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Appearances on ABC Television

February 5, 2019

Here is a list of and links to more than 100 appearances on ABC television over the years.

2010 - 16

ABC News 24 , Paper Review on Breakfast - 21/12/2010
Review of that days newspapers with the hosts Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland.

ABC News 24, Possible balance of power in the upper house - 1/12/2010
Interview with hosts Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland after Victorian election

Lateline Business, Time for some razzle dazzle at JB Hi-Fi AGM - 13/10/2010
Story on JB Hi-Fi's extremely low key AGM

Lateline Business, Leighton moves to reassure shareholders at AGM - 4/11/2010
Wal King's farewell as Leighton CEO

Lateline Business, Kupper fronts last Tabcorp AGM - 25/10/2010
Expressing concerns about executive pay structures at Tabcorp

ABC Asia Pacific, News package on Australian campaign - 26/7/2010
Slammed proposed immigration cuts

4 Corners, The Mining Tax - 7/6/2010
Was interviewed at ASX in Sydney and they also used Rio Tinto AGM footage

Lateline Business, Axa tells AGM NAB deal is better - 18/5/2010
Used line from AGM asking chairman if this would be last shareholder gathering

Lateline, Salary cap rorting claimed to be widespread - 27/4/2010
Interviewed as part of package about Melbourne Storm scandal

Lateline, Seven shareholders vote for merger - 20/4/2010
Package after Seven EGM approved Westrac merger

ABC 7pm News Victoria, Madden under planning pressure - 19/3/2010
Comments about a Manningham planning matter in a Justin Madden news package

Lateline Business, Virgin announcement breach of ASX rules - 4/3/2010
Criticisms of newspaper leak about appointment of new CEO John Borghetti

Inside Business, Kerry Stokes Westrac deal - 28/2/2010
Criticised massive proposed related party transaction

2009 - 13

The Midday Report, Pokies push at the Woolies AGM - 26/11/2009
Slammed Woolies for irresponsible pokies practices

Lateline Business, Interview with Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett - 11/11/2009
Was mentioned in passing as a board candidate with media experience

4 Corners, James Packer's casino push - 12/10/2009
Provided a few grabs for Paul Barry's hatchet job on James Packer

Lateline Business, Macquarie Airports to keep executive team - 30/9/2009
Comments before EGM approving $345m divorce payment to Macquarie

Compass, Ethics debate - 27/9/2009
Geraldine Doogue lead an interesting discussion about ethics

The 7.30 Report, Many Brisconnections shareholders facing financial ruin - 20/9/2008
Gave these grabs in an interview after attending ABC Learning creditors committee meeting in Brisbane

The Midday Report, Murdoch's media dilemma - 5/9/2009
Interview with Ros Childs about Rupert's strategy to charge for online content

Big Ideas, The media can't be trusted to tell the truth - 5/8/2009
Intelligence Squared Debate held in Sydney with the likes of Mark Scott, John B Fairfax, Julian Burnside and Jonathan Holmes

Q & A, Round three of first series - 5/6/2008
Fellow panellists were Tony Burke, Greg Sheridan, Julie Bishop and Randa Abdel-Fattah

The Chaser, Rudd's spin and the Glenn Milne cameraman - June 2009
Did a cameo for the The Chaser boys over Milne assault

Lateline Business, QBE confident of higher profits - 8/4/2009
Congratulated QBE for blinking and changing executive pay arrangements

Lateline Business, Businesses prepare for tough AGMs - 5/10/2009
Preview story on main 2009 AGM season

ABC News 24, Nicholas Bolton's BrisConnections deal - 3/4/2009
Analysing the Nicholas Bolton greenmail deal with Leighton

Lateline Business, Fairfax chair may have bowed to pressure - 23/9/2009
Package on the final days of Ron Walker's chairmanship

2008 - 11

The Midday Report, Predictions after a very tough 2008 - 15/12/2008
Debate with Peter Switzer about economic prospects at peak of GFC

The 7.30 Report, Rudd moves to rein in executive perks - 9/12/2008
Commenting on proposed Productivity Commission investigation after Toll Holdings pay controversies

Talking Heads, Profile and interview with Peter Thompson - 15/11/2008
Ended up getting quite emotional talking about family

Lateline Business, Allco subsidiary tells AGM it's business as usual - 5/11/2008
They really should have wound up AEP back then

Lateline Business, Debate over Toll payout intensifies - 30/10/2008
Some fascinating vision of Paul Little refusing to answer questions

Lateline Business, Babcock & Brown take centre stage again - 18/06/2008
Discussing Babcock & Brown's proposed $3.2 billion wind farms sale

Lateline, Corporate regulators failing to protest investors - 22/5/2008
Hard hitting Stephen Long story after corporate collapses

Lateline, Stephen Mayne's analyses the behavior of ABC Learning - 27/02/2008
Discussing margin calls and share dealing by the teetering ABC Learning

Landline, Against the Grain - 17/2/2008
Zoe Daniel report on first failed attempt to end farmer gerrymander over AWB

Lateline Business, Wheat growers to stay on AWB board - 12/2/2008
Strongly criticising farmer gerrymander after first EGM vote

The 7.30 Report, Economists predict further rate rises - 31/1/2008
Comments about potential housing crash and early GFC sharemarket tumbles

2007 - 7

Lateline Business, Gunns chairman shuts down AGM - 22/11/2007
One of the more extraordinary shareholder meetings we've attended

Lateline Business, Activists criticise Perpetual's Gunns investment - 30/10/2007
Joined with others to pressure Perpetual over forestry during Federal election campaign

Lateline Business, Family-run businesses get positive reports - 22/10/2007
Talked up the idea of Harvey Norman spinning off its property portfolio into a separate vehicle.

Inside Business, Murdoch maintains control of News Corp - 21/10/2007
Alan Kohler interview with Michael Rowland after attempt to end Rupert's control of News Corp

Difference of Opinion, Spending the deficit - 20/9/2007
Jeff McMullen led the debate with others such as John Hewson and Eva Cox.

Media Watch, Stain Removal - 15/8/2007
Passing mention about a Fairfax journalist making nasty edits to our wikipedia entry

Lateline Business, Questions at the Zinifex EGM - 26/07/2007
Raised issues around lead liabilities at EGM which left Zinifex with almost $3 billion in cash.

Lateline Business, APA says Qantas bid not over yet - 07/05/2007
Like a scene from a B grade horror movie it's the corporate takeover that apparently refuses to die.

2006 - 9

Lateline, Glenn Milne apologises for attack - 1/12/2006
Brief story on the Walkleys drama

ABC 7pm News, Glenn Milne Walkley incident - 1/12/2006
Ran in various bulletins across the country

Lateline, The Glenn Milne Walkleys attack - 30/11/2006
The ABC almost beat host SBS to air with this vision given delayed telecast

Lateline Business, Shareholders express concerns at Tattersall's AGM - 30/11/2006
Criticism of payout to former CEO Duncan Fischer

Stateline Victoria - Nationals leader Peter Ryan wages war over bush vote - 17/11/2006
Was quoted from a Press Club debate about minor parties

Lateline Business, Packer rejects Fairfax interest - 26/10/2006
Coverage from 2006 Fairfax AGM about backroom media deals

The 7.30 Report, Stand-off between govt and Telstra escalates - 25/9/2006
Comments as a board candidate during Geoffrey Cousins battle ahead of T3

Stateline Victoria, People Power plans for Victorian election - 1/9/2006
The big predictions certainly never eventuated

The 7.30 Report, Former NAB traders jailed - 4/7/2006
Heather Ewart package after ASIC did a good job delivering quick justice to the rogue forex traders.

Lateline, Heffernan moves to block Snowy sale - 25/5/2006
Blasted Bill Heffernan's xenophobia whilst calling for disclosure of 72 year water licence

2005 - 3

The 7.30 Report, Voting on remuneration reports raises the pressure - 27/10/2005
Emma Alberici used grab from outside Gunns AGM in Launceston

Stateline Victoria - Panel discussion on Daily Telegraph and John Brogden - 2/9/2005
Kathy Bowlen led panel also including Louise O'Connor and Robert Dean.

The 7.30 Report, Questions raised over Vizard penalties - 5/7/2005
Steve Vizard got off extremely lightly from his insider trading at Telstra

2004 - 8

Landline, Analysing AMP's Stanbroke Pastoral sale - 12/9/2004
Did this interview from room at Twin Waters resort on Sunshine Coast where was speaking at a super conference

Media Watch, From Rumor to Report and Media at the Movies - 12/7/2004
Forensic examination of how the Mark Latham bucks night video took off

Lateline, Singapore Power plans for Australian expansion - 3/5/2004
Steve Letts story about investment flows between Australia and Singapore

Lateline, News Corp announces move to US - 6/4/2004
Rupert leaves Adelaide for lax governance in Delaware

The 7.30 Report,
NAB scandal reaching bloody conclusion - 31/3/2004
Tim Lester story about Cathy Walter's battle with the "Gang of Seven"

The 7.30 Report, State Labor parties struggle for dominance - 23/3/2004
Heather Ewart package on the various state Labor governments and possible federal implications

Lateline, NAB chairman quits - 17/2/2004
Commented that new chair Graeme Kraehe was over-committed after Charles Allen quit

The Chaser, Rudd's spin and the Glenn Milne cameraman - sometime in 2004
See Charles Firth throw mud on Stephen Mayne

2003 - 8

, Calls for CEOs to stop wage increases - 22/10/2003
Steve Letts story triggered by outrageous payout to then BHP Billiton CEO Paul Anderson

Lateline, Murdoch backs down on pay deal - 15/10/2003
This was the Rupert humiliation which triggered News Corp's departure to America

The 7.30 Report, Business sector unhappy with proposed reforms - 8/10/2003
Heather Ewart story on Peter Costello's proposed non-binding vote on remuneration reports

Business Breakfast, AMP directors survive AGM - 16/5/2003
A very mention in passing the morning after the AMP AGM

Lateline, Money in wrong business: AMP chairman - 15/5/2003
Package after tumultuous AMP AGM where board tilt fell well short

Inside Business, Alan Kohler editorial endorsement for AMP tilt - 11/5/2003
Despite support from Kohler and Terry McCrann, only ended up getting about 11%

Lateline, AMP's sensational share collapse - 5/5/2003
Interview with Tony Jones as a board candidate after AMP share dive.

The 7.30 Report, AMP shares plunge after $896m loss posted - 26/2/2003
Comments about disastrous expansion into UK market

The 7.30 Report,
Shareholder rights under scrutiny after NRMA board dumped - 14/1/2003
Comments about whether it is too easy to call an EGM.

2002 - 11

Insiders, Analysing the Brackslide - 24/11/2002
Interview with Barrie Cassidy and panellists Andrwe Bolt and Malcolm Far after Labor's Victorian landslide

Inside Business, Is Packer on a rescue mission? - 17/11/2002
Greg Hoy story assessing Kerry and James Packer after One-Tel fiasco

Business Breakfast, CSL shares plunge 11% - 18/10/2002
Used question from AGM asking about Brian McNamee's huge salary

Lateline, Shareholder activist sends strong message to News Corp - 9/10/2002
Stephen Mayne is interviewed by Tony Jones after almost getting on the News Corp board at the 2002 AGM.

Lateline, Shareholders defy News Corp board - 9/10/2002
Story preceding interview after winning support from floor in board tilt

The 7.30 Report, ASIC keeps watch on Coles Myer - 16/9/2002
Mick Bunworth story in the lead up to the AGM which saw Solly Lew booted off the board.

Lateline, Friday forum with Quentin Dempster and Margot Kingston - 06/09/2002
Forum discussing attempt to save the planet in Johannesburg and the gathering storm over Iraq

Lateline, Iraq and Telstra generate debate - 18/8/2002
A panel discussion with host Maxine McKew and independent MP Peter Andren

The 7.30 Report, Commission told Cooper bailed out with HIH's help - 23/7/2002
Explaining the connections and antics of the forever colourful HIH court jester Brad Cooper

Media Watch, Personal & Political - 8/7/2002
Includes explanation of Crikey's role in the story of Cheryl and Gareth

Lateline, Democrats face uncertain future with Lees on the outside - 26/7/2002
Panel discussion with host Tony Jones and Margot Kingston after Don Chipp interview about Democrats demise

The 7.30 Report, Rail takeover promises to be a quiet revolution - 1/2/2002
Commenting about the corporate power of Toll and Patrick after rail privatisation deal

Lateline, Debate over ethics - 13/01/2002
Tony Jones debates Stephen Mayne and Margo Kingston about the Cheryl and Gareth affair affair.

Stateline Victoria, Political story - some time in 2002
Can't remember or find the story but was definitely interviewed by Josephine Cafagna in South Melbourne.

2001 - 9

The 7.30 Report, PM takes the plunge on media laws - 13/12/2001
Fran Kelly story on proposed media ownership law changes

The Fat, Sports chat show hosted by Tony Squires - 5/11/2001
Was very fast moving and hard to get a word in with the likes of Peter Wilkins, Rebecca Wilson

Lateline, Bonuses to company chiefs enter political arena - 30/10/2001
Named some of the most outrageous CEO pay packets

Media Dimensions, Examination of subversive media - 17/9/2001
Sounded very relaxed about getting sued back then

Australia Talks, Panel discussion the night after September 11 - 13/11/2001
Went to Port Augusta for George Negus talk show and then Ansett collapsed so drove hire car home

Lateline, The Bank - 31/8/2001
Story about branch closures coinciding with Robert Connolly's movie The Bank.

Lateline, Packer pulls out of Fairfax - 19/7/2001
Interview after Kerry Packer's once-cherished dream of owning the Fairfax empire ended when he sold out

The 7.30 Report, Don Chipp for Melbourne mayor - 5/7/2001
Was a candidate for Lord Mayor mentioned in this story criticising Don Chipp

Lateline, Shareholders react to BHP merger - 18/05/2001
Interview after Billiton merger was approved

Lateline, Calls for more info on BHP merger - 4/5/2001
Lobbying for greater disclosure ahead of Billiton merger vote

2000 - 2

Lateline, Telstra Board contest - 16/11/2000
Story about AGMs and board voting with Federal Government still controlling Telstra

The 7.30 Report, Mayne man throwing spanner in corporate works - 13/12/2000
Alan Kohler profile after opening blizzard of board tilts

1990s - 4

Stateline - Life under Jeff Kennett - September 1999
Panel including Neil Mitchell and Geoff Craven

4 Corners - Kennett's Culture - October 1997
The original whistleblower appearance about Jeff's share dealings

The 7.30 Report - Hudson Conway's Tower of Power - May 1996
Story by Giulia Baggio following up Herald Sun story on controversial apartment sales by the Crown promoters

The 7.30 Report - Booming Crown Casino profits - October 1995
Was interviewed by Sarah Henderson for this story on the same day the ABC announced state-based 7.30 Reports were finished