Cr Mayne

Tracking recent Manningham council meetings

April 28, 2022

This list tracks City of Manningham council meetings since the October 2020 elections, noting any interesting developments or debates along with links to the minutes and the webcast.

April 27, 2022: 84 minute public meeting followed by a confidential item on property matters. Public debate covered flood mapping, climate action plan, FOGO waste management plan, Federal election advocacy plan and plenty more.

March 22, 2022: 80 minute meeting. Melbourne Water petition, committees, capital works update, debate over netting funding, risk register and footpaths.

February 22, 2022: a 1 hour and 37 minute meeting. Chapel Hill, the Pines, 15 Glendale, Suburban Rail Loop submission, first quarterly report with developer contributions and Cr Mayne's motion to restore funding to Community Houses.

December 14, 2021: a 55 minute meeting. Brian Cork petition and questions, tree valuation policy, CEO KPIs and waste contract extension. See minutes.

November 23, 2021: a 75 minute meeting with 10 items of business and a 634 page agenda. Templestowe Hotel, Anderson Park masterplan, Arundel Rd closure, library and council annual reports.

October 26, 2021: an 83 minute meeting on zoom. Health and Wellbeing strategy, climate targets, governance rules, flags policy, COVID relief, CEO pay in confidential and Stephen Mayne motion on timing of committee appointments. See minutes.

September 14, 2021: 7 minute zoom meeting approving the 2020-21 financial statements and taking submissions on Arundel Rd closure. See minutes.


July 27, 2021: 58 minute zoom meeting. See minutes.

May 25, 2021: 98 minute in person meeting. See minutes.

April 20, 2021: 90 minute in person meeting. See minutes.

March 23, 2021: 2hr 40 minute in person meeting with first public gallery in 12 months. Longest debate was 40 minutes on Community Housing funding. See minutes.

February 23, 2021: 80 minute in person meeting with no gallery. See minutes.

January 28, 2021: 1 hr 47 minute in person meeting with no gallery. See minutes.

December 15, 2020: a 72 minute meeting. Library annual report, Templestowe RSL acquisition, Macedon upgrade, sports allocations and infrastructure policy, Cr pay and quarterly report See minutes.

November 24, 2020: a 52 minute meeting. Macedon petition, 2 planning applications (Clay Drive and Doncaster Rd) and committee appointments. See minutes.

November 10, 2020: swearing in of councillors, election of Andrew Conlon as mayor. Acceptance speeches. Lasted 94 minutes.