Tracking pokies numbers in Australia

June 19, 2019

How many poker machines are there in Australia?

The 13 casinos with poker machines

Check out page 29 of this VCGLR review of the Crown Melbourne licence in 208 for an excellent summary of Australia's casinos. This is how the casinos rank in terms of poker machine numbers.

1. Crown Melbourne: 2628
2. Crown Perth: 2429
3. Star Gold Coast: 1588
4. Treasury Brisbane: 1508
5. Star Sydney: 1500
6. Sky City Adelaide: 832
7. Wrest Point Hobart: 650
8. Darwin Casino: 634
9. Country Club Tasmania Launceston: 535
10. The Reef Cairns: 486
11. Ville Resort Townsville: 347
12. Lasseters Alice Springs: 308
Canberra Casino: zero
Crown Sydney: zero

Total: 13,445

Around the states:


NSW Clubs: 69,314 machines in 1101 venues as at May 2018 - see NSW Govt report.
NSW Hotels: 22,654 in 1460 venues as at June 30 2018 - see NSW Govt report.

Total in NSW pubs and clubs: 91,968

Total in NSW including The Star: 93,468


2628 at Crown Melbourne plus there is a currently 26,466 in operation (see latest 6 monthly data), but the maximum allowed in pubs and clubs is 27,372 as noted in this Herald Sun story.

Therefore, there are currently 29,094 in operation in Victoria with capacity for a further 906 to be installed.


South Australia


See this fact sheet from the Social Action Research Centre.

Tasmania has 3550 machines, comprising 2365 in pubs and clubs, 1185 at the two casinos and 36 on the two Spirit of Tasmania vessels.

Northern Territory

The last jurisdiction to have an increase when in 2015 the LNP government lifted Labor's 2008 cap on pubs and clubs from 1190 to 1729 by the end of 2017 - see Northern Territory News on increase plus this story after the surge.

There are also 942 at the two NT casinos, so the total is now 2671.