List of last day earnings results on February 28, 2022

February 29, 2024

Here is a list of the last day laggards which waited until Monday, February 28, 2022 to reveal their half year profit result. In total there was 301 results with 204 losses and 97 profits.

Before 8am: 15 results including 8 losses and 7 profits

7.31am, Evolve Education: $NZ0.7m profit
7.31am, Genesis Energy: $NZ84.7m profit
7.33am, Restaurant Brands: $NZ30.6m profit
7.34am, Harmoney Corp: $NZ1m profit
7.46am, Resonance Health: 225k loss
7.49am, NexGen Energy: 129k loss
7.51am, CAQ Holdings: $1.27m loss
7.52am, Dalaroo Metals: $1.33m loss
7.52am, Base Resources: $US19.2m profit
7.54am, Macarthur Minerals: $2.73m loss (3 months)
7.56am, $6.87m loss
7.57am, Spectur Ltd: 967k loss
7.58am, Wisr: $2.6m loss
7.59am, Generation Development Group: $1.72m profit
7.59am, Sandfire Resources: $US55.23m profit

8-9am - 48 results including 31 losses and 17 profits

8am, iSelect: 474k profit
8am: Vmoto: $8m profit
8.01am: Avada Group: $6.8m loss
8.01am, Mincor Resources: $30.55m loss
8.03am, Lepidico: $3.95m loss
8.07am, K-TIG Ltd: $3.17m loss
8.07am, eCargo: $HK1.86m loss
8.07am, Scee Group: $6.7m profit
8.09am, Energy Technology: $5.1m loss
8.10am, Lumos Diagnostics: $11.1m loss
8.11am, Schrole Group: $2.44m loss
8.11am, Little Green Pharma: $8.6m loss
8.13am, Damstra: $56m loss
8.13am, Biome Australia: $2.45m loss
8.17am, MOQ Ltd: $3.56m loss
8.17am, Allkem: $US16.63m profit
8.19am, Doctor Care Anywhere: UK20.4m pound loss
8.19am, ERA: $650m loss - see details
8.19am, payright $6m loss8.22am, livehire: $5.79m loss
8.22am, Invocare: $80.2m profit
8.22am, Kip McGrath Learning Centres: 918k profit
8.24am, Fluence Corp: $US14.7m loss
8.25am, TasFoods: $10.7m loss
8.26am, splitit: $US39.7m loss
8.26am, Lucapa: $US4.5m profit
8.27am, Mader Group: $12.1m profit
8.27am, De.mem: $4.47m loss
8.29am, seafarms: $36.9m loss
8.30am, Hubify Ltd: 141k profit
8.33am, Sustainable Nutrition Group: $2.8m loss
8.33am, VGI Partners Global Investments: $78.9m loss
8.33am, Paragon Care: $5.4m profit
8.35am, Sunrise Energy Metals: $5.2m profit
8.37am, Shekel Brainweigh: $6.46m loss
8.38am, Opthea: $37.7m loss
8.39am, OvertheWire: $1.54m profit
8.40am, VGI Partners Asian Investments: $29.7m loss
8.41am, Lowell Resources Fund: $11m profit
8.42am, Victory Offices: $25.8m loss
8.50am, tempo: 4.2k loss
8.52am, Silk Laser Clinics: $4.1m profit
8.53am, Liberty Group: $122.3m profit
8.55am, MNC Media Investments: $US1.6m loss
8.56am, kinabank: 70.8m kina profit
8.58am, Constellation Technology: $2m loss
8.59am, Osprey Medical: $US10m loss
8.59am, Noble Oak Life: $1.98m profit

9-10am - 48 results with 37 losses and 11 profits

9.01am, 4D Medical: $12.5m loss
9.01am, Metarock: $3.7m loss
9.03am, Beforepay: $19.6m loss
9.03am, Crown Media Holdings: 280k loss
9.05am, OZVent: $5.1m loss
9.07am, Waypoint REIT: $443.6m profit
9.08am, idp Group: $4.8m profit
9.11am, Wiseway Group: $1.75m profit
9.12am, Excelsior Capital: $3.2m profit
9.12am, Noumi: $65.8m loss - see results
9.12am, Painchek: $1.8m loss
9.12am, verbrec Ltd: $1.1m loss
9.15am, Skyfii: $6.3m loss
9.16am, Way 2 VAT: $6.73m loss
9.17am, Excelsior Capital: $3.3m profit
9.18am, Yojee: $3.96m loss
9.21am, HSC Technology: $2m loss
9.23am, Australian Unity Office Fund: $6.83m profit
9.25am, Shriro Holdings: $8.2m profit
9.26am, Butn Ltd: $3.57m loss
9.26am, Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure: $129m profit
9.27am, New Century Resources: $3.4m loss
9.31am, SenSen: $6.9m loss
9.31am, Netccentric: 796k loss
9.33am, Redflow: $5.2m loss
9.34am, Holista Colltech: $1.25m loss
9.34am, Pengana Private Equity Trust: $46.4m profit
9.34am, Clean Seas Seafood: $2.16m loss
9.35am, NZ Costal Seafood: $1.55m loss
9.36am, openlearning: $6.73m loss
9.37am, Propell Holdings: $2.24m loss
9.39am, Linius Technologies: $4.4m loss
9.40am, AML3D: $2.74m loss
9.41am, Electro Optic Systems: $16m loss
9.45am, Neuro Scientific Biopharmaceuticals: $5.73m loss
9.46am, Nuheara: $6m loss
9.47am, Audeara: $1.2m loss
9.47am, The Go2 People: $2.74m loss
9.47am, Gefen International: $3.31m loss
9.48am, Dropsuite Ltd: 31k loss
9.48am, Clean TEQ Water: $5.9m loss
9.51am, Avecho Biotechnologies: $3.42m loss
9.52am, TerraCom: $52.7m profit
9.53am, Rare Foods Australia: 62k loss
9.54am, Betmakers Technologies: $27.8m loss
9.57am, AIMS Property Securities: $1.75m profit
9.58am, Wellnex Life: $2.15m loss
9.59am, Mineral Commodities: $US3.75m loss
9.59am, 8Common: 926k loss

10-11am - 25 results comprising 21 losses and 4 profits

10am, Forbidden Foods: $1.86m loss
10am, Arovella Therapeutics: $3.95m loss
10.02am, BSA Ltd: $30m loss
10.02am, MRC: $US3.8m loss
10.04am, ZIP: $172m loss - see results
10.05am, CareTeq: $3.83m loss
10.07am, ADI Holdings: $2.14m loss
10.07am, Imugene: $14.8m loss
10.08am, Lark Distilling: 74k profit
10.10am, Opyl: $1.46m loss
10.11am, Babylon: $2.4m loss10.13am, bluechip: $1.52m loss
10.13am, Angel Seafood: 451k profit
10.15am, Kiland Ltd (formerly Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber): $3.5m loss
10.21am, Phoslock: $3.94m loss
10.22am, RADiopharm: $17.4m loss
10.25am, Sezzle: $75.1m loss
10.26am, N1 Holdings: 388k profit
10.33am, Wrkr: $3m loss
10.34am, Intelligent Monitoring: 550k loss10.36am, East 33: $1.15m loss
10.37am, Chimeric Therapeutics: $9.7m loss
10.41am, Renu Energy: $1.1m loss
10.42am, InhaleRX: $1.11m loss
10.59am, Dicker Data: $73.6m profit

11am-noon - only 6 in total with 5 losses and 1 profit

11.05am, Australian Dairy Nutrition: $3.35m loss
11.27am, Pearl Global: $3.57m loss
11.30am, Global Value Fund: $15.2m profit
11.36am, Ist Group: $1.94m loss
11.57am, Novatti: $9.92m loss
11.58am, Amaero: $3.5m loss

12-1pm - 9 results with 6 losses and 3 profits

12.08pm, Brisbane Broncos: $2.9m profit
12.09pm, Bougainville Copper: 6m kina profit
12.11pm, First Graphene: $2.5m loss
12.24pm, ICS Global: 162k loss
12.33pm, Xref: 144k loss
12.36pm, Omnia Metals: 35k loss
12.41pm, Steamships Trading: 90.5m kina profit
12.45pm, Austral Resources: $11.73m loss
12.49pm, Zeus Resources: 143k loss

1-2pm - 11 results with 3 profits and 8 losses

1.18pm, Victor Group: 287k loss
1.24pm, WT Financial: $1.1m profit
1.27pm, myreward: $2.96m loss
1.31pm, Security Matters: $US5m loss
1.32pm, Archer: $3.2m loss
1.37pm, Beacon Minerals: $7.3m profit
1.38pm, Future First Technologies: $5m loss
1.45pm, Duxton Farms: 816k profit
1.53pm, Environmental Clean Technologies: $1.9m loss
1.54pm, Incannex: $5.24m loss
1.55pm, Remsense: 946k loss

2-3pm - 10 results comprising 4 profits and 6 losses

2pm, Rocketboots: 400k loss
2.06pm, Total Brain: $2.59m loss
2.23pm, Alterity Therapeutics: $6.6m loss
2.25pm, audiopixels: $3.3m loss
2.31pm, RBR Group: $2.54m profit
2.31pm, Kingswood Resources: 760k loss
2.50pm, EZZ Life Sciences: 100k profit
2.53pm, Hydralyte Pharma: $9m loss
2.56pm, London City Equities: $1.64m profit
2.59pm, Magontec: $5m profit

3-4pm - 26 results comprising 15 losses and 11 profits

3.05pm, Timah Resources: 358k RMB profit
3.05pm, Pioneer Credit: $22.9m loss
3.07pm, Embetton: 331k profit
3.08pm, jaxsta: $3.22m loss
3.13pm, Norwood Systems: 457k loss
3.25pm, Cirrus Networks: $2.21m loss
3.25pm, Astivita: 536k loss
3.25pm, Ultima United: 141k loss
3.25pm, Alternative Investment Trust: $8m profit
3.28pm, Xtek: $6.84m loss
3.32pm, OM Holdings $82m profit
3.33pm, AstiVita: 536k loss
3.36pm, Future Generation: $80m profit
3.36pm, Alternative Investment Trust: $7.22m profit
3.38pm, Mariner Corp: 217k loss
3.40pm, Fresh Food Industries: $1.2m profit
3.41pm, Netlinkz: $4.43m loss
3.45pm, Auctus Investments: $2.56m loss
3.47pm, Rectifier Technologies: 402k profit
3.51pm, Auctus Investments: $3.36m profit
3.53pm, Titomic Ltd: $7.51m loss
3.54pm, Clanty Pharmaceutical: $13.7m loss
3.55pm, Jatcorp: $3.2m loss
3.56pm, Thorney Technology: $13.1m profit
3.57pm, Aeris Environmental: $3.4m loss
3.58pm, Impelus: $4.9m profit

4-5pm - 34 results comprising 24 losses and 10 profits

4.04pm, BPH Energy: 305k loss
4.05pm, Stemcell United: $1.3m loss
4.05pm, Nuchev Ltd: $6m loss
4.07pm, Scout Security: $1.92m loss
4.08pm, Fiji Kava: $2.63m loss
4.08pm, Loyalty Technology: 74.2m RMB loss
4.08pm, Oldfield Holdings: $1.98m loss
4.09pm, Agricultural Land Trust: $141.5m profit
4.10pm, Imperial Pacific: 700k profit
4.11pm, Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund: $2.8m loss
4.11pm, Aumake: $2.77m profit
4.14pm, US Masters Residential Property Fund: $21.1m profit (vs $95.5m loss previously)
4.19pm, HitIQ: $3.54m loss
4.20pm, Cape Range: 959k loss
4.24pm, Tali Digital: $2.56m loss
4.25pm, AIC Mines: $2.5m profit
4.25pm, Future Generation Global Fund: $47.6m profit
4.27pm, Dubber Corp: $30.8m loss
4.27pm, Consolidated Financial Holdings: 196k loss
4.27pm, K2 Asset Management: 433k loss
4.27pm, K2 Asset Management Small Caps: 683k profit
4.31pm, Dotz Nano: $US7.9m loss
4.38pm, DXN Ltd: $3.9m loss
4.42pm, Parkd: 736k loss
4.42pm, Murray Cod Australia: $3m loss
4.42pm, Western Star Industrial: $2.53m profit
4.43pm, International Equities Corp: 424k loss
4.45pm, ABT: 130k profit
4.46pm, Eagle Mountain Mining: $15.8m loss
4.50pm, Tek-Ocean: 825k loss
4.53pm, esports Mogul: $7.1m loss
4.54pm, Equinox Resources: $2.1m loss
4.54pm, IMEXHS: $4.7m loss
4.59pm, Beyond International: 414k profit

5-6pm - 22 results comprising 17 losses and 5 profits

5.04pm, engage:BDR: $5.93m loss
5.07pm, KKR Credit Income Fund: $15.7m profit
5.08pm, incentiapay: $7m loss
5.16pm, Transmedia: 958k profit
5.18pm, Pointerra: $2.38m loss
5.18pm, YPB: $3.51m loss
5.22pm, Sportshero: 774k loss
5.24pm, AusCann: $4.15m loss
5.28pm, Lanyon Investments: 782k loss
5.29pm, Auckland Real Estate Trust: $12.6m loss
5.34pm, Regal Investment Fund: $65.6m profit
5.36pm, Echo IQ (formerly Houston We Have Ltd): $3.53m loss
5.38pm, Wildcat Resources: 564k loss
5.41pm, ABE: $1.6m loss
5.45pm, Nexion Group: $2.29m loss
5.52pm, Adrabbit: $US2.9m loss
5.56pm, Rare Foods Australia: 62k loss
5.57pm, Isignthis: $2.52m loss
5.58pm, LPE: 935k loss
5.59pm, Cann Global: $2.4m loss
5.59pm, Rewardle Holdings: 58k profit
5.59pm, Metal Tiger: $4.68m pound profit

6-7pm - 14 results comprising 3 profits and 11 losses

6.04pm, Donaco International: $8.86m loss
6.23pm, Collection House: $63.7m loss
6.24pm, Blaze Minerals: 537k loss
6.27pm, Emyria: $3.67m loss
6.29pm, CFOAM: $US1.1m loss
6.31pm, Recce Pharmaceutical: $5m loss
6.35pm, Stealth Global: 171k profit
6.41pm, Jameson Resources: 442k loss
6.42pm, Roots Sustainable Agriculture Technologies: $2.32m loss
6.46pm, Structural Management Systems: $1.47m loss
6.48pm, EH: 40k loss
6.49pm, Energy World Corp: $7.42m profit
6.52pm, Range International: $US3.1m loss
6.53pm, Retech: $2.6m profit

7-8pm - 23 results comprising 21 losses and 2 profits

7.04pm, Orexplore Technology: $2.64m loss
7.07pm, hiremii: $2.2m loss
7.08pm, Magellan Global Fund: $1.174b operating profit - see confusing results
7.10pm, Advance Human Imaging: $14.5m loss
7.11pm, My Foodie Box: $1m loss
7.15pm, WellFully: $4.3m loss
7.20pm, Leaf Resources: $4.4m loss
7.21pm, Invigor: 181k loss
7.24pm, Hills Ltd: $20m loss
7.24pm, LawFinance: $US21.2m loss
7.32pm, K2Fly: $1.7m loss
7.33pm, Coda Minerals: $7.5m loss
7.35pm, PYC Therapeutics: $6.4m loss
7.35pm, ISynergy Group: $1.16m loss
7.39pm, Strategic Elements: $1.9m loss
7.40pm, Eve Health Group: $3.2m loss
7.45pm, IOUpay: $5.5m loss
7.50pm, Yancoal Australia: $791m profit - see results
7.51pm, Zicom Group: $3.2m loss
7.52pm, Dough Ltd: $7.1m loss
7.54pm, Connected10: $1.2m loss
7.57pm, Broo Ltd: $2.94m loss
7.59pm, Mustera Property Group: $1.23m loss

After 8pm - 10 results comprising 9 losses and 1 profit

8.01pm, Clearvue Technologies: $1.9m loss
8.02pm, 3D Metalforge: $5.1m loss
8.05pm, DC Two: $1.95m loss
8.06pm, DW8: $8.6m loss
8.06pm, Osteopore: $3.62m loss
8.09pm, Equity Trustees Global Income Trust: $3.53m loss
8.09pm, Aerison: $5.36m profit
8.10pm, Family zone: $31.3m loss
8.17pm, Tymlez Group: $3.52m loss
8.18pm, DTI Group: 89k loss