David Leckie sacking announcement

July 21, 2021

This ASX announcement was made by PBL on January 8, 2002.


HOMEX - Sydney                                                        

Publishing & Broadcasting Limited (PBL) today announced a number of
changes to the management structure of the Group, including the
appointment of Mr John Alexander, Chief Executive of Australian
Consolidated Press Limited, as Head of PBL Media and Mr Ian Johnson,
presently Chief Executive of Crown Casino, as Chief Executive of The
Nine Network. Mr Johnson will report to Mr Alexander in his new
role. Also announced is the appointment of Mr Rowan Craigie as Chief
Executive of Crown.

Chairman of PBL, Mr James Packer said: "These changes have been put
in place to reinforce and build PBL's position as Australia's leading
media and entertainment group.

"This new management structure will also allow us to benefit from
emerging opportunities or structural changes in any of our operating
environments, and continue to drive synergies between our media

"At the same time, the new structure also enhances further our
ability to develop and sell content across our different media

Commenting on the strengths of the team, PBL CEO Mr Peter Yates
said: "John, with his high-level editorial and media management
experience is well qualified for heading our core media interests.

"John's role has been expanded and as Head of Media he will guide the
operational development of our publishing and television media
interests in a rapidly changing and difficult environment. He will
continue to lead Australian Consolidated Press as Chief Executive."

"Ian Johnson is a seasoned television executive, having managed the
operations of Nine Melbourne for many years prior to becoming Chief
Executive of Crown following the merger of PBL with Crown. In his
role at Crown he has clearly demonstrated strong leadership and
management skills and is ideally suited to the needs of his Chief
Executive role for the Nine Network. Mr Johnson will also join the
PBL Board," he said.

Mr Alexander said: "I am extremely delighted not just by the new
challenge but for the opportunity to bring Australia's leading
television network group and Australia's leading magazine group
closer together."

Mr Rowan Craigie has been appointed Chief Executive of Crown and
will join the PBL Executive Committee. Mr Craigie was a member of
the original team at Crown and has held a number of operating roles
including Chief Operating Officer of the Casino. Prior to joining
Crown in 1993, Mr Craigie was a Senior Economist in the Victorian
Dept of Industry and General Manager - Corporate Development at TAB
Victoria. Mr Craigie will also join the PBL Board.

Commenting on the changes, Mr Kerry Packer, said "I am delighted by
the appointments. They have my absolute support and I believe they
will be extremely beneficial to the business and shareholders."

The Group also announced that Mr David Leckie, former Chief
Executive of the Nine Network, would not be renewing his contract.
Mr Leckie said: "I have spent an amazing 25 years with the Nine
Network including the past 11 years as CEO. It is now time to move on
and I look forward to the future."

Mr Kerry Packer and Mr James Packer said that Mr Leckie had made a
valuable contribution to gaining and maintaining Nine's leadership
position and they wished him every success in his new endeavours.
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