Highlights from 2010 News Corp AGM

October 19, 2010

The 2010 News Corp AGM was held on Friday, October 15 in New York. We managed to ask a bunch of questions and below is the chronological breakdown of the interesting exchanges, and listen here to the full 12 minutes. Also, here is the transcript.

Are you personally attending Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" in Washington on October 30?

Have you read Bruce Guthrie's new book Man Bites Murdoch, if not, here is a copy for you to read on the plane to Australia next week

Have you or any of the directors read Bruce Dover's book, Rupert's Adventures in China?

You turn 80 next March and are the longest serving CEO in the world at 57 years, so what are your plans?

What is your view about the phone bugging scandal in the UK? Did you read the 5000 word piece in The New York Times?

How has the code of ethics been followed considering the phone tapping incident in the UK?

Did you meet the new British PM within 24 hours of entering office as The Mirror reported this morning?

What are your views about Matthew Freud's attack on Fox News on behalf of some of your family?

Are you 100% comfortable with Mr Beck's comments on Fox News?

Why not be like Warren Buffett and work for $US100,000 rather than get bagged by proxy advisers for being overpaid?

Do you think you will reinstate the Adelaide meetings?

Well done for firing Glenn Milne.


Listen here to the outrageous outburst by a shareholder towards serial AGM pest Evelyn Davis.


Listen to audio from other shareholders on political donations and read transcripts.


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