Tracking the 2019 end of season AGM deluge

July 25, 2020

This list tracks AGMs held on the last two days of the 2019 AGM season. First up we have the 228 last day laggards tracked by city. After that, we've got a chronological look at the 163 AGMs which reported results to the ASX on the second last day of the season, Thursday, November 28.

Last day laggard AGMs broken up by city

WA 120

4DS Memory: Perth
Acacia Coal: Perth
A-cap Energy: Perth
Alta Zinc: Perth
Alto Metals: Perth
Ansila Energy: Perth
Artemis Resources: Perth
Aspire Mining: Perth
Athena Resources: Perth
Auscann: Perth
Aust Sino: Perth
Avenira: Perth
Austar Gold: Perth
AVZ Minerals: Perth
Azure Health: Perth
BPH Energy: Perth
Blaze International: Perth
Blina Minerals: Perth
Caeneus Resources: Perth
Carnaby Resources: Perth
Castillo Copper: Perth
Cervantes: Perth, 2pm
CFoam: Perth, 1pm
ClearVue Tech: Perth
Corazon Mining: 10am Perth
Corizon Ltd: Perth 11.30am
Davenport Resources: Perth
Dynasty Resources: Perth
Echo Resources: Perth 3pm
Emerge Gaming: Perth, 1pm
Emu NL: Perth, 5pm
Enterprise Metals: Perth
Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals: Perth 10am
European Cobalt: Perth 10am
Family Insights: Perth
Fraser Range Metals: Perth
Free Range Metals: Perth
Foam Ltd: Perth
Galan Lithium: Perth
Golden Deeps: Perth
Genesis Metals: Perth
Golden State Mining: Perth, 10am Celtic Club
Grandbridge Ltd: Perth, 10am
Great Western Exploration: Perth 10am
Hampton Hill Mining: Perth
Hawkley Oil & Gas: Perth (Delayed until Dec 18)
Hawkstone Mining: Perth
Indiana Resources: Perth
Jindalee Resources: Perth
Kalia Ltd: Perth
Lithium Australia: Perth 9.30am
Logistics Ltd: Perth
Lustrum Minerals: Perth
Mader Group: Perth
Magmatic Resources: Perth 8.30am
Marindi Metals: Perth
Matador Mining: Perth
MCS Security: Perth
Metals Australia: Perth
MGC Pharmaceuticals: Perth 2pm
Mount Ridley Mines: Perth
MSM Corp: Perth
Neuro Scientific: Perth
Nex Metals: Perth
New World Cobalt: Perth
Norwest Energy: Perth
NTM Gold: Perth
Nzuri Copper: Perth
Odin Metals: Perth
OpenDNA: Perth, 2pm
Pacific Bauxite: Perth
Pacifico Minerals: Perth
Pacific Energy: Perth
Pearl Global: Perth
Peninsular Mines: Perth
Pensana Minerals: Perth
Peppermint Innovation: Perth 1pm
Perseus Mining: Perth
Podium Minerals: Perth
Prodigy Gold: Perth
Prospect Resources: Perth
Rafaella Resources: Perth, 9am
Raiden Resources: Perth
Redstone Resources: Perth 2.30pm
Red Hill Iron: Perth
Reffind Ltd: Perth
Rentcomau: Perth
Rumble Resources: Perth
Sabre Resources: Perth
Sagon Resources: Perth
Samson Oil & Gas: Perth, 11am
Scorpion Minerals: Perth
Scout Security: Perth
Skin Elements: Perth 11am
Stavely Resources: Perth
Stone Resources: Perth, 3pm
Story-I: Perth, 10am
Sun Resources: Perth
Syngas: Perth
Tamaska Oil & Gas: Perth
Tanga Resources: Perth
Technology Metals Australia: Perth
The Agency: Perth 12.30pm
TNT Mines: Perth
Toro Energy: Perth, 3.45pm
Traka Resources: Perth
Tyranna Resources: Perth
Ultima United: Perth
Valmec: Perth
Valor Resources: Perth
Vanadium Resources: Perth 10am
VDM: Perth
Venturex Minerals: Perth
Vonex: Perth
Weststar Industrial: Perth 9am
XCD Energy: Perth
Zenith Energy: Perth
Ziptel: Perth

NSW (53)

Abundant Produce: Sydney
AF Legal: Sydney, 11am
Alt Resources: Sydney
Aguia Resources: Sydney
Aspen: Sydney
Aurelia Metals: Sydney
Ausmon Resources: Sydney
Australian Leaders Fund: Sydney
Australian Masters Fund: Sydney
Auto Sports Group: Sydney
Bir Financial: Sydney
Bubs Australia: Sydney
Byron Energy: Sydney, 11am
CardieX: Sydney 9.30am
Cassius Mining: Sydney
Digital Wine Ventures: Sydney
Donaco International: Sydney 2.30pm
Field Solutions: Sydney
Fremont Petroleum: Sydney
Gas2Grid: Sydney
Highpeak Royalties: Sydney
Hi-Tech Group: Sydney 4pm
Integrated Green Energy Solutions: Sydney
Inventis: Sydney
ISA Group: Sydney
Jayride Group: Sydney
Kelly Partners Group Holdings: Sydney
Macquarie Telecom: Sydney
Malachite Resources: Sydney
Millenium Ltd: Sydney
Mont Royal Resources: Sydney
Morphic Ethical Equities: Sydney
Northern Mining: Sydney
Nucoal: Sydney
Oliver's: Sydney
Property Connect: Sydney
Real Energy: Sydney
Reffind Ltd: Sydney
Resources and Energy Group: Sydney, 11am
R3D Global: Sydney, 3pm
South Pacific Resources: Sydney
Sportshero: Sydney, 3pm
Stemcell United: Sydney
Stemify: Sydney
Sun Resources: Perth
Total Brain: Sydney
TPC Consolidated: Sydney
TZ Ltd: Sydney
Vango Mining: Sydney
Verilumna: Sydney
Xref Ltd: Sydney
Zip Co: Sydney
Zyber Holdings: Sydney

Victoria (38)

Accent Resources: Melbourne
Apply Direct: Melbourne
Atimos: Melbourne
Australian Dairy Nutritionals: Melbourne
Benitic Biopharma: Melbourne
Byron Energy: Melbourne
CCP Technologies: Melbourne
Cohiba Minerals: Melbourne
Dart Mining: Melb
Ellerston Asian Investment: Melbourne, 2pm
Ellerston Global Investment: Melbourne 4pm
Cann Group: Melbourne
Faster Enterprises: Melbourne
Freehill Mining: Melbourne
Gale Pacific: Melbourne
Golden Mile Resources: Melbourne
Hotel Property Investments: Melbourne, 10.30am Quay West
Karoon Energy: Melbourne, 10am RACV
Keybridge Capital: Melbourne 11am
Longtable Group: Melbourne, 9.30am
Nagambie Resources: Melbourne
Nova Minerals: Melbourne
Premier Investments: Melbourne 10.30am
Prime Financial: Melbourne
Pure Alumina: Melbourne
Rectifier Technologies: Melbourne
RhinoMed: Melbourne (MCG)
Rotogrow: Melbourne
Sensenetworks: Melbourne
Shiya Gold: Melbourne
Tesserent: Melbourne
Titomic: Melbourne
Ultracharge Ltd: Melbourne 2.30pm
Victory Offices: Melbourne
VIP Gloves: Melbourne
VPCL: Melbourne
Wellness & Beauty Solutions: Melbourne
West Wits Mining: Melbourne


A-Pac Energy: Brisbane
Cannindah Resources: Brisbane 11am
Eumundi Group: Queensland
Henry Morgan: Brisbane 2.30pm
Icollege: Brisbane
Laneway Resources: Brisbane, 11am
Mayur Resources: Brisbane
Metallica Minerals: Brisbane
QEM: Surfers Paradise
Retail Food Group: RACV Gold Coast
Sayona Mining: Brisbane


Clean Seas: Adelaide
Magnetite Mines: Adelaide
Mayur Resources: Adelaide
MGM Wireless: Adelaide
Micro-X: Adelaide

ACT (1)

X-tek: Canberra

163 AGMs were held on Thursday November 28 - here is a full listed ranked according to the timing of the AGM results release to the ASX

Friday morning release of voting results from a Thursday AGM (5)

Bounty All & Gas
Matsa Resources
Leaf Resources
Navigator Global
Thor Mining

After 7pm on Thursday (10)

Anglo Australian Resources
Bardoc Gold
GR Engineering
JV Global
Lotus Resources
Okapi Resources
Pancontinental Oil & Gas

6-7pm (8)

Ardea Resources
Gold Mountain
Mt Burgess Mining
PLC Financial Solutions
Over The Wire
Orion Minerals
Lithium Consolidated

5-6pm (15)

Smart Marine Systems
NTM Gold
Middle Island Resources
Hipo Resources
Siburan Resources
Core Lithium
Vimy Resources
Jacka Resources
Kasbah Resources

4-5pm (17)

Cann Global
Rivers Gold
AJ Lucas
Enhance Oil
Galileo Mining
Strandlane Res
Mediland Pharm
Renu Energy
Accelerate Res
Tempo Res
Resonance Health

3-4pm (25)

Duketon Mining
Kairos Minerals
Shree Minerals
Auteco Mining
Registry Direct
Yanda Resources
Mohn Resources
Monash IVF
Southern Hemisphere Mining
Marenica Energy
Bulletin Resources
Strike Resources
Ironbark Zinc
Minotaur Exploration

2-3pm (27)

Threat Protect
Sagon Resources
Duketon Mining
Queste Communications
Poseidon Nickel
Fiji Kava
Freedom Insurance
Ausmex Mining
Redbank Copper
Caprice Resources
Global Petroleum
Blackham Resources
Zinc of Ireland
Sundance Resources
Mustera Property
King River Resources
Genesis Resources
Fletcher Building
Troy Resources
Canterbury Resources
European Lithium
Strike Resources
Genetic Technologies

1-2pm (22)

Zelira Therapies
Dreadnought Resources
Impel US
Food Revolution Group
Red Mountain Mining
Proteomics International
Twenty Seven Group
Beston Global Food
Oakdale Resources
Ragnor Metals
Auctus Alternative Investments
The Go2 People
Smiles Inclusive
Crater Gold Mining
Alliance Resources
Bid Energy
Mandrake Resources
Evolution Mining
Big Star Generation
Galilee Energy

12-1pm (15)

Energy World
Scientific Developments
Resource Developments
Energy Technologies
Perpetual Resources
Australian Papyrus
ResApp Health
Alice Queen
Nickel Mines

11am-12 (11)

Australian Pacific Coal
Contrarian Value Fund
Challenge Exploration
Enox Group
Accent Group
Reverse Corp
ASF Group

Before 11am (7)

Allegiance CoalMRG
Apiam Animal Health
Beyond International