What people have said about Stephen Mayne

September 11, 2020

Here is a selection of feedback from various groups after presentations or speeches over the past few years. Click here if you'd like to hire Stephen for your gig and go here for a list of upcoming speeches or past speeches.

Carol Schwartz

"Stephen Mayne has always been a vocal advocate for equality for women in the context of power sharing and decision-making at all levels. We need more individuals like Stephen in the Australian parliament."

Carol Schwartz
Founding Chair
Women's Leadership Institute Australia


Kemsley Oration for the Victorian division of the Planning Institute of Australia

Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Stephen

Just a quick note to say thank you for your inspiring address last night as the Kemsley Oration. Feedback has been excellent and I think everyone enjoyed the night. Your name certainly deserves a place on the illustrious speaker list! We really appreciate your support of this event and thank you for you willingness to speak openly with our audience. I look forward to working together again in future.

Best regards,
Carmel McCormack
Executive officer Victoria and Tasmania
Planning Institute of Australia


One hour session with ASA Manningham branch

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hi Stephen,

Thanks again for the presentation this morning; very informative and topical, as always. You attracted our biggest audience for the year!

After you left, we discussed the programme for next year, and guess who our group requested for the December meeting in 2016? Could we pencil in another presentation by you for 12 month's time?

If this is OK for you at this stage, I will give you reminders next year, and if something comes up in the meantime which would make it impossible for you, we will deal with that at the time.

Great to see you at the local meeting again, and best wishes for the festive season and 2016.

John Parrott
Branch Convenor


AIA National Conference

"Final numbers indicated we had over 300 delegates. All who attended the conference gave very positive feedback and felt that the standard of the overall program and presentations were exceptionally high. ....Out of the 37 presentations yours ranked in the top five."

Silvana Eccles
Events & Publications Coordinator
Australian Investors' Association
August 5, 2008


A nice letter from Neil Mitchell

October 9, 2002

Dear Stephen

On behalf of the Melbourne Press Club I would like to thank you for being part of our Journalism 2002 Conference. We have received excellent feedback about the whole event and your input was crucial. If we can ever repay the favour, don't hesitate to call.

Neil Mitchell
Melbourne Press Club


Geelong branch of the Australian Shareholders' Association

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi Stephen,

Your presentation on Tuesday was highly praised by all of the attendees that I spoke to, and words such as “best ever” and “amazing” were regularly used.

Stephen, we all realise what a busy person you are, and we greatly appreciated your coming to Geelong and fitting us into your extremely tight schedule.

I sincerely hope that you eventually realise your political ambitions, as we certainly could do with more people like you in politics.

With Sincere Thanks,



University of Melbourne Commerce Alumni Society Annual Dinner

July 17, 2009

Stephen, your keynote address at our Annual Reunion Dinner was simply fantastic. You had 200 people totally tuned in for the best part of an hour. You tailored your material to suit the market, you had fun with the audience, took questions, enjoyed a few laughs, you won a few arguments and also took a few blows and loved every minute of it. And your willingness to be on your feet for that length of time was first class. It was a superb effort. Thanks again.

Ross Cameron
UMCAS (University of Melbourne Commerce Alumni Society)


Australian Institute of Company Directors

Two hour panel discussion with Don Stammer and Richard Court on the question: If the Corporation Were a Person Would That Person be a Psychopath? Also scenario played for 90 minutes on a mock board with the likes of Graham Bradley, Alan Cameron and John Akehurst.

“…the conference scored a very high overall satisfaction rate of 8.18 out of 10…your presentation was named by a number of delegates as one of the aspects of the conference they found most of benefit.”

Pauline Green
General Manager Sales & Marketing
June 21, 2005


2011 Communities in Control Conference

June 3, 2011

Thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our 2011 Communities in Control Conference.

Your presentation was powerful in so many ways - stimulating, ground breaking, and most welcome by the entire audience.

Fr Joe Caddy (CEO CatholicCare)
Denis Moriarty (MD, Our Community)


2009 Local Government Public Relations and Communication Conference

"The feedback from our delegates on your address was outstanding! Their comments included: Excellent; Very funny engaging presenter delivering valuable message; Exceptionally relevant, Great opener; Dynamic speaker."

Caryn Morgan
Conference Manager
February 27, 2009


State Library of Victoria: 2011 Stephen Murray-Smith lecture

October 14, 2011

"I think the lecture can be described as a 'tour de force!' It attracted a capacity audience and the feeling in the room suggested that all were listening avidly. A number of audience members were particularly effusive in their praise of your lecture."

Kate Molloy
Acting CEO


Warrandyte branch of Bendigo Bank

September 24, 2011

Dear Stephen

Thank you so much for speaking at our business dinner earlier this month. The Board and our guests found the talk stimulating and enjoyable and were truly delighted with the knowledge and experience you have in such diverse topics. Your speech made the dinner a great success, and we had many comments afterwards saying how much people had enjoyed it.

We are planning to hold a similar event in March next year in Wonga Park.



Leadership Ballarat and Western Region

July 24, 2013

Stephen Mayne is an authentic leader who shared his story for grassroots leadership, accountability and the future. He was inspiring on how to be an advocate for your community through brave actions, commitment and knowledge. He was thoroughly enjoyed by all the night and highlighted the need for being passionate for a cause.

Sofia Fiusco

Corporate governance presentation for accounting firm Deloitte

February 25, 2009

This morning I attended a forum on corporate governance and corporate responsibility at Deloitte offices. Great mix of corporates from big as well as small and medium but some very senior people where Stephen Mayne was the speaker. He was inspiring, learned and entertaining. But most of all he was visionary about the directions of what should be happening around governance, corporate structures, and the total re-engineering of the "system". It was like listening to someone who had just done a two year review into the banking/financial system and listing the recommendations.... I know every person went away thinking he was a visionary.

Denis Moriarty
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Speech to AMP corporate affairs team

October 30, 2015

Thank you so much for such an engaging and interesting presentation to our Corporate Affairs team. People really enjoyed hearing you talk and you generated much conversation during the rest of the conference and back in the office.

You have such an interesting perspective on how listed companies should engage with their smaller shareholders and it's something we take seriously.

Jane Doe is currently doing a review of how we communicate with shareholders and I know is thinking about your comments as part of that.

Thanks again, we're very appreciative.

Name withheld


UTS symposium on Korean and Australian shareholder activism

May 22, 2015

Dear Stephen

Thank you for your fantastic contribution yesterday - your insights were amazing.

Kind regards

Dr Bronwen Dalton


Australian Shipowners Association annual conference

September 9, 2010

Stephen was a great speaker and thoroughly researched the current issues facing the Australian Shipping Industry. He provided a very positive assessment of shipping policy as an independent observer.

Australian Shipowners Association


Carlton Rotary Club

October 20, 2015

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much indeed for visiting us today and giving a most interesting talk. Town planning is very much to the forefront of everyone's mind these days and it was fascinating to hear your views. Many people came up to me after the meeting to comment on how much they had enjoyed your talk. I would like to take you up on your offer to visit the club again and will be in contact earlier next year.

Kind regards

Tim Lennie
Rotary Club of Carlton


AIA National Investors Conference
Gold Coast July 28, 2010


The evaluations from our recent AIA National Investors Conference indicated that this recent conference was one of our best ever, in no small part attributable to your contribution as a presenter.

As you may be aware all delegates were asked to rate all speakers out of 5 for both content and presentation. I thought you might be interested to know that you scored 4.75 for content, 4.8 for presentation and overall rated 9.54 which ranked you as the top speaker overall.

Our delegates are quite critical so this is an excellent result. Congratulations.

I would also like to take the opportunity to advise that the dates for our 2011 conference are from 1 to 3 September at the Sydney Sofitel Wentworth. We hope you may be again interested in participating so ask you that you note these dates.

Once again, on behalf of the AIA, my sincere thanks to you for your time and effort in preparing a very informative presentation for our AIA National Investors Conference.

Many thanks
Silvana Eccles
Executive Officer


Power in Australia

Scotch College June 18, 2010

Dear Stephen,

Our students felt privileged to hear you speak at Scotch this morning. There has been quite a buzz among the boys as they debate and consider the views you presented. Discussions have already started taking place in the staff room and the library and will no doubt continue in the days ahead. It is difficult to gauge the impact that exposure to experts such as yourself will have on our boys' futures, but we do know that they embrace such opportunities enthusiastically. It was a pleasure to have you with us as part of our Breakfast Series.

Very best wishes,

Acting Head of Library


Speech to breakfast gathering of barristers

June 3, 2010

If you could again pass our thanks on to Stephen, the response to his talk has been fantastic!




Manningham U3A stockmarket class

April 21, 2010

Stephen, thank you for a great presentation at our U3A class last Thursday. I admired your capacity to retain all of the company facts and figures, which was of considerable interest to our class.

Ray Cross


City of Yarra business breakfast

March 25, 2010

Stephen has a real presence and a self assuredness about him that makes the audience sit up and listen. He is an intelligent man that has his ear and fingers in many pies.

I would say that he appealed to most of our audience (which was the main thing) the 20% or so would find Stephen too opinionated and too much of a stirrer…working on the edge.

But I believe this is why he is popular because he is not a fence sitter and he is very controversial……..guess his history has shown him as a gutsy individual.

He mixed well at the start of the breakfast, his timed his presentation well and he stayed right to the end, which was really appreciated.

Angela Collie
Project & Business Liaison Officer
City of Yarra


Melbourne Rotary Club Speech

February 24, 2010

Dear Stephen,

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Melbourne I would like to thank you for the stimulating address you delivered last Wednesday. Chair person David Carruthers' introduction promised a provocative and entertaining experience I am delighted to say you delivered with aplomb. A number of members have indicated that yours was one of the most interesting addresses we have at Rotary this year. Thank you again, particularly for stepping in at such short notice.

Yours Sincerely
Barry Watts
Rotary Club of Melbourne Inc


LGPro Business Lunch

December 15, 2009

Dear Stephen,

Just a note to thank you most sincerely for presenting at our Business Lunch held at Hilton on the Park last week.

The feedback received was very positive. A number of LGPro members comments on the value of the message you delivered and its relevance to the local government sector and to them personally.

We are most appreciative of your involvement and for delivering a presentation ensuring our event was a valuable experience for all those who attended.

Once again, many thanks for your contribution.

Yours Sincerely

David Preiss
LGPro (Local Government Professionals)

Launch of Adam Schwab's book Pigs in the Trough

March 15, 2010

Thanks again for the launch, the view appears unanimous that you spoke brilliantly.

Adam Schwab
Author and commentator


Insto Magazine Capital Raising conference

October 15, 2009

Dear Stephen ,

I am writing to thank you for taking time out to make a presentation at the Capital Raising Summit last week. I also wanted to share some of the excellent feedback you received from delegates – you received an average rating of 8/10.

Some comments from delegates include:

“different take – very well researched”

“Great alternative perspective”

“Great to hear the investor perspective”

“Lively & informative”

“Informative and currently very topical”

If you could please send through the paper for this session – we could distribute this to delegates for their reference.

I look forward to working with you again.

Best Regards,


Senior Conference Producer

AuSAE National Third Sector Leaders Symposium 2010

26 October 2010

Dear Stephen

Please accept a big “thank you” for the effort you took to contribute to our Symposium last Tuesday at the Crown Promenade Hotel.

The quality of the materials presented throughout the day was really good, and your presentation was very useful to this audience and served as a lift to other “governance” sessions.

Again, thank you sincerely for your contribution to AuSAE.


National Executive Officer
Australian Society of Association Executives Ltd


Templestowe Mens' Probus Club

Dear Stephen,

Just a brief note to say how pleased we were to have you talk at our Meeting this morning.

Our members really enjoyed your personal insights into the current financial crisis and on the unique character of the operations of Local Council governance. It was clear from the extensive question time after your talk that the members truly gained a great deal from this.

Many thanks once again from our Committee and all our members.


Roger Stevenson.
Guest Speaker Co-ordinator
Templestowe Mens' Probus Club.
Oct 6, 2009

Australian Economic Forum - Presentation

Hi Stephen,

We've had very positive feedback from attendees regarding your presentation with many requesting a copy of your presentation. In response to this we would like to place a transcript of the presentation on the AEF website www.australianeconomicforum.com.au.

Can you please let me know if you are happy to allow this and send me a PDF copy of your presentation?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Christine Mamone
Event Organiser, DKC International Conference and Event Management
August 26, 2009


State Library of Victoria

May 22, 2009

Thank you very much for your contribution last night to Hot Ink: Radicals and Rascals.

The discussion was informative, at times provocative and very funny. It was very interesting to think about the evolution of our society's response to boundary-pushers, rule-breakers and opinionated loud-mouths in general!! The audience feedback was very positive.

Thanks again Stephen, and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Claire Pittman
Project Officer

Brimbank Council Business Breakfast

April 17, 2009

Stephen gave an interesting and informative presentation in a manner that kept the entire audience attentive. A great morning all round.

Yours sincerely,

Brian O'Dwyer
Brimbank Event Co-ordinator


Finance Sector Union National Conference

April 17, 2009

Thank you very much for attending the Finance Sector Union National Conference in Acheron, we appreciate the fact that you took time to drive through fire ravaged Victorian bushland to attend, and, of course, appreciate the fact that you were able to give us your insight into the Global Financial Crisis. All the delegates were delighted to have met you and listened to you, you really set up a most interesting couple of days of discussion about our industry and our union's position within it.

Leon Carter
National Secretary
Finance Sector Union

Alliance Freelance Convention

"On behalf of the team at the Walkley Foundation and the Media Alliance, I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your support and effort in being part of the Freelance Journalism Convention in Melbourne. We have had exceptionally positive feedback from our attendees, a reflection of your expertise and the fascinating experiences and ideas you communicated to our delegates. The general consensus was that your session was enlightening and provided inspiration for other journalists. The Walkleys relies on the goodwill and support of Australia's talented journalists to make events like these happen and I can't thank you enough for taking time out from your hectic workload to make the convention such a memorable event."

Christopher Warren
MEAA Federal Secretary
31 March 2009


ATO Debt Conference

"Thanks for your presentation at the conference - you were a hit, and very generous with your time afterwards."

Jo Bramble
Director, Strategic Communication
Debt business line, Australian Taxation Office
Nov 17, 2008


Corrs Chambers Westgarth

"Thanks Stephen. The feedback from Wednesday was fantastic. All the best"

Trevor Danos
Oct 14, 2008

Friends of the Auburn Tower Inc AGM

"Thank you again for your generous gift of your time and talents last night. I think the number and quality of the questions indicated how well you engaged the audience. Yours will be a very hard act to follow next year!"

Alan K Chuck
Vice President
Oct 13, 2008


Victorian Cigar Society Dinner


Thank you again for the brilliant after dinner speech. It was a robust address as evidenced by the enthusiasm of questioners.

Bernard Corser
November 13, 2008


Total Environmental Centre

July 13, 2010

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your taking part in politics of Sustainability last week. Please find attached a letter of thanks from Jeff.

Any feedback or suggestions you may have for future Green Capital events is most welcome.

I hope we cross paths again in the future.

Kind regards,
Tessa Menzies
Sustainability Events and Marketing Manager


Financial Executives Institute of Australia
Governance talk to senior finance executives

“We were particularly struck by the frank and candid manner in which you presented and analysed a number of controversial corporate events.”

David Carruthers
March 2, 2001


Cinema Owners Association of Australia

"The feedback that we have received from those in attendance at your presentation has been very positive.”

Dee Cavanagh
Program co-ordinator
June 7, 2001


Public Relations Institute of Queensland

“Your presentation was informative…challenging and thought-provoking…”

David Donohue
PRIA Queensland
Sept 24, 2003


Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance

“ Your contributions to the exchange of ideas and information were an inspiration to the freelancers that attended the convention.”

Danielle Townsend
May 15, 2000


Julian Burnside debate with Robert Manne and Ramona Koval

“…a subject which, at first sight, was so vague managed to generate such animated discussion. It is exactly the sort of discussion which the Mietta Mondays are intended to generate.”

May 4, 2004

Communities in Control conference

“The feedback on your session…stimulated new thinking and action – it was an exceptional effort..”

Rhonda Galbally
Chief Executive Officer


Scotch College: 2005 media forum, Melbourne

“Your presentation contributed greatly to our staff and students' enjoyment. We thank you for your ability to engage our boys with your ideas and inspiration.”

Suzette Boyd and the Library staff


Churchill Club: how to build a killer board

Chaired a panel on pitfalls in board rooms

“…was extremely positive, with (members) indicating they found the evening informative and enjoyable.”

Brendan Lewis
Executive Director
The Churchill Club
Feb 14, 2006


Chartered Secretaries Association seminars - Is the AGM Dead?

“Helpful and informative session stimulating interesting ideas about approaches to governance solutions…”

Fiona D'Abico
Marketing and Event co-ordinator.


Chartered Secretaries Association: Is the AGM Dead?

“An excellent, informative and entertaining session – a model for AGMs of the future?”

Kate Tunstall
National Conference Producer


Chartered Secretaries Association: Victorian Public Sector Update

“Hi Stephen,
Thank you once again for your wonderful contribution to our symposium last week!"

Fiona D'Abico
Marketing & Event Coordinator


Australian Super Investment Conference
Summary of the year in corporate governance

“The feedback we have received…has been extremely positive. You are definitely one our most popular presenters…”

Fiona Reynolds
Manager & Convenor
Sept 7, 2006


Fairley Leadership program: Discussion about challenges facing Australia

“The feedback…was overwhelmingly positive towards your session.” “So positive…amazing strength given what he suffered”

Stephen Merrylees
Executive Director
Aug 4, 2006


Melbourne Social Forum

“…you added an important, if not critical, contribution to the debate, and clarity …”

Josie Gibson


Municipal Association of Victoria 2006 conference

“ We received excellent feedback and really appreciated your participation”

Rob Spence
Chief Executive Officer
July 27, 2006


The Finance and Treasury Association

“(Your) session was well received and made a valuable contribution to the success of the Congress.”

G.James Hewton MFTA
Chief Executive Officer
The Finance and Treasury Association


Newsagent Association Christmas party
From Crikey to The Mayne Report

“…declared this 35th Annual Meeting, "the best ever!!"

Gerard Attwood
Australian Newsagent of the Year, 1997.
Sorrento Newspower Newsagency


Melbourne Centre FINSIA Dinner

“People at my table really enjoyed it and kept saying how 'courageous' they thought you are.”

David Michell
Business Development Manager
Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies
Sept 28, 2007


National Library of Australia: Digital Culture Talks - Online journalism and its impact on traditional media

“… very positive feedback on your presentation at the Library; most of the comments refer to how inspirational and principled you are.”

Bobby Graham
Web Content Manager
Web Publishing Branch, IT Division
National Library of Australia
Sept 7, 2007


Phillips Fox : Young Professionals
Disclose, disclose, disclose - Stephen Mayne on publishing and being damned

“I wanted to pass on the thanks of the industry for your contribution to our conference last week. Your presentation was extremely well received…”

Richard Wise
Manager Government & Public Affairs
Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
May 17, 2007


Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Dinner

“…the audience was greatly amused by the account of your career as a would-be politician and board member.”

Kevin Mclean
April 3, 2007


Templestowe Valley Probus Club

"Your fearless and humourous approach to public 'targets' in the corporate world, have won over 100 fans who will follow your career with enormous interest."

Gwen Young
Speaker Organiser
October 24, 2005

Institute of Internal Auditors annual conference
Melbourne, March 22, 2011

Read feedback form after filling in for Getup's Simon Sheik

Speech to RMIT journalism students on "The Crazy Crikey Story"

“The students were all abuzz after the coffee break, fueled with motivation and I reckon a touch of admiration! They are not yet completely cynical.”

Andrew Dodd
Mar 31, 2007


Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program 2007

My experience as a journalist in Victoria

“Your contribution was singled out as being particularly illuminating.”

Dr Julie Stephens,
Senior Lecturer,
School of Social Sciences,
Victoria University
Mar 14, 2007


International CFO Forum
What stakeholders really want

“…a CFO who said how much he got out of your presentation.”

Josie Gibson
Mar 20, 2007


Senate Occasional Lecture series: July 20, 2007

Crikey, how the internet is Changing Politics!
"The lecture was extremely well received by our audience of approximately 230 people and we have had several requests for the transcript."

Harry Evans
Clerk of the Senate
July 24, 2007


Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

"Participant feedback has been excellent... We are grateful that you have been an important part of advancing the knowledge base and practice of public affairs by affording us your thoughts, experience and time."

Geoff Allen

Wayne Burns
July 16, 2007


Goulburn Valley Community Leadership Program

"The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive towards your session... In fact, some participants mentioned your presentation as a highlight of the day."

Stephen Merrylees
December 14, 2007


The Insitute of Internal Auditors Australia

"...was well received and overall we received very positive comments..."

Gary Anderson
IIA-Australia President
March 26, 2008