249 last day laggards reporting on August 31 2021

August 31, 2022

This list tracks the 249 results that were reported on the last day of the August 2021 reporting season. All up there was 168 losses and 81 profits, which is considerably lower than in previous years.

7.30am: Harmoney: $NZ27m loss
7.49am: DGL: $NZ68.4m profit

8-9am: 53 results including 34 losses and 19 profits

8.00am: Bluechip Tracking: $3.29m loss
8.01am: Yojee: $11.3m loss
8.02am: Sandfire Resources: $171.6m profit
8.03am: SRJ Technologies: 1.78m pound loss
8.04am: Regis Resources: $146.2m profit
8.04am: Resource Development: $1.12m profit
8.04am: Wiluna Mining: $20.4m profit
8.06am: Stealth Global: 557k profit
8.07am: Pointerra: $1.51m loss
8.07am: MMA Offshore: $2.4m loss
8.07am: Dug Technologies: $US15.8m loss
8.08am: National Tyre and Wheel: $NZ20.25m profit
8.08am: Saferoads: 535k profit
8.09am: Volt Power: 886k profit
8.09am: Ocean Grown Abalone: $1.68m loss
8.09am: Joyce Corp: $7.57m profit
8.09am: Delta Drones: $1.5m loss
8.10am: Pengana PE Trust: $45.2m profit
8.10am: Zebit: $7.3m loss
8.11am: Happy Valley Nutrition: $NZ5.82m loss
8.11am: Little Green Pharma: $24m profit
8.12am: Regis Healthcare: $19.9m profit
8.12am: Kyckr: $5.54m loss
8.14am: Bubs Australia: $74.75m loss
8.15am: Mesoblast: $US98.8m loss
8.15am: Medlab Clinical: $12.32m loss
8.15am: Energy Action: $1m loss
8.16am: Cashrewards: $29.7m loss
8.19am: NobleOak: $4.9m profit
8.21am: Novatti: $11.8m loss
8.22am: Right Crowd: $4.3m loss
8.24am: rhipe: $7m profit
8.26am: Igo Ltd: $548.6m profit
8.27am: Delecta: 139k loss
8.28am: Proptech: $1m loss
8.31am: Wellnex Life: $25m loss
8.33am: Cettire: 251k loss
8.38am: shaver Shop: $17.5m profit
8.43am: Pointsbet: $187.1m loss
8.43am: resimac: $103m profit
8.45am: Tomizone: $2.52m loss
8.45am: Harvest Technology Group: $10.24m loss
8.48am: Platinum Asia Fund: $37.6m profit
8.48am: New Energy Solar: $35m loss
8.48am: splitit: $US18.8m loss
8.48am: IcarAsia: $4.9m loss
8.49am: Webcentral: $62.6m loss (18 month period)
8.49am: Elmo Software: $37.6m loss
8.49am: 5G Networks: $5m loss
8.50am: Vmoto: $4.1m profit
8.52am: Fluence Corp: $US12.2m loss
8.52am: Scout Security: $3.9m loss
8.56am: Pearl Global: $7.75m loss
8.59am: engage:BDR: $2.33m loss

9-10am: 37 results including 19 losses and 18 profits

9.00am: Wiseway: $1.8m profit
9.01am: 8Common: $1.35m loss
9.01am: Victory Offices: $35.6m loss
9.02am: PainChek: $6m loss
9.02am: Hubify: 919k profit
9.04am: $1.27m profit
9.04am: Kneoworld: $2.8m loss
9.09am: Forbidden Foods: $3.45m loss
9.11am: Bill Identity: $12.14m loss
9.12am: RPM Automotive: $2.92m profit
9.13am: Oventus Medical: $9.83m loss
9.14am: NB Global Corp Income Trust: $123m profit
9.15am: Global Health: 496k loss
9.16am: Partners Global Income Fund: $21.2m profit
9.18am: Duxton Water: $2.1m profit
9.19am: Orcoda: 414k profit
9.19am: Ansarada: 642k profit
9.20am: Stemcell United: $2.85m loss
9.20am: Harvey Norman: $841m profit
9.21am: WestStar Industrial: 837k profit
9.22am: Ashley Services: $9.15m profit
9.26am: Change Financial: $US3.48m loss
9.28am: Emerge Gaming: 267k profit
9.29am: Story-I Ltd: $1.45m loss
9.30am: Panoramic Resources: 295k profit
9.32am: Pengana Capital: $8.7m profit
9.32am: 1414 Degrees: $5.97m loss
9.36am: Gefen International: $1.87m profit
9.36am: Genetic Technologies: $US7.1m loss
9.37am: Sensen Networks: $2.98m loss
9.38am: Structural Monitoring Systems: $1.96m loss
9.39am: Bluebet Holdings: $2.98m profit
9.42am: East 33: $5.5m loss
9.48am: Living Cell Technologies: $1.46m loss
9.51am: Indoor Skydive: $4m profit
9.53am: LawFinance: $US13.42m loss
9.54am: Invigor: 354k loss

10-11am: 15 results including 10 losses and 5 profits

10.01am: digitalX: $6.75m profit
10.02am: Mighty Kingdom: $7.15m loss
10.04am: AnteoTech: $6.22m loss
10.07am: Dubber: $30.7m loss
10.09am: Qualitas Real Estate Yield Fund: $22.93m profit
10.10am: EZZ Life Science: $2.03m profit
10.14am: Broo Ltd: $1.87m loss
10.18am: Eneco Refresh: 162k loss
10.37am: Osteopore: $1.4m loss
10.39am: NI Holdings: 132k profit
10.42am: WT Financial Group: $3.3m loss
10.46am: Suda Pharmaceutical: $5.05m loss
10.47am: Phoslock Environmental: 800k loss
10.48am: gratifii (formerly Mobecom): 59k profit
10.53am: Bcal Diagnostics: $1.52m loss

11am-noon: 8 results including 7 losses and 1 profit

11.03am: ICS Global: $17.1m profit
11.04am: Bioxyne: 425k loss
11.06am: Open Learning: 304k loss
11.15am: Family Zone: $22.57m loss
11.38am: Australian Primary Hemp: $4.4m loss
11.47am: Renu Group: $1m loss
11.52am: FBR Ltd: $9.33m loss
11.54am: Droneshield: 452k loss

12-1pm: 9 results including 7 losses and 2 profits

12.00pm: Cycliq: $3.24m loss
12.07pm: Advanced Share Registry: $3.43m profit
12.09pm: Kalina Power: $7.86m profit
12.20pm: Australia Papyrus: 138k loss
12.24pm: Tomizone: $2.93m loss
12.24pm: Tinybeans: $US3.05m loss
12.36pm: Openn Negotiation: $2.07m loss
12.49pm: Chimeric Therapeutics: $23.5m loss
12.53pm: Authorised Investment Fund: $1.66m loss

1-2pm: 8 results including 6 losses and 2 profits

1.08pm: Netlinks: $23.45m loss
1.12pm: YPB Group: $1.8m loss
1.22pm: Fat Prophets Global Property Fund: $5.97m profit
1.26pm: eden: $6.65m loss
1.47pm: Metro Mining: $87m loss
1.48pm: Wameja: $3.4m loss
1.51pm: Magellan Global Fund: $335.5m profit
1.55pm: Mariner Corp: 595k loss

2-3pm: 13 results comprising 5 losses and 8 profits

2.01pm: Aquis Entertainment: 366k profit
2.02pm: Ophir High Conviction Fund: $160.6m profit
2.03pm: regeneus: $2.15m profit
2.07pm: Forager Australia Share Fund: $99.2m profit
2.09pm: Bardi Life Science: $12.33m loss
2.14pm: Land & Homes Group: $4.1m loss
2.17pm: Oakridge International: 613k profit
2.22pm: Astivita: 30k loss
2.28pm: Mayfield Group: 764k profit
2.36pm: SciDev: $3.45m profit
2.46pm: Regional Express: $4.86m loss
2.48pm: Energy Tech: $5.343m loss
2.59pm: Inventus: 774k profit

3-4pm: 14 results comprising 11 losses and 3 profits

3.03pm: Houston we Have: $3m loss3.10pm: Macarthur Minerals: $3.25m profit
3.11pm: Helloworld: $35.5m loss
3.12pm: Xtek: $4m loss
3.17pm: US Masters Residential Property Fund: $31.7m profit
3.18pm: ECS Botanics: $4.34m loss
3.20pm: Registry Direct: 642k loss
3.23pm: Agricultural Land Trust: $19m loss
3.28pm: Breaker Resources: $15.17m loss
3.29pm: TEK-Ocean: $2.12m profit (2019 year)
3.31pm: International Equities Corp: 636k loss
3.35pm: Tempo Australia: $1.4m loss
3.44pm: New Zealand Coastal Seafood: $3.58m loss
3.53pm: MCS Services: $1.24m profit
3.54pm: Australian Dairy Nutritionals: $6.9m loss

4-5pm results: 27 results comprising 21 losses and 6 profits

4.01pm: Loyalty Technology: 16.7m RMB loss
4.13pm: Transmetro: $5.83m loss
4.14pm: Beacon Minerals: $29m profit
4.14pm: Energy Technologies: $5.34m loss
4.14pm: 333D: 338k loss
4.14pm: Fargo Enterprises: 844k loss
4.15pm: Mosaic Brands: $2.78m profit
4.16pm: Sprintex: $2.96m loss
4.17pm: purifiOH: $3.1m loss
4.17pm: Benjamin Hornigold: $1.26m loss
4.18pm: ppK Group: $5.5m loss
4.20pm: Incentia Pay: $24.7m loss
4.21pm: Xref: $10m loss
4.26pm: Zimi Ltd: $2.9m loss
4.32pm: FijiKava: $3.4m loss
4.35pm: EM Vision: $8.4m loss
4.36pm: Auckland Real Estate: $NZ52.1m profit
4.41pm: Alternative Investment Trust: 843k profit
4.43pm: Roots Sustainable Agriculture: US834k loss
4.44pm: GPS Alliance: S339k loss
4.46pm: Zimplats: $US563m profit
4.47pm: Consolidated Financial Holdings: 941k loss
4.49pm: Ennox Group: $6.3m loss
4.49pm: Cann Global: $4.77m loss
4.51pm: Future First: $13m loss
4.53pm: jaxstra: $5.7m loss
4.57pm: Keybridge Capital: $3m profit

5-6pm: 29 results comprising 19 losses and 10 profits

5.03pm: Millinium's Alternative Fund: $1.3m loss
5.03pm: Euroz: $52.54m profit
5.04pm: Rubicon Systems: $8.34m profit (2018)
5.06pm: Isignthis: 376k euro loss
5.07pm: Rectifier Technologies: 540k profit
5.07pm: Oldfields Holdings: $2.85m loss
5.08pm: Rubicon Systems: $5.2m profit (2020 calendar year)
5.08pm: 3D Metalforge: $2.04m loss
5.10pm: Rubicon Water: $8.3m profit (FY 21)
5.11pm: Dragontail Systems: $US11.4m loss
5.12pm: Audeara: $1.25m loss
5.16pm: Rhythm Bioscience: $6.6m loss
5.16pm: RooLife Group: $5m loss
5.19pm: Isynergy: 37k profit
5.20pm: Donaco: $25.2m profit
5.21pm: Nanovue: $1.1m loss
5.22pm: Cape Range: 503k loss
5.24pm: Peppermint Innovation: $2.83m loss
5.29pm: PYC Therapeutics: $17.7m loss
5.31pm: Skin Elements: $3.05m loss
5.32pm: Babylon Pump & Power: $6.5m loss
5.34pm: Cirralto: $11.4m loss
5.34pm: Aurora Global Income Trust: 90k profit
5.37pm: Creso Pharma: $19m loss
5.42pm: Recce Pharma: $13.5m loss
5.43pm: Metals X: $88.25m profit
5.45pm: Roto-Gro International: $4.6m loss
5.47pm: Nexion Group: $4.14m loss
5.50pm: Australian Agricultural Projects: 595k profit

6-7pm: 21 results comprising 18 losses and 3 profits

6.01pm: Threat Protect: $15.7m loss
6.12pm: PARKD: 627k loss
6.15pm: Atlas Pearls: $4.8m loss
6.15pm: Medibio: $1.5m loss
6.16pm: Palla Pharma: $33.1m loss
6.16pm: Zicom: $1.13m loss
6.16pm: KKR Credit Income Fund: $137m profit
6.21pm: K-TIG Ltd: $4.48m loss
6.21pm: Mediland Pharm: $6.43m loss
6.33pm: Delorean: $3.2m loss
6.33pm: Vectus Biosystems: $4.3m loss
6.34pm: Shiro: $6.8m profit
6.39pm: Douugh: $13.5m loss
6.40pm: DTI Group: 25k profit
6.45pm: Advanced Human Imaging: $14.1m loss
6.48pm: Fatfish: $8m loss
6.48pm: Clearvue Technologies: $6.9m loss
6.49pm: Icandy: $1m loss
6.50pm: Mustera Property: $2.5m loss
6.53pm: Sportshero: $1.56m loss
6.58pm: AIMS Property Securities: $12.8m profit
6.59pm: Rewardle: 564k loss

The after 7pm brigade: 19 results comprising 16 losses and 3 profits

7.01pm: epsilon Healthcare: $4.14m loss
7.04pm: Asset Owl: $1.54m loss
7.04pm: Income Asset Management: $15.3m loss
7.05pm: Hills: $6.54m loss
7.09pm: CardieX: $5.45m loss
7.10pm: M8 Sustainable: $10.46m loss
7.11pm: Wide Open Agriculture: $7.5m loss
7.12pm: Emyria: $49m loss
7.16pm: Thorney Opportunities Fund: $22.5m profit
7.18pm: IOUpay: $4.94m loss
7.19pm: Eve Investments: $3.63m loss
7.23pm: Aeris Environmental: $5.9m loss
7.24pm: AWN Holdings: $56m profit
7.25pm: Pioneer Credit: $19.6m loss
7.28pm: Energy World Corp: $US45.2m profit
7.29pm: Singular Health: $4.45m loss
7.31pm: Site Group: $7.3m loss
7.31pm: Dacian Gold: $7.5m loss
7.31pm: RBR Group: $2.1m loss
7.35pm: Hydrix: $9.8m loss

Who was late and dropped their results on September 1?

8.08am: Apps Village: $US1.3m loss
8.09am: Connected10: $5.8m loss
8.11am: BPH Energy: $1.6m loss
8.11am: Red 5: $43.2m loss
8.12am: Alterity Therapeutics: $15.3m loss
8.12am: K2Fly: $2.96m loss
8.12am: Norwood: 870k loss8.13am: CAQ Holdings: 875k loss

8.14am: mgc pharma: $14m loss
8.14am: motio: 372k loss
8.16am: Wellfully: $6.4m loss
8.16am: Ultima United: 317k loss
8.17am: Matrix Composites: $27.9m loss
8.17am: Complii Fintech: $4.2m loss
8.19am: Kleos space: 4.46m euro loss
8.19am: Lifespot Health: 557k loss
8.19am: Health House: $5.3m loss
8.20am: Jayex Tech: $2.35m loss
8.20am: Swift Media: $4.23m loss
8.21am: Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund: $10m profit (hooray, a profit at last)