Cr Mayne

June 2010 public council meeting

September 11, 2020

Here is some of the edited audio from the June 29 council meeting. Check out the agenda and minutes.

Expressing caution about grouping 14 items together as one

Speaking on the big planning review

Time to get political on the tram

Upbeat endorsement of $37m civic project

Defending past officers and councillors against MacMillan's sewerage attack

Leading the push for reduced ward grants

Strongly endorsing new affordable housing policy

Endorsing the new multi-cultural Spring Festival and defending Kevin Andrews Australia Day event

Very brief explanation of the property valuation cycle

Arguing for more transparent councillor expense disclosure

Speaking on the 2010-11 budget

Stephen comments - Bruising debate over Cr MacMillan's proposed finance committee

Full bruising debate over Cr MacMillan's proposed finance committee

Asking questions of Mayor and Cr Reid which were ruled out of order