Audio action from 2010 Tatts AGM

October 31, 2010

Here are the edited audio highlights from the 2010 Tatts Group AGM held on Melbourne on Friday, October 29, at Melbourne Park.

Are the CFO and CEO keeping their fees from outside board seats?

Given the way Brumby shafted us on the pokies, why is the AGM in a government owned facility?

What is the potential impact of a change in government in Victoria on the pokies licence?

What pokies risks are there if the Greens win balance of power in Victoria?

Is Woolies our biggest pokies venue client in Victoria?

Could CEO Dick McIlwain explain what he means saying the pokies industry is on the nose globally?

Will the government settle our pokies claim after new licences are issued?

What does the Tabcorp de-merger mean for us?

How did it go down with the troops when the CEO got a $600,000 short term bonus and no-one else got a cracker?

Speaking in favour of remuneration report

Is there any at-risk pay for senior executives based on diversity measures?

Speaking against Lyndsey Cattermole's re-election given Foster's wine debacle

Lyndsey Cattermole's speech about gender diversity.

Speaking against Brian Jamieson's re-election given Sigma and Oz Minerals