Elected to Melbourne City Council

December 2, 2018

Stephen Mayne successfully contested the 2012 City of Melbourne elections as an independent candidate.

The platform included a broad sweep of transparency and good governance measures such as more comprehensive campaign finance disclosure, audit committee oversight of senior officer expense claims, greater disclosure of council's land and building holdings and a full online disclosure of council's record at VCAT and wide-ranging leasing arrangements.

On public transport Stephen has been disappointed by Melbourne's failure to engage in the debate about Doncaster Rail despite the obvious benefits for Carlton and Parkville.

Here is the statement from Stephen and running mate Michele Anderson that was lodged with the VEC and distributed to voters:

Stephen Mayne: independence, experience, transparency, accountability

Here's something different. We are completely independent of any Lord Mayoral campaign team. Whoever you select to wear the mayoral robes – be they on the Left or Right of politics – we will hold them to account from the sensible middle.

Stephen Mayne has spent 23 years through journalism, publishing (Crikey.com), shareholder activism, government roles and ABC broadcasting talking truth to power and independently promoting good governance.

He has lived in 4 different residences over 7 years within the City of Melbourne and owned an apartment in Jolimont.

If elected, Stephen will work constructively to repeat reforms he drove at the City of Manningham, such as unprecedented disclosure around council operations and a tougher approach on the scourge of poker machines.

Stephen supports action on climate change and investment in bike paths and rail infrastructure, but is a fiscal conservative who wants balanced budgets, a less complacent council and relief for business. With $150 million in cash, the $90 million annual parking revenue heist is clearly excessive.

Michele Anderson has lived at Docklands for 10 years. She works at Harbour Town, has a family business in Fisherman's Bend and is an active Chairperson on a Docklands owners corporation who fully understands the problems associated with operating larger residential complexes within the City. She is a strong advocate for community involvement in planning processes, including sensible third party appeal rights.

We believe residential buildings should not become “hotels by stealth” and that apartment owners more generally need stronger representation on council.

Examples of governance reform at Manningham

See p110 of the 2011-12 annual report for the most comprehensive disclosure of senior executive pay by a Victorian council. Listen to the audio of the debate when the improved executive pay disclosure motion was supported in May 2012. See the final motion on p2149 of the minutes.

Comprehensive report on councillor expense claims. Listen to audio from June 2012 council meeting debate and see page 3049 of these minutes.

Another important reform was audio of council meetings on the Manningham website, which is all available here and goes back to mid-2009.

We were also the first Victorian council to publish our full record at VCAT on our home page. See here.

All rental arrangements at council buildings have been disclosed online after a supplementary motion was passed in January 2012. See p166 of these minutes and listen to audio of debate starting at the 36 minute mark.
And click here to see the first ever public lease register in Manningham.

Here is the text of the motion that was passed:

"That from July 2012 and each July thereafter, Council publishes on its web-site details of community group tenancies in Council properties showing the tenant, sub-tenants, term of the arrangement, rental values and any special condition applicable to each arrangement."

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