Audio highlights from 2010 Newcrest AGM

November 1, 2010

Here are the edited audio highlights from the 2010 Newcrest Mining AGM held on October 28 in Melbourne.

Were you caught napping by the RSPT with a response from Minerals Council chair Ian Smith

What certainty do we have around state-based royalty agreements in Australia?

What did you learn and what was the impact of Greg Hoy's 7.30 Report stories on Lihir tailings?

An "unreasonable question" about Lihir directors then a debate about balance sheet valuations

Speaking in favour of former Asciano chair Tim Poole and first mention of diversity issue

Calling for CEO Ian Smith to face an election and commeting on CFO sitting on the board

Remuneration debate around proxy advisers and long term bonuses

With gold at a record high, do incentive schemes take into account windfall gains?

Chairman dismisses suggestions bonuses could be linked to gender diversity outcomes

Supporting a pay rise for directors and warning of a future tilt by "feral feminist" Catherine Deveny


Newcrest defends deep ocean disposal of gold tailings as 'best choice
Barry Fitzgerald, SMH, October 29, 2010