Reece 2010 AGM women on board transcript

November 1, 2010

Stephen Mayne: are there any female members of the Wilson family who'd be interested in serving on the board?

Chairman: I don't think, I shouldn't say this, but I don't know whether they would have the skills. So we would be, y'know, the first point of criteria is that you have to have the knowledge and the skills, and I think most of the Wilson females are mothers. My daughter is graphic designer, and when we've spoken about plumbing over the years, they weren't too interested and want to talk about other things, so..

Stephen Mayne: Do think there is prospect by this time next year we'll actually have our first ever female director?

Obviously 3 out of 12 managers is terrific, above average, diversity performance. There is a whole bunch of all male companies that are rolling over and are being proactive on this. I've heard rumours that you might get a feral feminist like Catherine Deveny running for your board next year, if you haven't actually selected a female yourself. So you think we could possibly get with the program within the next 12 months?

its possible.

Stephen Mayne: Probable?

Chairman: its possible.