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Transcript of 2GB interview with sacked Liberal bigot

November 14, 2015

Sacked Liberal candidate David Barker called 2GB at 10pm on Sunday, August 1, and claimed to be on an anti-pokies platform with Stephen Mayne. This is an edited version of what transpired. Also, listen to the full audio here.

David Barker: Myself and two other candidates will be running against the pokie machines.

Rev Bill Crewes:
Oh Yeah.

David Barker: basically Steve Mayne in Victoria and Mark Smith in Queensland, and myself, we are getting together to hopefully ban pokie machines.

Rev Bill Crewes: So are you three in a party?

David Barker: no we are not, no not at all. We just got together to really decide to work on banning pokie machines in each of our states.


David Barker: It is absolutely true was first founded to be a convict country.

Reverend Bill Crewes:

David Barker:
However it is a Christian nation, and built on biblical principals.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
How? But biblical principals don't exclude people.

David Barker:
Well no I agree with that. I don't exclude people. I love everybody just as Christ has told me to.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
Yeah. So who would you not have coming into the country?

David Barker:
Well I think it is important, that perhaps we be careful with how many Muslims we let into the country - that's for sure.

Reverend Bill Crewes:

David Barker:
because they don't seem to want to abide by our laws.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
How do you mean? How do you mean? How do you mean?

David Barker:
Well only 1.7% are Muslims and 63.9% are Christians, so surely we should be opening the doors more to Christians than Muslims.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
But don't you think that that is a bigoted approach?

David Barker:
No, not at all. I think the average person out there wants to see us remain a Christian nation.

Reverend Bill Crewes: How do Muslim people not obey the law?

David Barker: well ...

Reverend Bill Crewes: How do they not?

David Barker: It's clear that they don't represent Australians, in parliament.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
Why? Well they should, shouldn't they? There should be Muslim people in Parliament.

David Barker: Sorry?

Reverend Bill Crewes: There should be Muslim representatives in Parliament.

David Barker: Why's that?

Reverend Bill Crewes: because anybody is free to stand for election.

David Barker:
Yes but surely those in Parliament should be representing the people. And only 1.7% out there are Muslim.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
Yes? But in a sense, it should not preclude someone from being in parliament.

Reverend Bill Crewes:
I better move on because I have Stephen Mayne on the line. We will talk to Stephen now. Stephen Mayne is on the line and wants to contest the fact that he's running with David Barker. Stephen ...

Stephen Mayne: G'day how are you doing?

Reverend Bill Crewes:
Good thank you.

Stephen Mayne: Yeah, look I've never spoken to Mr Barker....

Reverend Bill Crewes:
He said he is running on an anti poker machine ticket with you, well not a ticket, with you and another person - an anti poker machine platform.

Stephen Mayne: Well look, I'm an anti pokies candidate in Victoria. I've got the support of Nick Xenophon - the anti pokies senator, but for David to somehow suggest - I've never met him! I don't know who he is. I just know that he has been making these ridiculous, bigoted comments, and he has been sacked by the Liberal party as he should have been, and I want nothing to do with him.

I am a strong supporter of multiculturalism, and look, you know, I would encourage people to be against the pokies, but just because this bloke says he is against the pokies, doesn't mean that I am in any way associated with him, or endorsing him. In fact I completely reject his comments about Muslims and I am a strong supporter of multiculturalism and a strong immigration program for Australia.