2010 Woolworths AGM highlights

November 19, 2010

Good debate with chairman James Strong and had to wing it with the election speech because the prepared version was left behind.

Moreland City Council and a possible Supreme Court challenge over differential pokies rates

Why are you taking Manningham to the Supreme Court over ALDI supermarket?

Are there any pre-emptive agreements with Mathieson and Lowes?

Have you changed your policy regarding political donations?

How do you manage the colourful Bruce Mathieson?

Are there incentives for your executives to increase diversity within the company?

Speaking in favour of new female director and exploring James Strong link

Three minute No Pokies campaign speech.

Supporting fees increase for non-executive directors.

Read speech that was left behind

Read transcripts


612 ABC Brisbane - 612 ABC Brisbane talking about the Woollies AGM on November 18, 2010