Tracking 233 last day AGM laggards in 2014

June 9, 2021

This list tracks the voting results from the 233 June 30 balance date companies which held their AGM on the last possible day, November 28, 2014.




10.42am VIC: International Equities: strange no actual proxy results included in announcement.
10.30am, VIC: Cardia Bioplastics: 4% protest against placement.
10.42am, QLD: Laneway Resources: no protests
10.47am, NSW: Central West Gold: no protests
10.51am, VIC: Stokes: no protests

Only 5 up until 11am, with none from WA


11.08am, NSW: Services: no protests
11.10am, VIC: Cohiba Minerals: no protests
11.13am, QLD: International Coal: no protests
11.18am, NSW: PBD Developments: 4-5% against NED fee rise and 10% placement expansion
11.25am, WA: World Titanium Resources: 17-20% protests against all 4 items
11.31am, VIC: Botswana Metals: no protests
11.34am, WA: Advanced Breaking Technology: protests of up to 20%
11.34am: QLD: Astivita: no protests
11.42am, NSW: Cuesta Coal: 4% against 10% placement capacity expansion
11.46am, WA: Coal Fe Resources: no protests
11.48am, WA: Terrain Minerals: no protests
11.50am, WA: Korab Resources: no protests
11.56am, ACT: Dyesol: 19% against rem report due to large number of exclusions
11.58am, QLD: Southern Cross Goldfields: no protests

14 companies in the hour and a total of 19 before noon. Vic in front on 5 with WA, NSW and Queensland equal second on 4 each.


12.01pm, VIC: Bisan: no protests
12.03pm, WA: Shree Minerals: no protests
12.08pm, NSW: Silver Mines: no protests
12.09pm, NSW: Astro Resources: on a strike with the proxies but declared rem passed on show of hands. Dubious.
12.14pm, VIC: Motopia: 5-8% protests against all resolutions
12.19pm, VIC: Clinuval: 5-12% against all items
12.22pm, NSW: White Energy: only one modest protest against Eddie Obeid's former partners
12.26pm, WA: Plymouth Minerals: no protests
12.28pm, NSW: Firstfolio: modest protests against directors Eric Dodd and David Walker, plus rem report
12.30pm, VIC: Environmental Clean Tech: big protest against director Carter
12.33pm, NSW: ASF Group: no protests
12.36pm, NSW: ORH Ltd: no protests
12.45pm, NSW: Oncosil Medical: no protests
12.46pm, VIC: Nagambie Mining: no protests
12.48pm, VIC: Gale Pacific: 6% protest against CEO's LTI grant
12.48pm, VIC: Rhype: no protests
12.49pm, VIC: NewSat: modest protests against rem and Richard Green
12.50pm, WA: Virax: no protests
12.53pm, VIC: IM Medical: no protest
12.53pm, QLD: Orbis Gold: protests against LTI grant, placement and 10% threshhold
12.56pm, QLD: BPS Technology: no protests
12.58pm, SA: Tellus Resources: first strike, plus placement and director protests

22 companies in the hour with Victoria leading on 8, followed by NSW on 7 and just 3 from WA, 2 from Queensland and our first SA AGM of the day.


1.03pm, WA: Bone Medical: no protests
1.10pm, WA: OreCorp: no protests
1.19pm, WA: Hammer Metals: no protests
1.21pm, SA: Crest Minerals: issue of shares to an individual got smashed
1.21pm, QLD: Armous Energy: no protests
1.23pm, WA: New Horizon Coal: no protests
1.25pm, WA: BPH Energy: no protests
1.27pm, NSW: Argent Minerals: no protests
1.27pm, NSW: Lynas Corp: range of protests peaking at 30% for a director
1.28pm, NSW: Ord River Resources: no material protests
1.28pm, WA: Peninsula Energy: range of protests, peaked at almost 20%
1.29pm, WA: Spitfire Resources: no protests
1.30pm, WA: Excelsior Gold: lots of protests, with one resolution almost defeated
1.36pm, WA: Resource Star: no protests
1.36pm, WA: Blina Minerals: no protests
1.38pm, VIC: Vealls Ltd: no protests
1.44pm, VIC: Perpetual Resources: no protests
1.47pm, QLD: Guildford Coal: rem easily defeated along with 10% placement approval
1.47pm, VIC: MRG Metals: no protests
1.49pm, NSW: Clover Corp: no protests
1.52pm, WA: Corazon Mining: 10% against rem report
1.52pm, WA: Liberty Resources: amazing protests with rem defeated, spill approved and other pay resolutions defeated
1.54pm, WA: Cell Aquaculture: no protests
1.55pm, WA: Aleator Energy: a ridiculous 23 resolutions and circa 10% protest against 12 of them
1.59pm, SA: Blackfire Minerals: no protests

25 AGMs for the hour in total, the most so far today. First time WA took the hour with 14, followed by 4 from NSW, 3 from Victoria, 2 from Queensland and 1 from SA.


2.00pm, WA: XTD: no protests
2.00pm, WA: Crucible Gold: 35% against pay rise for directors
2.04pm, WA: Anova Minerals: no protests
2.05pm, QLD: Fertoz: no protests
2.05pm, SA: Iron Road Ltd: no protests
2.05pm, NSW: Resources & Energy Group: no protests
2.07pm, NSW: Metgasco: much calmer than previous with 4% protest against rem
2.07pm, QLD: Merah Resources: no protests
2.08pm, NSW: Gold Search: big protests across the board, including strike
2.08pm, NSW: Xanadu Mines: big protests across board and very well set out voting results
2.15pm, WA: Quintessential Resources: 7% against rem and more against a director
2.20pm, WA: VDM: no protests
2.25pm, VIC: Life Corp: no protests
2.26pm, NSW: Qanda Technology: no protests
2.33pm, WA: Valmec: no protests
2.35pm, NSW: Sinovus: no protests
2.36pm, WA: Newera Resources: no protests
2.39pm, WA: Discovery Resources: no protests
2.39pm, VIC: Isonea: Bruce Mathieson defeated options issue to an individual
2.40pm, WA: Cleveland Mining: no protests
2.44pm, WA: Ziptel: no protests
2.45pm, NSW: Broad Investments: 5% against equity grant to individual
2.47pm, WA: Athena Resources: no protests
2.50pm, WA: AVZ Minerals: no protests
2.51pm, NSW: Australian Unity Mining: no protests
2.51pm, WA: Encounter Resources: no protests
2.52pm, WA: Strike Resources: no protests
2.55pm, WA: Inca Minerals: 8% against rem report
2.55pm, NSW: Victor Group: no protests
2.56pm, WA: Regis Resources: 24% against resolution four
2.59pm, WA: Pan Asia Corp: 8% against rem report
2.59pm, WA: Rubicon Resources: no protests
2.59pm, VIC: Enviro Mission: staggering 42 resolutions, some modest protests

Busiest hour so far with 33 in total. Again, WA had the majority with 18, followed by 9 in NSW, 3 in Victoria, 2 in Queensland and 1 in SA.


3.00pm, WA: Whitecliff Minerals: 6% against some resolutions, way too wordy
3.00pm, WA: Riedal Resources: no protests
3.00pm, WA: Pancontinental Oil & Gas: 12% against a director
3.01pm, NSW: Intec Ltd: no protests
3.02pm, WA: TFS Corp: 9% against rem report
3.03pm, WA: OBL Ltd: 23% against one item
3.04pm, WA: General Mining Corp: director almost defeated
3.08pm, ACT: Xtec Ltd: no protests
3.08pm, WA: Integrated Resources: no protests
3.08pm, WA: Balamara Resources: no protests
3.09pm, WA: Gulf Minerals Corp: no protests
3.20pm, WA: Orion Gold: no protests
3.22pm, NSW: Ochre Group: no protests
3.22pm, WA: Celcius Coal: no protests
3.27pm, WA: West Peak Iron: no protests
3.28pm, WA: Frontier Resources: 8% against options issue
3.31pm, WA: Atrum Coal: no protests
3.32pm, WA: Anae Co: no protests
3.32pm, VIC: Southern Crown Resources: no protests
3.32pm, WA: Triton Minerals: no protests
3.33pm, QLD: Tamawood: no protests
3.34pm, NSW: Sandon Capital: no protests
3.35pm, VIC: Dromana Estate: no protests
3.36pm, WA: Echo Resources: no protests
3.38pm, NSW: 360 Capital Group: no protests
3.39pm, WA: Tox Free: no protests
3.40pm, WA: CI Resources: no protests, meeting held in Malaysia
3.42pm, NSW: Primary Healthcare: biggest protests of the day
3.43pm, WA: Galicia Energy: no protests
3.44pm, NSW: Adcorp: 9% against rem
3.44pm, WA: Solco: no protests
3.47pm, NSW: Future Generation Investment Fund: no protests
3.51pm, WA: Mutiny Gold: quite a mutiny on a number of resolutions
3.54pm, NSW: Golden Cross Resources: Chinese director defeated, opposition on board pay
3.55pm, WA: Royal Resources: no protests
3.57pm, WA: Stratos Metals: no protests
3.58pm, VIC: Genera Biosystems: no protests
3.58pm, WA: Namibian Copper: no protests
3.58pm, VIC: Metage Capital: 10% against placement capacity
3.59pm, NSW: Waratah Resources: First strike and other protests

41 for the hour with 24 from WA. 9 from NSW, 4 from Victoria and 1 from Queensland.


4.01pm, WA: Eza Corp: no protests
4.02pm, WA: Black Range Minerals: 11% against rem report
4.03pm, WA: Tribune Resources: no protests
4.03pm, NSW: Gulf Industrials: no protests
4.03pm, WA: Emu Nickel: no protests
4.04pm, NSW: Disruptive Investments: no protests
4.12pm, NSW: FSA Group: no protests
4.13pm, WA: Overland Resources: 30% against placement approval and 10% expansion
4.15pm, VIC: OGI Group: no protests
4.16pm, VIC: EVZ Ltd: double digit protests on all 3 items
4.17pm, NSW: Queensland Mining: material rem protest plus others
4.18pm, NSW: JAT Energy: no protests
4.19pm, WA: Globe Metals & Mining: biggest rem protest ever, plus others
4.20pm, WA: Rand Mining: no protests
4.28pm, VIC: Hawthorn Resources: no protests
4.34pm, NSW: Welcome Stranger Mining: no protests
4.36pm, VIC: 3D Resources: no protests
4.37pm, WA: Ram Resources: no protests
4.40pm, QLD: Lake Resources: illogical proxy announcement
4.40pm, NSW: Telepacific: no protests
4.42pm, VIC: Octanex Energy Exploration: no protests
4.44pm, WA: Kalnorth Goldmines: no protests, disclosed spill rejection numbers
4.48pm, WA: Genesis Minerals: no protests
4.51pm, WA: Golden Deeps: rem strike and other protests
4.52pm, QLD: Santana Minerals: no protests
4.53pm, WA: IndoChine: no protests
4.55pm, VIC: Enegex: no protests
4.58pm, NSW: WAM Capital: 10% against rem report
4.58pm, SA: Mithril Resources: no protests

29 for the hour with only from 12 from WA, 6 from NSW, 6 from Victoria, 2 from Queensland and 1 from SA.


5.01pm, NSW: WAM Research: almost 20% against rem report
5.03pm, NSW: WAM Active: modest protests on rem and 10% placement
5.11pm, NSW: Asia Pacific Digital: modest 5% protests
5.12pm, NSW: Investis Inspired Solutions: no protests
5.17pm, WA: Boss Resources: no protests
5.21pm, WA: Drake Resources: no protests
5.22pm, WA: Rumble Resources: no protests
5.24pm, WA: Metals Australia: first strike and other big protests
5.26pm, WA: Sunbird Energy: no protests
5.28pm, WA: Siburan Resources: no protests
5.37pm, WA: Sprintex: no protests
5.40pm, WA: Quest Petroleum: 10-20% protests
5.40pm, WA: Energy and Minerals Australia: big protests on range of items
5.40pm, VIC: Go Connect: no protests
5.40pm, WA: RNI: 14% protest against rem
5.41pm, NSW: Bioxyne: no protests
5.42pm, WA: Safety Medical Products: no protests
5.43pm, SA: E&A Ltd: no protests
5.43pm, WA: Venturex Resources: no protests
5.43pm, WA: Soil Sub: 15% against a director
5.56pm, NSW: Watermark Market Neutral Fund: 14% against rem report

21 for the hour with 13 from WA, 6 from NSW, 1 from Victoria and 1 from SA.


6.00pm, WA: South East Asia Resources: 15% protest against various placement resolutions
6.02pm, WA: MMS: no protests
6.02pm, WA: Excalibur Mining: no protests
6.02pm, WA: Peel Mining: no protests
6.03pm, WA: Crade Resources: 20% protest against 10% placement expansion
6.04pm, WA: Image Resources: minor protests but constitution resolution withdrawn
6.07pm, WA: Nex Metals: no protests
6.11pm, WA: Parker Resources: no protests
6.11pm, NSW: Australian Leaders Fund: 12% protest against rem report
6.21pm, NSW: Admiralty Resources: one director withdrew and another incumbent easily defeated
6.27pm, WA: Auroch Minerals: no protests
6.28pm, QLD: Superior Resources: rem defeated, big protests against 2 directors
6.28pm, WA: Global Gold: no protests
6.31pm, VIC/HK: Murchison Holdings: no protests
6.33pm, VIC/HK: Quest Investments: no protest
6.42pm, WA: Truscott Mining: no protests
6.48pm, WA: Fleetwood Corp: 10% protest against rem items
6.50pm, WA: Greenrock Energy: no protest
6.55pm, WA: Kairiki Energy: no protest
6.56pm, WA: Redstone Resources: no protest

20 AGM results in the hour with 15 coming out of WA, 2 from NSW, 2 from Victoria and 1 from Queensland.


7.06pm, NSW: Malachite Resources: 10% protest against several resolutions
7.32pm, WA: Elixir Petroleum: no protest
7.55pm, WA: Promesa: no protests
8.06pm, WA: Leopard Resources: no protests

Just 4 results reported after 7pm with 3 from WA and 1 from NSW.

Total for the day 215

November 28 AGMs where results announced on following Monday

8.25am, WA: Firestone Energy: two withdrawn resolution and modest protest on rem
8.25am, WA: Stone Resources: 15% against rem
8.25am, WA: Platypus Minerals: 46% against rem and 30% against LTI. Announcement defended rem.
8.26am, WA: AXG Mining: no protests
8.26am, NSW: 8Common: no protests
8.27am, WA: The Waterberg Coal Company: no protests
8.27am, WA: Reed Resources: 10% against rem, more against LTI grant
8.28am, WA: Scotgold Resources: no protests
9.44am, WA: Wolf Petroleum: no protests
9.48am, QLD: Australian Dairy Farms
10.03am, WA: GRP Corp: no protests
10.43am, NSW: Keybridge Capital: rem defeated and three pay resolutions withdrawn
1.40pm, WA: Cougar Metals: no protests. Started 2pm. Details of how many proxies voted and exclusions
2.42pm, WA: Primary Gold: no protests
2.45pm, QLD: Trustees Australia: no protests
4.14pm, WA: Orrex Resources: no protests
4.26pm, NSW: Gateway Mining: no protests
6.03pm, Bermuda: Aquarius Platinum: 25% against one director
Redbank Energy: AGM extension until Feb 15

Total of 18 announced the following Monday.

Grand total of all AGMs held on last Friday of the season: 233