hide.

Flight Centre: started way back in 2011 and see example from 2022.

Frontier Digital Ventures: see example from May 17, 2022

G8 Education: see example from April 27 2022 (included bonus of shareholder numbers voting for and against)

GQG Partners: see example from April 27 2022 (included bonus of shareholder numbers voting for and against)

HT&E: see example from May 5, 2022

IRESS: did it for the first time on May 4 2023 after a direct request to chairman Roger Sharp and then backed it up in 2024..

JB Hi Fi: started very early in 2007 and see 2022 example.

Jupiter Mines (JMS): 37 slides including early disclosure of proxies at the 2023 AGM, so well done. Results showed 18% against director Scott Winter. Market cap: $333m.

Kogan: held their first hybrid AGM in 2022 and disclosed the proxies early even though there were some substantial protest votes.

Macmahon Holdings: see this example of how the Perth-based and Indonesian controlled contract miner did it in 2022.

Mayne Pharma (MYX): 42 slides in 2023 which included early disclosure of the proxies.

Myer: commenced in 2022 with this disclosure which included the bonus of voter numbers as well.

Monadelphous: see example from pre-AGM presentation slides lodged with ASX on November 23, 2022. Did the same in 2023.

NAB: first did it on December 17, 2021

Origin Energy: first did it at the 2008 AGM held on October 15 so has now done it 15 straight times, which is best in market.

Pepper Money: see example from April 28, 2022

Praemium: Well done to Praemium for disclosing the proxy position to the ASX ahead of its 11.30am hybrid AGM on November 22, 2023. See slides and votes.

OFX (OzForex), started in 2017 and have now done 5 in a row.

Regis Healthcare: released proxies early ahead of 2022 AGM held on October 25.

Ridley Corp: the feedstock giant disclosed the proxies early in 2023 with these formal addresses.

Seek: appeared to do it once by accident on November 21, 2011

Sims Group: see example from 2022 when all resolutions were well supported.

Slater & Gordon: first did it on November 18, 2021

TPG Telecom: see example on May 3, 2022

Tuas Ltd: spun out of TPG in 2020, the fourth mobile operator in Singapore has a market cap of about $600 million and disclosed proxy votes early at its 2022 virtual AGM.

Ventia Services Group: did it at their debut AGM on May 5, 2022 and kept it up in 2023.

Viva Energy
, started on July 6, 2020 and has continued ever since.

Webjet: set a new benchmark when they released the proxy position to the ASX at 5.37pm on August 30, 2023, when the hybrid AGM started the next morning at 9am. This is a new best practice. The more notice you give investors, the better. Chair Roger Sharp backed this up with the same practice at Iress in May 2024.

Xero (XRO): disclosed the proxies early with the formal addresses at its 2023 AGM and the only protest vote was 15% against director Mark Cross. Floated in late 2012, didn't do it in 2013 but then commenced disclosing proxies early in 2014 and has now notched up a decade.