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Favorite quotes, sledges and debates from media and AGMs

November 14, 2015

Favorite sledges and quotes

"Stephen Mayne, independent, standing for the Upper House seat of Northern Metro. Thirty per cent of the vote of the vote hasn't been counted yet, so all terribly premature. I'm not allowed to wish him well, am I? I don't have a stance about these things, but I find him very likeable, Stephen Mayne."
- Red Symons, 774 ABC Melbourne breakfast host, November 2010

"A healthy democracy must include the licence to offend and you've got that down to a fine art."
- Peter Joseph, GPT chairman, 2009 AGM

“ …in regard to ‘How does this compare to Qantas?', I am probably biased in this statement but I'd say Crown is much more democratic than Qantas. Geoff ran Qantas like an complete autocracy, and we are all very careful about asking questions”
James Packer, Crown AGM, October 28, 2009

" There is just so much to think about when Stephen is telling us stuff. He opens these doors, oh Lord, now I have to think about this too, and we do have to think about it."
Derek Guille ABC 774 Radio host, October 7, 2009

"So Stephen thanks for both the constructiveness and objectivity, which is rare"
David Gonski Chairman, ASX Limited 2009 AGM

“Do you set out to be offensive or it is just natural?”
- Kerry Packer, PBL AGM, 2000, when asked if he was losing on his Hoyts investment.

“That's the first time anyone's ever interrupted our AGM – I'll get you later.”
- Gerry Harvey, Harvey Norman AGM, 2001.

“You're free to fire me any time, Mr Mayne”
- Rupert Murdoch, News Corp AGM, 2004, after being asked if he had an employment contract.

“What are you going to bring up next, the assault charge?”
- John Singleton, STW AGM, 2005.

" Mr Mayne, you write a very good fiction story"
- Frank Lowy, Westfield AGM, 2000.

" If there's no conflict, there's no interest."
- Frank Lowy, Westfield AGM, 1999.

"Your questions here are under question because you are here not as a shareholder necessarily, it's because you hold another job and as a shareholder using this opportunity to enhance your own career in journalism."
- Frank Lowy, Westfield AGM, 1999.

"A healthy democracy must include the licence to offend and you've got that down to a fine art."
- Peter Joseph, GPT chairman, 2009 AGM

"Welcome Back - I've missed you! For last 4 years I've felt rather insulted you've not been here."

- Michael Robinson, Tabcorp Holdings AGM, 2006

"Ah, Mr Mayne. It wouldn't be a Mayne meeting without Stephen Mayne."
Mark Rayner, Mayne Group AGM, 2002

"I would like to dispute what you just said because it is quite misleading."
- Michael Chaney, NAB chairman, January 2007

"I think your perspective on the issue is not right,"
– Don Mercer, Orica chairman, December 2007, taking issue with comments about remuneration policies.

"Stephen this is not your soapbox, its our ABC...and the ABC is disgraced by your presence"
- Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun columnist, taking issue with my apparent abuse of position on 774 ABC Melbourne.

"I... I ...look, I loathe Stephen Mayne.... he is a disgrace ... he has no discipline."
Former close friend and workmate.

"He has successfully burned almost every bridge he ever built"
- Peter Blunden, former editor-in-chief of Melbourne's Herald Sun

" I wouldn't even cross the street to give him a backhander - or a writ for that matter."

Eddie McGuire, Collingwood Football Club President.

"I've never had so much from people as when it became clear I was suing Stephen Mayne ... 'Good on you. He's a turd.' "

Steve Price, 2UE radio announcer


774 ABC Melbourne

Listen to this remarkable on-air fight with Andrew Bolt when I was filling in for Jon Faine in 2005. Read transcript.

Listen to this solid 10 minute rumble with Jon Faine over Packer-Ten-Falloon situation. He doesn't understand conflict


November 25, 2010 - with Neil Mitchell on 3AW about the pokies during his traditional "whackos and fringe dwellers" session.

Listen to pokies billionaire Bruce Mathieson call Stephen Mayne a liar on 3AW in September 1997, the day after the Four Corners story on Jeff Kennett's share dealings went to air.


Asking departing Melbourne Lord Mayor John So if there is still $100 million in cash sitting in the council's coffers.
RRR, The Party Show, October 5, 2008

Our favourite AGM audio exchanges

Here is a package of favourite AGM highlights since we launched The Mayne Report in 2007. They are largely snappy 2-3 minute affairs and well worth a listen.

Mark Day sprays

Vendetta against Murdoch goes from manic to malicious
The Australian, Oct 27, 2005

An eye on the Mayne game
The Australian, Apr 27, 2000

Youtube Video commentary

In the true spirit of democracy, social media commentary is becoming more than a pastime for some. We thought we would put together our top 5 most commentated videos.

Australia is selling the farm to China
Why is there no-one else speaking out on Chinese government takeovers?
May 07, 2008

Banging the drum on Today Tonight
Some of these grabs are almost sounding xenophobic.
November 30, 2008

Bank Bashing on A Current Affair
Outrageous fees from banks for people wanting to exit there fixed term rates as interest rates tumble.
December 02, 2008

We kidnap giant killer Nick Xenophon.
Nick Xenophon will win a senate seat at this election and he explains how from the back seat of our car.
November 04, 2007

Campaign Costello
I announce I am running as an independent in the federal election, against treasurer Peter Costello, in the seat of Higgins.
October 30, 2007