Cr Mayne

Some Manningham developments approved at open council

September 10, 2022

This list tracks some developments that have been approved at Manningham council meetings over the past 15 years.

47-49 Glendale Avenue, Templestowe: 13 apartments on 1,444sq metre site on the corner of Foote St and Williamsons Rd approved 7-1 at council meeting held on May 29, 2012. Applicant A1 Drafting or Glendale Muse P/L.

872-874 Doncaster Rd, East Doncaster: 40 apartments on double block site of 1,751 sq m approved unanimously at council meeting held on May 29, 2012. Applicant Metropol Planning Solutions P/L.

51-53 Talford St, East Doncaster: 23 apartments on a 1,575sq m corner double block near Tunstall Square was approved 5-1 on April 24, 2012. Applicant De Felice Homes c/- Paul Shaw & Associates.

222 Williamsons Road, Templestowe: 23 dwellings on a 1 acre block approved unanimously on August 30, 2011. Developer Cosdea Developments (Mr Dale Anderson).

194-196 Manningham Road, Bulleen: 26 dwellings over 3 storeys on double block of 1,464 sq m approved unanimously on August 30, 2011. Applicant Kim Belfield Planning Consultant on behalf of Johanne Belling and V&R Palamaras.

5-7 Curlew Court, Doncaster: 30 apartments over 3 storeys and 1,638sq m. Defeated 5-4 on July 26, 2011, then went to VCAT. Owner/developer was Mr O Christodoulou.

14-16 Bullen St, Doncaster: 15 apartments over two blocks comprising 1,343sq m. Approved unanimously on May 31, 2011. Owner Aily Liu and Graham Reid and architect Paul Shaw.

8 George St, Doncaster: 10 apartments over 997sq m. Approved 7-1 on May 3, 2011. Owner Mr C Scoleri and applicant DCA Design.

832-836 Doncaster Rd: 37 apartments approved unanimously over 2,047sq m and 4 levels on May 3, 2011. Applicant De Nova Group on behalf of consortium of investors.

81 Tram Rd, Doncaster: 37 apartments over 4 levels and 1,620sq m approved unanimously in March 2011. Applicant HWL Development.

969-973 Doncaster Rd: 22 apartments in DDO8 over 2,050sq m was approved by VCAT in February 2011 but original application never went to councillors. Councillors unanimously endorsed this report on October 26, 2010. Applicant was Quentine P/L.

97 Whittens Lane, Doncaster: 16 apartments over 3 levels on a 1,060sq m site approved 5-3 on August 31, 2010. Applicant Konex Developments.

1040-1044 Doncaster Rd: 41 apartments over 2251sq m 3 lot site approved unanimously in June 2010. Applicant Tandarri P/L c/- DCA Design.

57 Berkeley St, Doncaster: 57 apartments over 5 levels and 2153 sq m unanimously approved between Westfield and council offices in April 2010. Developer was Spec Properties.

53 Franklin Rd, East Doncaster: 9 apartment development on 961sq m site was recommended by officers and defeated 5-4 by councillors in February 2010. VCAT approved it. Applicant was STM Construction and Development.

31-33 King St, Templestowe: 40 apartments over two levels 4,048sq m approved in 7-2 vote in November 2009. Applicant was Central Estate Properties (Andrew Spinova).

53 John St, Lower Templestowe: 11 apartments over 2 lot site of 1,195sq m approved unanimously on June 2, 2009. Applicant was Gina Bartone through Paul Shaw.

107 Whitten Lane, Doncaster: 32 apartments over 4 storeys and 2,785 sq m was approved unanimously on March 31, 2009. Applicant was G Rigo.

231 High St, Lower Templestowe: 11 apartments on 2 lot site over 1,210 sq m was unanimously approved on February 24, 2009. Applicant was Waterface Living Architecture.

2-6 Anderson St, Templestowe: 38 apartment development over 4 levels and 3 lots on 2759 sq m. Approved 5-3 in September 2008. Applicant was Mick Healy through CH Architects.