Ten Network 2010 AGM

December 14, 2010

With incumbent chair Nick Falloon departing, it was a good debate all round. Check out all the edited audio below.

How independent is Brian Long and has competitor Bruce Gordon been signing off on all these new directors?

Is there board support for Ten's sports channel and how will the conflicted Fox Sports directors be treated?

Your bold moves into an expanded news and current affairs format should be commended.

Could Paul Gleeson comment on any association with our new major shareholders?

Why wasn't Nick Falloon up for election and does David Gordon have any associations with the three billionaire families on the board?

What is Dean Hawkins' historical and ongoing associations with our major shareholders?

What does director Christine Holgate think about how Ten shafted retail shareholders by failing to do an SPP after a placement? - Read transcript

What promises has the new chairman made to get the top job and why isn't their room to have a CEO on the board?- Read transcript

James Packer got it wrong - congratulations to Nick Falloon for a job well done - Read transcript