Full history of Liberal Party support

June 6, 2018

After Liberal Party President Michael Kroger claimed I was no "true liberal", here is the full history of support for the Liberal Party over the years.

Attended John Howard's tax policy launch and campaign launch and handed out Liberal how to vote cards on polling day.

Voted for Jeff Kennett in state election and was signed up by Sophie Mirabella as a member of the Melbourne University Young Liberals.

Voted for Andrew Peacock in Federal election.

Voted for Jeff Kennett in state election then joined his staff as a press secretary for 18 months who then left on very good terms before later falling out with him over governance matters.

Voted for John Hewson and Fightback!

Didn't vote for Jeff Kennett in state election due to governance concerns but voted for John Howard, attended Liberal election night party at The Hyatt and applied for a job as a Howard government staffer.

Voted for John Howard's excellent GST tax reform package.

Voted for Kerry Chikarovski in NSW election as particularly liked power privatisation plans, then took on Jeff Kennett over governance concerns and gave up on John Howard after he cruelled The Republic.

Voted Green ahead of Labor with Liberals lower as hated nasty politics of The Tampa, children overboard and "we decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come".

Voted for moderate Liberal leader Robert Doyle in Victorian election and editorialised in his favour in Crikey on election eve.

Published the anti-Labor website Bracksed.com but did preference Labor's Evan Thornley first in Southern Metropolitan region as he was a personal friend and I wanted to see successful business figures in Parliament. Personally voted for the Liberals ahead of Labor.

Often tend to be disappointed with government so supported Rudd over Howard and ran against Peter Costello in Higgins.

Voted for Ted Baillieu as wanted Labor out after 11 years, ran in Northern Metro and preferenced Labor last with Greens ahead of Libs.

Federally, couldn't stomach Abbott and fed up with Labor dysfunction so voted Green ahead of both majors.

Contested state by-election in seat of Melbourne where Libs didn't run. Preferenced Greens ahead of Labor.

Can't stand Abbott nasty conservative streak so voted Green with Labor ahead of Liberals

Disappointed with Baillieu-Napthine effort, so voted for a change.

2016 Ran against Kevin Andrews in Menzies but publically backed Malcolm Turnbull strongly over Bill Shorten.

The bottom line of all this is that I've voted or advocated for the Liberals ahead of Labor in 12 of the 16 state and Federal elections that have occurred since 1987 when was first eligible to vote.

The Liberals only tend to lose me when they went nasty, right wing and conservative in the Abbott and later Howard years, all of which was supported by Kevin Andrews.

I've been waiting for decades for a progressive, pro-business, modern Liberal leader like Malcolm Turnbull, hence the attempt to try and take down Kevin Andrews, who has been his second biggest enemy in the Liberal Party, after Tony Abbott himself.