Update announcements during retail capital raisings

April 29, 2020

Companies providing an update on applications before a retail capital raising offer has closed has been a new phenomenon in 2020. Here is list of those who've done it after a request from this website.

Southern Cross Media: the 1-for-1 offer at 9c with no overs was due to close on Monday, April 27 and the company advised the ASX on April 21 that as of 7pm on April 20 it had received applications equivalent to 18.6% of the $19.6 million offer or some $3.65 million. It also sent out a reminder email and snail mail letter to try and boost participation given it was well in the money.

Oil Search: the $80 million 1-for-8 retail offer at $2.10 was due to close on April 27 and the company advised the ASX on April 23 that as of April 22 it was 25% subscribed with applications received for 9.61 million shares worth $20.2 million. The offer includes an "overs" component capped at 200% of entitlement so not clear of the breakdown between overs and entitlements.

Next DC: launched an uncapped $30 million SPP after a $672 million placement at $7.80 which was due to close on April 30. Advised the ASX on April 28 that as of April 27 it had received $86 million worth of applications. Next DC was the first company to ever do this with an SPP.